new place.

been busy moving to new place and working. today i’ve got a bit more free time. the hostel here is a three floor building — last year all the three floors had a serious fire damage and even more costly smoke damage to the museum part of the hostel. a lot of work to do here now. some historical things are not possible to renovate, but we will try to recover from smoke damage what is possible to recover.

just a few photos from too many:

view from outside:

view nearby:


documentary crisis.

yesterday i searched online for new documentaries in different languages for an hour, with no success. all supposedly new documentaries are only old ones reposted again, or are on some useless topic, for me anyway. i did succeed to find four documentaries and downloaded them but all of them turned out to be a total crap — wishful thinking, stories without evidence and so on, presenting themselves as documentaries. too bad. aren’t there really people out there anymore, in the entire world, who keep making real documentaries on truly educational topics, or all of them are now being blocked by big brother to keep the level of understanding of people on very basic level. what’s happening is the question to answer now.

the solution for 360 view of still images.

on wordpress there’s no free option to show 360/3D photos interactively — in order to install any plugins, including plugins for 360 photos, i should upgrade to the business plan. but, as it often happens after scratching the head a bit, i came up with a solution.. i only need to take a few second video on my 360 camera, instead of a photo, and upload it on youtube.. you need to stop the video right after it starts running, and then you can move around the paused 360 video in any direction (in the ‘chrome’ browser) as a 360/3D interactive photo. try on my previously uploaded 360 videos..×360-videos/

the video quality of my 360 camera is mediocre (only the sound is very low quality), but not as bad as it sometimes shows on embedded video in browser — if the wifi connection happens to be too slow then youtube automatically lowers the video quality in order to continue showing the video, while the sound remains the same usually (even when video freezes). perhaps pausing the video will show you the surrounding in much better quality — just move the still frame in any direction you wish by dragging the image.

in youtube app you can get a better video quality (sometimes) but you can’t (easily) move around interactively the paused video in youtube app beacuse of the pause/play button right in the middle — to remove the ‘play’ button you need to touch a corner of the video but the effect isn’t always immediate. more easily you can move around the paused 3D video frames by watching the video in chrome browser, even after clicking on full screen option of the video (without opting for the app).

a bit of promotion

my books..

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thank you in advance, all and everyone, whether you support me financially or by reading my books, which you will definitely find useful in life and will gladly promote the books on your own.


not the real benefit.

statistics shows that religious people live in average longer, fact, but the­ir net time spent on bs (bad sci­ence) dwarfs any gai­n, thus it is not be­nefit for life but a waste of life. stup­id people are happie­r, sure, but if better is to be stupid to live longer is everyone’s choic­e. as one has said: “the fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one”.