Science reveals that meditation and yoga change molecular reactions in DNA that cause stress.

According to a study by Coventry University and Radboud University Yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, relaxation response, breath regulation, mindfulness and other mind-body interventions (MBIs) produce various psychological benefits on health. /…/

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bk AHC: Relevance.

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
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I could simply give the principles of the latest encryption method, to explain the basics and the ways to personalize the code, but in that case you may not be aware of the precautions of use. It could be possible to explain the method in an hour to someone used to intellectual exercises, to regular challenges of the brain and to applying logic with common sense in daily life. But, there may be important points which are better to explain in detail right in the beginning, not letting it to wait till someone gets the point later, maybe even too late.

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life before birth and after death

one philosopher has once said that to be sad about the fact of not being alive after death is as stupid as being sad about the fact of not having been alive before our birth. i don’t agree with that. we live with our past, also with the past before us. we can learn about the past and it affects our present condition. but we cannot know about the future. the sadness of possible death is from being left out, from lack of knowledge about the future, while the past of the universe is within us, inside our bodies, represented as life.

bk AHC: Why handwriting?

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
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The reason to keep developing the methods of handwriting cryptography even after the beginning of computer security age is the impossibility to rely on computer encryption only. Whatever a company may claim about impossibility of cracking their code the only secure method is the one having no third party involved (or if shared between several people then no unwanted parties). You can only rely on the method of encryption you yourself have created or customized an existing one. My goal was to develop a method which everyone can modify, to create their own encryption systems while knowing how to do it. I think I have succeeded in the goal, surpassing my own expectations on the security of the method, and you’re going to see it for yourself.

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one way of thinking ..

one way of thinking of a “god” is like some experimentator with much higher technology than we can understand today, creating a world or several of them, in one of which we have ended up. the experiment may be left going for a while on its own and the god may have a look at the results every once in a while.. and restarting the experiment at some point if he don’t like the results. in that scenario ending up in a paradise or a hell isn’t a guaranteed result depending on your behavior but just a probability, because god may choose to put some of the best of us under a greater pressure, to continue an experiment so to say, and some of the worst of us may end up in a “paradise” just as a control sample to compare the results in the next level of the experiment. in that case, if the god is just an experimentator, with a plan or not, you can never be sure where you end up after your part in the experiment is over. so do those who know nothing about god.

bk AHC: A bit of history. [part 2]

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
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While trying to find the solution I created several more codes for practicing the script while the encryption symbols basically remained the same  I only changed the meaning of the symbols and made some of the symbols more advanced giving them a kind of flexibility in representation. By 2007-2008 the possible total number of cryptic symbols to use, in my way of writing, was in hundreds of thousands and even millions while used in context (the flexibility increased ways of writing greatly – later Ill show you how), so I only needed to pick for using the ones I liked by design for particular meanings, the rest of them could have been used as an information noise at any time.

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bk AHC: A bit of history. [part 1]

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
full book / free examples

As I mentioned it took quite a long time to work out the method – over thirty years. In fact I didn’t work on the project whole the time, not the 30 years straight. The encryption was my hobby since around the age of 10-12 y.o., with some very basic encoding methods for kids. In earlier times I tried to come up with a personal code or method of encryption just sometimes, on free time besides other hobbies like music, philosophy of mind, psychology, martial arts, programming and travel. Later I dedicated on it much more time as it was becoming more and more of a challenge.. I almost new for fact the solution is out there in the basic principles I have already learned, discovered and created, but the perfect method still remained elusive for me.

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