research on human special abilities.

one topic that has always been of interest to me is the special abilities of people, especially those abilities that science can’t explain. i’ve been curious to learn more about human extreme abilities as far as i can remember myself studying human nature. probably this curiosity comes from practicing traditional martial arts, since the age of nine. one can definitely read out this interest from my first book which i wrote and published over twenty years ago, the book “seeming reality” (you can download it for free). since then i have made many more experiments on my own. the results of some of the later experiments (after those mentioned in the book) i had published in social media, some five years ago or so, which i later deleted because i considered the time not to be ready for talking more about those experiments — it would have affected the ongoing tests at the time. now i can perhaps begin talking again about my own experiments and the results, i will think about it.

some twenty years ago i began seeking people with special abilities in my country and studied quite a few very interesting phenomenae that people demonstrated. also i had series of public lectures with demontrations of my students from my school of martial arts, which included some probable explanations to what my students had achieved as it seemed to be difficult to explain with pure physiology. since then i have left my country and traveled world quite a bit, thus my own direct research had stopped. i’ve been learning more mostly from internet. thanks to the information age it’s clear to me that those abilities of my students were not extremely special — there are many more people out there who have achieved that extraordinary physical capacity, and that is totally explainable by human physiology, just usually we are not used to train ourselves so far. now, few years ago, i began looking for people who would be interested to begin a new research of people with special abilities, but so far i have met little interest in it. people are scared that it will attract lots of “crazy” people whom will be hard to deal with. as for my own better understanding of people i have trained myself in psychology, i have looked into cultural and social aspects of psychology and also into clinical psychology. that i consider an important step, to know how to behave in dealing with people who are lightly mentally challenged and are perhaps hard to recognize as people with difficulties in dealing with reality, having sometimes their own reality instead. that said, i am not a professional psychiatrist but learning the basics definitely helps me in seeing the world from the perspective of other people.

so, i still keep in mind the idea to begin again the research of human special abilities, to find those with clear capacity for demonstrating phenomenae that are impossible to explain by current scientific knowledge. let me know if you wish to collaborate in this research and perhaps we can figure out the best way to move forward.

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Personalized medita­tion. Online consultation.

Personalized medita­tion for stress reli­ef,
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article about my life.

over a month ago there was a full page article in a magazine in switzerland, a short story of my life. it’s the same “street paper” which i’m selling. currently i have moved to a new vending location thus the location noted in the article is not where i am now, there’s now another vendor. at the moment i’m testing several different locations in the old town of Bern, to choose the best one — most importantly a location where i could have some fresh air not being forced to breathe in toxic fumes from smokers all around. anyway, as the old magazine numbers have been given away and buyers on street sometimes ask about my life, i post the copy of the article (in german) below for anyone to download..

191101 Surprise, Alex Kobold

// years ago i was featured (among few other people) in a short documentary film in switzerland (also in german), but to post it on the blog i will need to find it somewhere in archives.. i should still have the copy of the film somewhere. one day i will probably post it too.

becoming a street artist, maybe.

been thinking if i should try the life of a street artist. several times i have tried making money on the street, but never really living that life and traveling with this mindset.. these were just occasional attempts to see if it works in the area where i lived for a while. for over a month now i’ve been selling a “street paper” (a magazine) on street but that has too many limitations — i have a specified spot where i am allowed to sell and nowhere else, and each vendor of the magazine has a specified spot. that’s basically all i can do. if i would become a freelance street artist i would have the liberty in choosing my work place, it would free up my creativity and i would learn about the life of street artists which is also very interesting. the most important part of it is the freedom of movement.. i can pack my stuff at any moment to move to another town or country without being strapped down by agreements while working for someone else. got to give it a try i think, it would be a worthwile experience. first i’ve got to think through the art project which i would sell, because playing guitar, which i did in the past, is by now long forgotten.. my level of playing guitar would be too low if i would try to recall something and retraining myself would take too much time. now i have some better ideas for street performance but like with any business idea one got to think it through first.

a new meditation technique.

recently i advanced one of my meditation techniques, to improve the effect. i’ve been testing it for a bit now and i’m happy with the results. some of my older meditation methods can be discarded i suppose, because the new method makes a better impact. i need to keep testing though till i’m completely confident the new meditation technique truly works and the excellent results so far are not just a coincidence.