true nothingness as singularity of reality.

here i explain why true nothingness has instant presence with no time lag, instead of no presence at all. first of all, again, true nothingness is not the absolute nothingness, because the observable existence excludes the absolute nothingness as a possibility. contrary to the abstract notion of absolute (exclusive) nothingness, the true nothingness below the quantum reality has properties. true nothingness is real, because without it there would be no structure in universe — true nothingness is the ultimate wall, stopping anything from collapsing any further under great pressure, connecting observable reality only by quantum entaglement. because gravity and time are interrelated, and true nothingness has no gravity, then the speed of time is infinite, which is the same as time is instant, without a lag. the instant time in true nothingness can also be viewed from its different property — as true nothingness has no space, as it is the singularity of reality in itself, it needs no time for the effect to take place, in any location. this is why the effects of quantum entanglement are instant.

the imaginary abstract absolute nothingness cannot be in touch with any possible observable reality. in contrast, the true nothingness, is in touch with the universe, it arises from the universe, from the observable reality — it is one of the fundamental properties of the universe.

the true nothingness, the singularity of reality, isn’t a single invisible point somewhere in the universe, beyond universe, or simply an imagination — it is everywhere, below the observable and measurable reality, connecting the universe into one entity with instant exchange of information. particles and waves cannot pass through the singularity, but information by the entanglement can — the information is present everywhere, about the whole universe.

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