about reincarnation — from the point of view of physics.

without any abstract philosophy, but coming from the laws of physics only, due to the fact that information cannot simply disappear, that creates foundation for reincarnation. it will be highly improbable coincidence though, that one person reincarnates in the body of another, or in other words, that the wisdom of one person finds its way into new body. the information gathered through lifetime of a living organism will disperse into universe. even the most secret thoughts will become available for others to tune into. the information which was locked in someone’s body and mind, will be freed.

some mothers sense the death of their children instantly, because of the entanglement. the sudden large changes in the structure of body will most strongly be felt by those who are entangled the most, with another one. not only death, but also sudden illness or accident are possible to sense that way. or even just the state of being in extreme stress. but the information will still be locked inside the body of the affected person. only after death, most of the information is dispersed into universe as fields. in any case, reincarnating into another person with whole the information is highly improbable, but it doesn’t contradict the laws of physics in general.


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