about the improbable universe

from recent times there’s beginning to take ever stronger hold the scientific notion that the laws of nature are so finely tuned and it’s so improbable to happen by accident, that it’s almost like the laws of nature are created on purpose — any minuscule deviation from the existing values would lead to collapse of the universe. well, in my view it’s yet another arrogant mindset of the scientists.. basically they are saying like they know everything (there’s nothing more to discover) and that’s the only way for the universe to exist. in reality there’s at least two more possibilities: the amount of possible sets of values is so great that the science simply hasn’t arrived to many other possibilites of stable (“finetuned”) universe, or even more plausibly, if the universe becomes unstable then by the effects yet unknown to science the universe falls itself back to the closest most stable condition possible, with the same or different values of interaction.



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