about communication services/apps

please note that i began using the number +1 313 777 5000 a month ago — reference article: youthextension.wordpress.com/2017/11/24/trading-forex-like-a-pro .. since then i have discovered that there are some communication services (whatsapp, telegram, perhaps more) associated with it, by the previous user(s) of the phone number. i have gained access to ‘whatsapp’ and ‘telegram’ and corrected the user data. i’m not using whatsapp anymore because messages there aren’t always delivered, saved data is sometimes lost, and other issues with it. i’m testing telegram app to see if it’s reliable — i haven’t found there the option to log out all the other users though. please be aware that any apps/services associated with the above mentioned phone number are not necessarily related to my activity — please confirm with me on the above phone number directly about the use of any apps/programs related to the number. there are loads of communication services out there and i have no time to check them all. thank you for your comprehension. A K

ps. the best way to contact me is by e-mail: data.test.pro@gmail.com


Trading Forex Like A Pro.

You can now contact me for consultations on forex trading on the US phone number. Prior to contacting me please make sure you have read all the articles on the subject of trading on my YE blog, in the category TRADING..

I will only respond to serious consulting requests by people who know at least the basics of forex trading, and trading as such in general, people who are familiar with trading terminology and know what they’re talking about. The consultation is about applying my mathematical methods for making profit on foreign exchange. Please be prepared right in the beginning to talk about the pricing of the consultation, to get into an agreement — I will not be giving free consultations — all the free material on the subject is up on my blog.

With Best Regards,
Alex Kobold

Forex trading consultation email: data.test.pro@gmail.com

The US contact number: +1 313 777 5000 (Text messages and voice mail, any country. Most probably I will call back from this number to US/Canada only.. the messages/voice mail received from other countries may be responded from a phone number of another country. No direct calls on this phone number unless previously agreed about the time of calling — I am not always on line.)

my books – new prices

here’s the reality: it’s been a year now since i began selling my books online and i haven’t sold any, not a single one. free books and free versions of the books are downloaded regularly, but nobody wants to pay for them. perhaps i got the situation on book market wrong, it’s time to lower the prices. check out the new prices on my book store..


and you can always make a donation.. paypal.me/yez

another easy access domain.

a new domain for easy access.. www.thelife.biz — that’s actually my old domain name which i discarded during a personal financial crisis, together with several other domain names, and reacquired now. before it was used for a website for some ten years and was the main platform for me to reach out to the world, with documentaries and writings on politics, philosophy, etc.

as i’ve opted for a free blog now, on wordpress, the domain is forwarded here, at least for the time being. it will be easier for you to type thelife.biz into the address line than the full name of the blog – youthextension.wordpress.com

the domain clubdeparis.com is also forwarded here, and clubdeparis.net is forwarded to my digital books’ selling page, but this is actually not a club, not yet, thus i’m thinking over a better use of these ‘club’ domain names.