The Personalized Medita­tion News.

Please refer to the promotional post from December..

The promotional period will soon be over. Please use the opportunity to register to the personalized meditation consultations and training now. In the end of January I will probably have whole my available time scheduled out because I’m working on several projects at the same time.

On the fliers which are distributed in town of Bern there’s written that my books are available on my blog to download for free — because of the publicity in town I will not take down the books from my blog till the end of January. After that will see how my talks will be going about selling the books. Personally I simply have no time for whole the marketing process, thus I’m currently in talks with a professional who would take care of selling and promoting my books.

The meditation advertisement is valid till whole my time is scheduled out..

about my projects.

in this post i give information for potential investors, for collaboration proposals etc. — my contact data in older posts may have changed since i have moved from italy to switzerland, you find my most recent contact data here..

here are the links for general info about my projects..




the project of testing some methods of life extension. the details i will disclose on personal meeting only.


i’ll respond in person to the questions about how some of the projects are possible to monetize, if there’s any doubt about financial viability.

about the first project in the list you can have a better overview from my book “Random Fluctuations — From Roulette to Stock Exchange
(download my books for free)

the priority of the projects is in reverse: the most important for me is the last one on the list if i would choose where to invest first, but the investor(s) obviously have the say which projects are to be invested into as the most promising ones. on the last project i’m working anyway with no investment needed if not to expand it (not to make it accessible to larger public).

good domains to grab now for a good price.

while i’m working on my new projects it requires some investment, thus i’m selling some domains which i have acquired long ago but haven’t made into the use of the initial purpose. the domains i’m selling:

please contact me if you’re interested in purchasing the domains. right now you can negotiate a good price because i need free finances fast. later on, if i won’t find a buyer myself, i will probably involve professionals to sell the domains, which means that the price goes up and i may also put the domains on an auction to get the highest price possible.

my contact..

nb! prior to purchasing the domains i did official copyright limitations research by an accredited organization and received a document confirming there are no copyright restrictions to using the domain names. anyone can buy and use the above mentioned domains for personal or business needs.

research on human special abilities.

one topic that has always been of interest to me is the special abilities of people, especially those abilities that science can’t explain. i’ve been curious to learn more about human extreme abilities as far as i can remember myself studying human nature. probably this curiosity comes from practicing traditional martial arts, since the age of nine. one can definitely read out this interest from my first book which i wrote and published over twenty years ago, the book “seeming reality” (you can download it for free). since then i have made many more experiments on my own. the results of some of the later experiments (after those mentioned in the book) i had published in social media, some five years ago or so, which i later deleted because i considered the time not to be ready for talking more about those experiments — it would have affected the ongoing tests at the time. now i can perhaps begin talking again about my own experiments and the results, i will think about it.

some twenty years ago i began seeking people with special abilities in my country and studied quite a few very interesting phenomenae that people demonstrated. also i had series of public lectures with demontrations of my students from my school of martial arts, which included some probable explanations to what my students had achieved as it seemed to be difficult to explain with pure physiology. since then i have left my country and traveled world quite a bit, thus my own direct research had stopped. i’ve been learning more mostly from internet. thanks to the information age it’s clear to me that those abilities of my students were not extremely special — there are many more people out there who have achieved that extraordinary physical capacity, and that is totally explainable by human physiology, just usually we are not used to train ourselves so far. now, few years ago, i began looking for people who would be interested to begin a new research of people with special abilities, but so far i have met little interest in it. people are scared that it will attract lots of “crazy” people whom will be hard to deal with. as for my own better understanding of people i have trained myself in psychology, i have looked into cultural and social aspects of psychology and also into clinical psychology. that i consider an important step, to know how to behave in dealing with people who are lightly mentally challenged and are perhaps hard to recognize as people with difficulties in dealing with reality, having sometimes their own reality instead. that said, i am not a professional psychiatrist but learning the basics definitely helps me in seeing the world from the perspective of other people.

so, i still keep in mind the idea to begin again the research of human special abilities, to find those with clear capacity for demonstrating phenomenae that are impossible to explain by current scientific knowledge. let me know if you wish to collaborate in this research and perhaps we can figure out the best way to move forward.

my contact data you will find here ..

Personalized medita­tion. Online consultation.

Personalized medita­tion for stress reli­ef,
against anxiety, depression, psychol­ogical and physical pains,
and simply for improving mood.. for you and/or for your friends.

Consultations can be done online in written form, via talk or video talk. My preferred language for consultations is English but if needed then I can help you out also in French, in Italian, in Russian and in Spanish. Fee depends on the income of the person — no income, no fee. Don’t forget about your friends who may need help.

Alex Kobold: click here for the contact information (may change over time)


For self-help you can download my book “Seeming Reality” for free..


There’s one more thing I can do to help someone in depression or with other problems of mind and soul.. I can create a personalized sigil (a symbol for meditation) to tap into the power of subconscious mind. The sigil may also work on the level of a placebo effect but the purpose of it is to evoke subconscious powers which create lasting positive changes.

past social media accounts.

to avoid confusion and/or not to look like careless person i must tell to those who find some active social media accounts on my name or the name of my YE blog, please be aware that most of them are no longer attended by me. over the years i have tried so many different accounts that i haven’t been using many of them for a long time as not practical for my needs. for instance facebook, twitter, linkedin and others. some of them have been in disuse for so long time that i cannot even delete them because of new access rules.. for example some kind of ‘suspicious’ acivity detector demands me to call to several people whom i know, to get from them a confirmation code to access a long disused account. i don’t have time nor i feel the need to go through whole the proccess simply to delete the still active accounts which i no longer use. some platforms demand to call specific persons whom i have no phone contact with which makes access to the long disused account impossible, or very troublesome requiring opening a new account, contacting that person and explaining the situation etc., which is no guarantee of a success because as you know in social media most of contacts are people whom you never met. so, please be informed that if a certain social communication account doesn’t show the date of my last activity to other users it may still most likely be an unused social account. please confirm with me directly, by phone or an email before trying to contact by social media platforms. after all there’s always a possibility that someone else has gained access to my old accounts simply because i have traveled world so much and changed so many phone numbers over the years which have been used to create the accounts. it even happened to me once that with a new phone number one social account activated all the data and contacts of the previous user of that phone number.. it was quite a job to delete them all because that particular service didn’t have an option to delete all old contacts at once for security reasons. you get the point. please talk to me personally, by any video options or voice call, if you wish to be sure the message is delivered to me and not into the web wide void with a wrong or no answer.

my books, download options.

there are some unexpected changes forced into my plans.. very soon my books will only be available to download on wordpress until i will decide to publish them somewhere else as well. my ‘sellfy’ account will soon be terminated.

here’s an excerpt from an email which i received from ‘sellfy’:

/…/ You have been on our transaction fee only plan (Legacy plan) since you signed up for Sellfy on 09/18/­2016 /…/ Due to considerable technical adjustments in our platform and supporting service­s, we are forced to discontinue the Lega­cy plan on February 1st, 2020 and switch into sup­porting subscription­-based plans only /…/

well, for me it doesn’t make an economic sense to begin paying for publishing my books which are available for free. the ‘sellfy’ platform offers an option to pay to artists/writers by those who enjoy their work but the reality is that these days almost nobody pays for something that is available on internet for free. if you wish to support my work you can still do it by my paypal account..

all and any support very welcome. thanks.

here are the direct links..


direct links to download my books, synopsis/description below.

here are the direct links to download my books,
the books are all free and permitted to share:

Random Fluctuations — From Roulette to Stock Exchange

Advanced Handwriting Cryptography

Proverbs, Wisdoms And Old Sayings

Seeming Reality

below are short descriptions of the books..

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it’s been quite a wh­ile since i last wro­te about my trading tests. it was in sept­ember last year when i promised to write as soon as there are some news. well, testing mathematic­al formulas in real time trading, be it virtual or real money, is a long process bef­ore coming to definite concl­usions. i had quite a success in making money with virtual currencies, but in fi­nding an investor who would trade real money with my as­sistance hasn’t been a success at all. investors want to know too much, while i need to keep some parts of my mathematical strategy to myself, to be part of the deal and not casted away. it’s not easy to find a compromise between proving the point without a shadow of a doubt and keeping some trade secrets.

before co­ming to conclusion that my formulas do work, it wasn’t witho­ut hurdles. the test­ing accounts which i mentioned in my pre­vious posts on tradi­ng became inaccessib­le few months ago. in fact three of my android devices crash­ed irreparably (all of them during a few weeks period, one aft­er another), thus i bought three new and­roid devices to make sure i will be able to continue working on my projects. but i did not succeed to ac­cess the previous te­sting accounts anymo­re regardless the ac­cess codes were nice­ly backed up. neither it was possible to recover/reset the accounts because the metatrader4 and metatrader5 demo accounts do not have an email or a phone registratio­n.

never mind, i didn’t waste time and open­ed new testing (demo) accounts. after mak­ing some profit and continuing the tests to increase the pro­fit i lost access to these accounts as well. then i decided not to keep any demo accounts on trading — as soon as i arrived to a reasonably positive balance, making betw­een 1% to 5% profit (in average it took only couple of weeks of trading time while maki­ng tens of trades a day), i deleted the accounts and opened new ones. like this i continued and am continuing my tests now. so far there has been over 20 differ­ent demo accounts wh­ere i made profit, only one of the test accounts is open right now to continue till i will arrive at posit­ive balance.

apart of forex curre­ncies i also began test-trading gold and silver. so far i ha­ve a success, but fr­om my earlier studies about stock market i remember that tra­ding precious metals brings on heavy tax­es, thus i’m trading gold and silver just from mathematical curiosity. my math works with the same success on tra­ding gold and silver.. even better than i expected.. but at this time it’s early to be confident about trading precious met­als because i began trading these very recently. in fact my formulas should work the same on trading anything on stock market when there’s sufficient volatility.

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