my books – new prices

here’s the reality: it’s been a year now since i began selling my books online and i haven’t sold any, not a single one. free books and free versions of the books are downloaded regularly, but nobody wants to pay for them. perhaps i got the situation on book market wrong, it’s time to lower the prices. check out the new prices on my book store..

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another easy access domain.

a new domain for easy access.. — that’s actually my old domain name which i discarded during a personal financial crisis, together with several other domain names, and reacquired now. before it was used for a website for some ten years and was the main platform for me to reach out to the world, with documentaries and writings on politics, philosophy, etc.

as i’ve opted for a free blog now, on wordpress, the domain is forwarded here, at least for the time being. it will be easier for you to type into the address line than the full name of the blog –

the domain is also forwarded here, and is forwarded to my digital books’ selling page, but this is actually not a club, not yet, thus i’m thinking over a better use of these ‘club’ domain names.

AHC book available for a discount price, not for long.

Currently the book on Advanced Handwriting Cryptography is available for €6.99 .. soon the price of the full book will be back to its original price €29.99 .. use the opportunity to save €23.- while you still can. Partial release of the book with Code Creation Examples is available for free, for promotion of the method. With buying the full book you’ll support my work. The book Seeming Reality remains with the price €1.99 ..


The book “Seeming Reality” has now a price – no more for free.

You can now buy the book Seeming Reality for EUR 1.99 or in other currencies of the related value..

available on

The book is about philosophy and psychology of thinking, including some legends of martial arts with the way of thinking the masters were applying to different situations in life — a useful teaching to take control of your mind. The book is based on my studies (beginning since nine years of age) and practice for over fifteen years prior to writing the book, almost twenty years ago now. It was written for the students of my private school of martial arts. The content is unchanged — the book is now with corrected errors of translation. I didn’t speak English when it was translated, now I decided to take a better look at the English translation which I’ve done couple of times already.. last time in 2006, now once again.

The book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography / Free Examples also available.

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Seeming Reality, a book on philosophy and psychology of thinking..

Seeming Reality

Now a book on psychology of thinking available on ..that’s the English version of my book which I wrote almost 20 years ago (1997), to my students of martial arts. Soon I will put a price tag on it (perhaps after few days), so use the opportunity to download the book for free..

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