my podcast stories up

with a bit of thinking and further tries i was finally able to upload the sound files to my YE podcast. the technical problem was (and still is) that the files are not possible to download from the sd card, only from the internal memory. anyway, some of my stories are up now — these are from my videos which i shot several months ago and posted on youtube, so if you want to see me telling the stories instead of just listening the audio then you can view the videos on my YE youtube page..

as of the YE podcast here’s the link to my YE “show”..

the link should forward automaticallly to the castbox app after going first to web browser, or if you don’t have an app then to the download option of the app. in case if the link isn’t working, or if you don’t want to install the app, then just go to the page and search for “youthextension” (one word) — there you can see my podcast and access my uploaded files to listen.

in the app you can boost the volume of the file and slow down / speed up the playback.


a solution to the podcast issue

perhaps there are currently some technical changes going on with the service.. while verifying my previous wordpress post i discovered that the links to my podcast give errors in all my android devices now.. yesterday the links worked on some devices at least. if fact the castbox description/help info tells that the service is in development and some new options are coming soon, thus lets just wait till the bugs get fixed.

so far you can find my podcast by going to and typing into the search the keyword “youthextension” (make sure the words are together). the same you can do on their app.

my podcast on castbox

i’m continuing to test the castbox platform ( ) for my “show” as they call it there, my podcast. i wasn’t able to upload sound files, only to record directly with my android device.. some technical issues on uploading pre-recorded sound files. i haven’t given up and wrote to customer service.. now waiting for reply. i like the castbox platform, regardless of the trouble, because it has an option of an on-screen widget to listen podcasts and you don’t need to install an app or subscribe — this is important — i don’t want to force anyone to go through the hassle of subscribtion to a service or installing an app they may not want to install. with castbox you can listen directly on their webpage.

my YE podcast..­hannel/youthextension’s-Show-id2191910­hannel/youthextension’s-Show-id2191910?co­untry=us

during the tests the web version podcast worked on two of my android devices, only the samsung tab s5e tablet has not allowed it (in fact not the tablet itself but the browsers on the tablet), for some reason the link forwards to an error page of the castbox website. there’s nothing i can do about it if this happens on your device.. in that case you will need to install the castbox app but you don’t need to subscribe.