bk AHC: How complex code is good enough? (10)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..

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[ i have skipped (not posted on the YE blog) the chapters 7, 8 and 9 of the book. you must get the full book to read them (check out the CONTENT of the book). perhaps i will also skip the chapters with code examples, because these are available on the free version of the book. ]


Perhaps you have realized how strong can be the encryption method, how difficult it will be to crack the code even if you are a bit careless during encryption. It must be made so strong as principle because as humans we make mistakes which weaken the code. So if theoretically it is impossible to crack the more advanced versions of the code, and even if someone will have access to all of your encrypted writings, including diaries with encrypted private entries, then all the cumulative unwilling giveaways of context of the cipher text and a bit careless encoding in some places should leave the script still impossible to crack. You may think that creating a simple code is good enough for your needs, without paying much attention to all kind of tricks to make it a well secured advanced code. But think about it how often you would actually want to use your method: only occasionally (codes), for one thing only (a diary), or you want to be able to use your encryption method at any time during entire life, whenever needed? Sometimes we can make really bad mistakes in life, so it may happen that you do leave around a plaintext of some notes together with the encrypted text. If your encoding method is too simple then one such mistake will compromise all your encrypted data in the past, and if not noticed then all your future encryptions as well. Is it really worth spending the time then to create your personal method? Perhaps it will be safer to rely on your memory alone than on a weak encryption, in case of passwords and other such type of data. Taking the time to learn the art of handwriting cryptography well, with all the precautions and tricks, is a good investment to avoid any trouble in the future. If you create your own method which have not just a single pattern of encoding but at least a hundred ways of representation of the same symbol or word (which is still a relatively simple code) you may feel quite safe that someone having access to the plaintext data together with the cipher text will not derive by it the rest of your private information.



just a thought..

found it in my notes, from august.

what if there’s no quantum field at all — what if in the quantum level the notion of time loses its meaning, thus any wave or field isn’t possible — everything is everywhere at the same time. if that is correct then by ‘measuring’ a new local arrow of time is created, with relating particle that will carry the local time as separation from wholeness. the particle will then be related to surrounding field, taking energy from the surroundings for the creation of it. but if you dig deeper into the quantum level the waves and particles collapse into wholeness. i think that can be experimentally tested.

wealth or health.

the more wealthy one is the less chances there are to achieve extreme longevity in good health. i don’t mean here just 10-20% better than average, where wealth can definitely have its benefits compared to poverty, because of better health care in case of accidents and some illnesses. i mean 100% better than average and way much more as the science advances (the rich can afford the developments of science first, but they are also the test subjects for a long term outcome, while the poorer people can later enjoy already tested longevity products for an affordable price), while not being unlucky to get seriously ill by an accident. why? because the more wealth you have the more you try to diversify its positions, not to lose all the wealth at once if the world would change dramatically. and perhaps have more investments for fun as well — to villas, yachts, airplanes, and so on. all that diversified wealth needs attention, which is time.. the time taken from your health, the time taken from personal development to achieve the extreme longevity in good health. extreme poverty is also not a good situation to be in, but even the very poor have better chances than the rich, if they only have an access to the knowledge to begin developing oneself. those who spend whole the life in dedication to an extreme longevity are no better off than the wealthy, because while spending almost whole the time for increasing healthy lifespan the net time gained is actually negative. let say one spends 50% of free time on health while the lifespan is only increased by 30%, then the net time lost is roughly 20%, taken from other hobbies in life, thus in the end having enjoyed the life less than an average person who’s not paying an extreme attention to every aspect of a healthy life style. that holds true even as the science advances and access to longevity products increases, because the ratio of time spent on research vs time spent on main interests in life remains the same. if one truly enjoys the research on longevity, and takes it as a hobby and maybe even as a source of income teaching others, then the time is not wasted of course, but for those who don’t really care they should rather stick to their casual quick mortality, trying to spend every free moment they can afford for enjoing their true likes and hobbies. wealthy people seem to have more time for themselves, but that looks so only to those who don’t know the countless worries, problems and obligations of wealthy people, far more numerous than the worries of working class people, not to talk about those cases where people are born into a wealthy family with business they rather not do, but are forced to, for ‘prestige’ of the family or other forced reasons. many wealthy people hate their lives, but can’t give up wealth for the benefit of freedom, because they simply don’t know how to live without that wealth — they’re not trained to (i’m not talking here about all cases, but many, some of which i’ve learned personally in different countries, from first hands, and having been in medium size business in the past myself i know all too well the stresses that come with it). i would even claim that average working class folks have more time to enjoy their lives than wealthy people do, especially when they love their job. and so the average folk can also have more time to dedicate oneself for achieving extreme longevity, and to remain in a great health till the time to go has come.

hackers fun

one of my android tablets is leaking information and regardless of all my firewall, antispy and monitoring apps i can’t figure out which app does it. the fact is that as soon as i connect to internet there’s a constant flow of information through the internet even as i don’t use any online apps. blocking by firewall the download manager of the system solves the issue, but then i can’t download/upload anything. probably the system itself has become leaky and i need to clean up whole the system, buying a new tool for going online if nothing works out. not the first time though, kind of used to it. in any case i never keep any valuable information, which someone could be after, on those devices with which i’m connected to the world, so it’s just fun to watch how some are wasting their time trying to hack my online tools. but still, i don’t like it in principle and when i’m getting tired of it, because it slows down the device under attack, i’m reinstalling the whole system. maybe i should keep the tablet as it is right now, dropping into it all kind of complicated but useless stuff, especially high complexity mathematical formulas and computer codes for different stock market platforms to break head on, with comments in chinese, which would take ages to sort out that this is all worthless.. then i will have a good laugh and will be left in peace after a while.

money or life, or both.

few years ago i was looking for investors to apply my mathematical methods on roulette. one potential investor, after i said that i’ve got a method to make money, said “oh, you must be rich!”. i responded that you can only get rich when you have money to invest. what is the point in making 5-10% a month gambling with only a few thousand CHF available (i was then in Switzerland) when the earnings won’t cover the expenses, in the end spending more for living (even very modestly) than generating profit, thus losing money and time. it will only make sense to gamble without wasting your time when there’s hundreds of thousands to move around. it’s the same as on stock market. anyway, i wasn’t able to convince anyone to invest in my math for roulette. maybe to find investors for stock market will be easier, i haven’t tried yet, but so far i’m still living a very modest life earning my income with occasional jobs. it would be nice to have lots of money available, it makes life a bit easier in some sense, but as i’ve written before i’ve got other priorities in life, way more important than running after big money. i know the power of my math, but i’m not that interested in running around for investors, bringing unnecessary and probably unhealthy interest to my activities, creating perhaps more enemies than friends because i wouldn’t be able to share all my trade secrets with everyone who would like to know more. i have made public all that one needs to know to begin calculations for particular investment purposes, so i should be left in peace with my more important activities in life, to enjoy the life more fully than spending most of the time on routine and boring activities for some numbers on a bank account. only “cracking the code” for generating profit on random fluctuations was interesting, it was a challenge — after it’s done there’s nothing new in it anymore, the same boring repetition of calculations over and over again, a total routine which you will begin to hate after a while. this holds especially true when you’re by contract obliged to do it for the investors’ sake, not for your own fun only once in a while when in the right mood for it. if someone comes offering me money to generate profit, i would spend on it a few hours a day or in a week, after the process is automated, but definitely not spending day after day long hours behind the computer screen trying to crunch out all that is theoretically and practically possible. you cannot earn whole the money in the world and it would be pointless — the life is not worth it, to die in the end without really having seen anything else but numbers on the screen. so far i’ve travelled around the world once — maybe now it’s the time to travel around the world once again, taking another route, through different countries. as one has said: life is like a book, those who don’t travel only read one page.

dangerous math, comment

i must add here a comment to my post from yesterday, on mathematics of harnessing random fluctuations for profit. ..
..the conclusion is based on my twenty plus years of work on analysing random fluctuations, as a hobby, but thoroughly, using my own computer programs to simulate gambling on roulette with countless strategies, and on my recent intensive study of stock market in deep detail. the described principle is the only one which works, but you also need to know precise values of application. anyone at home with math can figure out those values, depending where is needed to apply the principle. i have also written a book about it, about a year ago, but before publishing the book i need to do some editing. right now the book is more like a collection of different materials – my own published writings on websites, blogs etc., not arranged properly for easy reading. editing is a time consuming and quite a boring process.. i have better things to do right now, so it can wait. even the book on my advanced handwriting cryptography method, unique in the world, which i spent half a year working on and published online [ https://sellfy.com/p/ujMc ] is going slow — i don’t see how the book on my math on harnessing for profit random fluctuations could have any success while there are thousands of books out there on gambling and stock market. thus, enjoy the article posted yesterday — it takes together whole the work of more than twenty years, without getting into details how i arrived to that conclusion and why this is the only way to beat the odds against you, both on roulette and stock market. for gambling on roulette you must also know how casinos are cheating and how to deal with it, and the process itself is very slow, thus i’ve decided to switch my attention to stock market recently. still it’s just one of my hobbies, besides more important ones like research on healthy extreme longevity, thus i’m not promising any further updates or any new posts/articles on this matter.

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gambling on stock market

dangerous mathematics.

the best way to protect against accidents while knowing some secrets, is to make these secrets public. i’ve done it with my mathematical methods for roulette and now i’m doing it for stock market. the method can in principle be applied for any financial products. stock market is gambling like many casino games, just it sounds more serious, but like on roulette the random fluctuations are unpredictable. applying any technical analysis is no different from ‘guessing’ probabilities for roulette outcome. basically, throwing away all bs and analytical tools (you don’t need them), all you need to know is that there are only two ways for the market to move — up and down and nobody can predict the next move — thus even hedging between different products with similar sums of money will amount to nothing, just matter of time when you lose everything you earned and invested. an exception is fundamental analysis, which isn’t gambling. in any case you pay for every transaction the price of the spread, which is in principle the same as house edge on roulette. to cover the spread and to make profit you need to increase the amount of your orders or ‘bets’ (lots, mini lots, ..) each time you lose specific amount of allocated money and decrease the sum of your orders (allocate less money) each time you win (take profit which is no less than your allowed loss, using stop-loss if necessary), on each product separately, plus you must restart with minimum bets on all the products (close all positions and open new ones with your minimum) each time you have reached the last maximum total balance on your account. that’s it. everything else is useless. well, you also need to know how exactly — how big steps to take, how many products to gamble with, etc., but it depends on your financial capacity and running expenses (for example the minimum on stock market isn’t the same minimum as on roulette, where it’s the absolute minimum allowed — on stock market the minimum must be calculated to cover your expenses in case if for a long time you continue without losses and thus be staying on your minimum amount you’re betting with) and the maximum realistically possible volatility of a specific product you’re gambling on. also you should hedge your risks of course, but not in the same sense as traditional hedging — you need to increase and decrease your sums depending on your total gains and losses, inversely. in which direction market goes does not matter — you simply quit with specific loss or win, increase/decrease your bets accordingly, and enter into any other reasonably volatile product, not to waste your time (betting in whatever direction, but preferably only long, for known reasons, except forex – there it doesn’t matter). in average (daily, monthly, depending on using robots and/or standing/pending orders or doing it manually with market orders only) you will always be in positive (making profit) if there aren’t any huge market crashes, against which isn’t protected anyone. any ‘regular’ sudden huge moves of the market are covered because there are always smaller fluctuations, during which you exit and enter with recalculated bets, depending on profits and losses. as simple as that.