The Crisis of Science, Solutions.

Solutions: Open Science – Taos Compound Scandal

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for a limited time i’m publishing my books directly from the YE wordpress blog. i’m using free plan on wordpress, thus i prefer to share my books on a dedicated publishing service — there you can download my books for free as well (just leave zero as the amount to pay) and you also have an option to pay if you wish, to donate so to say. you can also donate through paypal..

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Random Fluctuations — From Roulette to Stock Exchange

Advanced Handwriting Cryptography

Proverbs, Wisdoms And Old Sayings

Seeming Reality


below are short descriptions of the books..

Random Fluctuations — From Roulette to Stock Exchange

This book is a collection of materials which I have began publishing on my websites and social media since around 2010, which is about one and half decades after I began research with a scientific approach, using in technical terms “brute force”, using programmable scientific calculators with graphing capacity. Before that, for well over a decade, there was nothing to write about because I wasn’t able to come up with a solution. Even then, in 2010, after thousands of tested strategies, I still believed it is impossible to beat roulette, but I was already confident enough to disclose how to minimize losses, just to enjoy the game without ending up a big loser. Only somewhere in the end of 2014 it was becoming clear that there is a solution to beating roulette with mathematically defined steps, a clearly defined strategy, in terms of probabilities of several human lifetimes. I have never claimed that there’s an absolute guarantee to beat roulette with any of my strategies, because there isn’t. I only maintain that you can improve your chances so much that in a normal human lifetime, not sitting in casino 24 hours a day obviously, one can overcome the house edge if not being extremely unlucky or a victim of a fraud by casinos, about which you will also find information in this book, in the collected writings.

Part 1 of the book is about roulette. Part 2 is about applying my mathematical strategy to stock market, with examples of my trading tests with live forex data.


Advanced Handwriting Cryptography

The book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography is about unique method of handwriting in a highly secure code, yet quite easy to learn, customize, write and read. In over thirty years of work I have developed a practical encryption method which looks like a calligraphic writing. It can be useful for anyone who needs to write up logins of websites, codes/passwords of emails / bank accounts / credit cards, to make private financial notes, to keep sensitive parts of a diary secret, and so on.

In the book I’m explaining the basic principles for creating an individual cryptography, and how to operate it securely without compromising it by unwilling giveaways of the code. The book is a technical “how to” manual and as such it’s divided into 30 numbered chapters, for easy following and learning. The book includes history of the development of the method and also how the book was written, to give a bit relaxing tone in some chapters as most of the book requires concentration in reading technical information. In one of the first chapters I have described the best learning process using the book as a manual, which gives a clear picture how to get from the book most information without getting confused with many interdependent parts of the cryptography method. In the book are basic principles of handwriting encryption, techniques of encryption, and ways of using the encryption in many fields of life including art and business. Necessary points are made for sharing the code with several people, key delivery methods and ways of securing the code for recovery of data in case of errors. Included are examples of code creation in basic level and medium level, with detailed step by step explanation of the creation process of the code, which ends with writing samples both for basic and medium level codes. The highest level code is explained briefly, about what it should include. Also some exercises are included. Several commercial uses of the cryptography method are presented, including uses for product promotion, games, lottery, cryptic signatures, cryptic orders, and more.

This is an unbreakable handwriting cryptography method (medium level and above, if done right) even for an array of most powerful computers — I have found no competition to my method on the same level.

Using the encryption technique one could build a personal encoding method in matter of 10 minutes (basic code), about a week (medium level code) or approximately a month (the highest level code), depending on needs for safety, which can then be used during entire lifetime. You don’t need to spend 30 years to achieve the same results — the development of and perfecting the encryption technique took so long time, my time, now the art of writing in the unbreakable code is described and available for use by others in quite a simple way. This is not a process of creating your personal language, it’s encoding the language(s) you already know the way others can’t understand. Only those having the custom keys will have access to the encoded information.


Proverbs, Wisdoms And Old Sayings


African, Native American, American, Arabian, Bulgarian, Celtic, Chinese, Cuban, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Egyptian, English, French, Gaelic, German, Greek, Guatemalan, Haitian, Hebrew, Indian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Jewish, Korean, Latin, Malayan, Mennonite, Mexican, Nicaraguan, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Scottish, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Welsh, Yiddish;

English Proverbs by Centuries: 9th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th;



Seeming Reality

The book is about philosophy and psychology of thinking, including some legends of martial arts with the way of thinking the masters were applying to different situations in life — a useful teaching to take control of your mind. The book is based on my studies (beginning since nine years of age) and practice for over fifteen years prior to writing the book, over twenty years ago. It was written for the students of my private school of martial arts.


ten commandments

10 commandments for any and all religions.

discovered and learned from life, from the creation of gods.

  1. don’t ask the gods to change anything, there already is a plan.
  2. learn the language of gods — mathematics — it’s the same in every human language. that’s the only way to learn about the plan of gods.
  3. learn sciences — it gives you special powers. don’t ask from gods more than you’ve got — gods have given you brain and all you need. discover the nature and apply your special powers.
  4. don’t pay to anyone to worship gods. gathering and talking about gods is free. money is a tool, the means to exchange work for advancing special powers, the science, but not talking about gods.
  5. don’t worship gods by useless activities, don’t build places for prayers. don’t pray. only worship gods by using the brain for what it was given to you — to discover the nature for what it is.
  6. don’t go anywhere to feel closer to gods. don’t create anything to represent gods. do not create idols. gods are everywhere, not in a special place. you can be in touch with gods in any location with the help of the language of gods — mathematics.
  7. don’t be afraid of death. there is no death, for anyone. the death only exists in minds of those who are still alive, to those who seem to be dead there is nothing including no death.
  8. change the world for better — gods have given you the powers to change the world, it’s in the plan – you’re created in the image of gods.
  9. never stop living the life in order to complain to gods. all that happens is in the plan, just move forward using the most powerful tool given to you by gods — your brain.
  10. don’t steal. don’t steal life from others, don’t steal health, don’t steal freedom, don’t steal peace of mind, don’t steal truth, don’t steal knowledge, don’t steal happiness, don’t steal wellbeing, don’t steal property and so on. you can do anything you like but whatever you do don’t steal.

been traveling again.

i ‘ve been traveling now for couple of months.. or more.. i’m no longer in italy. been in switzerland and in france in several places, now again in switzerland. will see how my plans succeed here, i may return to france again. thus, just been busy choosing a place and trying to set up my new temporary home. temporary because i’m kind of used to change my homes after over 20 years of travel.. getting bored perhaps too quickly now, to be settled down somewhere… need some change after a while again.

more news: i deleted several posts from the YE blog because those were no longer relevant (videos deleted etc.). i deleted all the youtube videos from the YE channel. also, i reactivated some of my temporarily closed social media accounts and deleted them completely. why? if you have followed my blog and recent news about the issue of many large social media platforms discriminating against users, and abusing their trust, then you have a clue. i just don’t want to be part of any discriminating social platform, i rather avoid those companies and their services as much as possible. i can live without being in contact with too many people.. who needs to know has my phone number and can call me up to meet, to have some real life interaction.

a philosophical question.

there’s quite known science theory out there which have shown that in the space of one cm3 anywhere in our universe there’s enough energy to create all the visible matter. it also means that releasing that energy, which is usually in quantum equilibrium and thus having no effect on surrounding matter, you could destroy everything as far as we can see in the universe. in fact, to destroy the planet, the solar system, and the entire galaxy, the necessary amount of energy is present in space way less than one mm3, so the theoretically possible bomb could be of a size less than naked human eye can see. the philosophical question is would you trigger such a device? would you end all the suffering that living beings must endure, or would you let it go on? is the life us such — not yours, the business of life in general — worth the suffering in the name of little joy which even not every living being knows of? ..