tests of cube cameras.

i must upload the videos to see the results of the tests because 1080 resolution videos and above my android devices can’t handle very well, in avi format anyway — the videos get hacked and jumpy. on youtube the video and sound are messed up completely, but maybe that’s the problem of my poor quality android devices.. will look the videos later on some computers. i did around ten uploads from different devices using different methods and the playback issue persists. it’s enough for now, got other things to do..

tests of cube cameras, 1


tests of cube cameras, 2



repairing old samsung smartphone’s charging port.

the seven pin connector quick fix to make the old samsung smartphone charge again with regular five pin micro usb cable. a solution at your own risk and responsibility: may not work with all samsung models.


a racist woman working in hostel. [it]

somewhere is a limit.. all of us here in the hostel want her to go away, but nobody wants to take on her because she shouts so much and creates problems from nothing, with everybody, also the clients. someone has to finally do something, thus i decided to switch on my security camera when she started to shout again.


last year i shot also a video where she admitted being racist, but i leave it safely saved away in case she will begin a court case with me after publishing this video from today morning. i know the law (i have worked in security for over twenty years) — hostel is a public place, and after all i’m allowed to film in case of aggression, be it even verbal aggression, in any place. but i don’t publish the older video here not to give her out all i have. she knows i have filmed her — i always tell when i begin filming, but as you can see it is not stopping her.