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a note: if you see subtitles on the video then these are automatic by youtube — i have not written any subtitles. many words written by a robot are completely wrong, not those words which i was saying.. so, better switch off subtitles and listen to what i am saying.


Hidden Messages

just a reminder, some of the videos which i have posted on the YE blog, mainly by youtube platform, are duplicated on my vimeo account — — in case they get blocked or removed. so, enjoy, there’s over 100 selected videos posted on YE blog in the few years i’ve been active here..

Youth Extension

in dollar bills..

a note:
– on Vimeo you can download videos directly.
– on YouTube there a restrictions, but for Windows there are several programs allowing to download anyway. for android system there’s only one app (to my knowledge) which allows to download videos from YouTube, called TubeMate — any ‘TubeMate’ on Google Play does not work with YouTube — these are there all fake. for your android phone or tablet you will need to download real TubeMate from an external source..

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about watching television

several years ago one high-ranking secret services agent, while going public, has said it all: if there’s anything you need to do right now to improve your life it is to never watch television again. everything, almost absolutely everything that comes on screen there is designed to control your mind either directly or indirectly, by subliminal messages, be it news, ads, shows, music, cartoons for kids, whatever. nothing is left out of control, to make you believe in lies they want you to believe. you will never find out how things truly are by watching television, and you won’t be able to see through the deception, because you’ve been growing up with it. this was its original plan since technology became available, and it continues to this day. it may seem ridiculous, but the plan is now to make you believe only lies, and nothing but lies. then you can’t have even an idea what the truth is. your mind won’t be capable of seeing the reality. i think they’re succeding. i suppose you act at times impulsively, after the act thinking yourself why did you say this or did that or bought something you don’t need, expressed an opinion that wasn’t truly yours or even contrary to your true beliefs — this is the result of watching television. throw out your tv-set right now, that’s the best advice i can give to you.

about communication services/apps

please note that i began using the number +* *** *** ****  [# no longer in use since the month of may 2018, contact me by email] a month ago — reference article: .. since then i have discovered that there are some communication services (whatsapp, telegram, perhaps more) associated with it, by the previous user(s) of the phone number. i have gained access to ‘whatsapp’ and ‘telegram’ and corrected the user data. i’m not using whatsapp anymore because messages there aren’t always delivered, saved data is sometimes lost, and other issues with it. i’m testing telegram app to see if it’s reliable — i haven’t found there the option to log out all the other users though. please be aware that any apps/services associated with the above mentioned phone number are not necessarily related to my activity — please confirm with me on the above phone number directly about the use of any apps/programs related to the number. there are loads of communication services out there and i have no time to check them all. thank you for your comprehension. A K

ps. the best way to contact me is by e-mail:

automated translation

now the YE blog has an automated translation added to it with over hundred languages to select from.. you’ll find the translation link on the left column. the automated translation is far not perfect, still, it will definitely help to understand some content for many readers. videos / sound recordings aren’t translated by this tool, but some posted videos do have language selection option of the subtitles – to access the option you should open videos in their original players.

another easy access domain.

a new domain for easy access.. — that’s actually my old domain name which i discarded during a personal financial crisis, together with several other domain names, and reacquired now. before it was used for a website for some ten years and was the main platform for me to reach out to the world, with documentaries and writings on politics, philosophy, etc.

as i’ve opted for a free blog now, on wordpress, the domain is forwarded here, at least for the time being. it will be easier for you to type into the address line than the full name of the blog –

the domain is also forwarded here, and is forwarded to my digital books’ selling page, but this is actually not a club, not yet, thus i’m thinking over a better use of these ‘club’ domain names.