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i have made some adjustments to the use of domains in my disposition. the domain is now forwarded to YE WP blog, section ‘ENCRYPTED’ — it makes sense because the domain was originally meant for promoting my book Advanced Cryptography Individual Operation (ACIO) in 2013, the book which since updating in 2016 has the new name Advanced Handwriting Cryptography.

the domain is forwarded to YE WP main page

the domain is forwarded to my book selling page

there are some more domains which i have acquired long time ago and mentioned in my blogs but have no longer use for them, so those i will probably let to expire.

now you only need to remember these two domains..


other domains are linked in some ways to the same pages. i have noticed that forwarding of the domains doesn’t always work perfectly but there’s nothing i can do about it — just be patient and try again — i have done my best to make my pages accessible as easily as possible. i suspect that the forwarding doesn’t always work (keeps hanging) because this service is free and the service provider wants to pull out from its clients more money, to finally build a website and keep in their servers. competition is tough these days. if you subscribe to the blog then these issues will go away — you will receive the posts and direct links to each post.


I’ll be publishing some selected chapters from the book SEEMING REALITY on this blog, from time to time.
The full version is availble on the online store with the direct link
..the selected parts/chapters posted on this blog won’t necessarily be in the order as they are in the book.. I will look how it works better for the blog.

Expanding Sources.

This week I had to triple the list of medical news sites to review daily as there have been times when for a week nothing relevant to my research showed up. Thus nothing relevant were to post in my blog neither, apart of my own thoughts, opinions and longer writings.

Many of the medical websites repeat each other over and over, in different words and different headlines. I avoid repeating on the YE blog — if I know it has been posted and new ‘discovery’ makes headlines on the medical news websites again, sometimes many months later, then I simply ignore the news. Hopefully more diverse material can be posted now, related to the topic. I spend several hours a day for going through all the material out there, so if nothing new is posted on the YE blog it’s simply because there isn’t anything worth posting here. I keep the blog as close to the subject as possible, except on the side also promoting my own books, some of which may be a bit out of the topic of longevity and life/youth extension. Books are my only source of income right now – several more to come.. who knows when though, there’s a lot of work to be done yet.

Obviously there’s a limit to how much I can do and how much new published material to go through to select for posting on the blog, thus always do your own reasearch as well to find the news I have missed.

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Facebook blocking accounts.

Facebook had once again blocked my account, walking me through the trouble to reopen the account, forcibly change user name, reconnect automated post feed from WordPress and add another admin to the fb YE page in case the account associated with the page gets blocked again. It is not worth the time anymore — facebook isn’t the entire online world to get important messages out. Thus, I will still be relying on the automated WordPress YE post feed to facebook YE page as long as the system works, but not paying much attention to it anymore. YE fb groups will (also) be unattended. For facebook users: if you’re still interested in YE posts move your attention over to the ..and subscribe to get new posts directly to your mailbox.

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Have you made an impact on society for a better life?

If not yet then now you have a chance! It is a duty of every intelligent person to use strong cryptography, so that governments won’t become tyrannical. You don’t need to worry about terrorism — you will not aid any potential or current terrorists. Governments themselves create them to have an excuse to take your liberties. Cryptography won’t provide potential terrorists with weapons of war — governments do. As your weapons to protect yourselves are taken away, your only true weapon is word of truth, protected by cryptography. If you don’t use cryptography you’re part of the problem in this world — you’re aiding governments to control the lives of average people, which they’re not meant to do. A good government must be a servant of people, to coordinate and achieve things that people in small groups cannot achieve, for the benefit of all. A good government has no business in your lives if you’re not a threat to the society. Using strong cryptography by ordinary people keeps governments minding their business, restraining authorities to given duties and not letting them to abuse their powers. Using strongest cryptography possible should be a moral duty of every intelligent person who cares about society.

Make an impact now.. learn AHC – Advanced Handwriting Cryptography.

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Posts of the blog not visible on every device? Rotate the screen!

Rotate tablet/cellphone 90 degrees if any issues with seeing posts!

Due to ever increasing number of different screen sizes of electronic devices some screens may show the sidebar first and the main content (posts) below that, if the automatic adjustment fails. The blog comes in three different, automatically selected forms: for PC, for tablet and for cellphone. Depending on browser settings some devices may get confused in displaying the correct format of the blog. Simply rotate the screen 90 degrees and you should see the blog better. If that won’t do then modify settings of your browser or download a better one — not all developers are delivering good enough apps.

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