multiple repeating posts.

some posts are reposted automatically by wordpress due to some bug. i have deleted the duplicates. it may happen when internet connection is lost during sending the post. not my fault. i wish the same posts will not be popping up again and again, but there’s nothing i can do about it.


my thanks to followers/subscribers and also those who read my blog incognito.. you’re all welcome.

i thank you all who read my blog and like my posts.. sometimes i have a quick look at your profiles and websites, but i don’t follow back simply to keep my news feed clear for the information i need to have… even with my best wishes to know everything, i am not a super-human to read all that is out there.. but i appreciate your interest in my blog and will try to keep it as concentrated in valuable information as i can, in my fields of knowledge, posting stuff that would teach something and/or make to think deep about some issues in the world. no bs (bad science) on my blog, except some rare jokes, when i just can’t hold it back.. i’m a human too, believe it or not. and as a human being i feel good when i can share my knowledge and opinions which could help others in their lives.

// by the way, the wordpress app which i use on my smartphone isn’t allowing to unfollow some of the news sources which i began following, some bug in the app i suppose.. thus it’s already a bit messy to get news here.

about my writings and videos — errors and vocabulary.

i do notice many grammatical errors in my writings, after reading them again, but if the errors aren’t changing the meaning i intended to convey then in most cases i leave the errors unedited.. because i have more important things to do. as a writer i have spent on some of my books so much time in seeking out errors, reading the books over and over and over again, that if i count whole the spent time on editing out the errors then i could have used that time in getting deeper understanding in one entire field of science. so, this is my excuse. i am not a native speaker of english — i began learning it properly only in exile, after leaving my country some 20 years ago. thus, my vocabulary is a bit limited too. it is especially clear while watching my videos — i don’t have time to edit videos, so i shoot them as is, in one cut and from first time, and that creates a pressure to find the right words fast.. and thus the many general substitution words instead of precise vocabulary. to recall a precise word for something i may need more than few seconds, which on video would be a too long silence. actually i write more fluently, not faster – just more easily, because i’m not under the pressure to get it all right from the first attempt, and if necessary i can pause to find the right word from dictionary, or to verify a word to make sure it is exactly what i mean, not ambiguous in the context. during video recording, if i realize that the exact meaning of a word needs to be verified, even if i seem to be knowing the word well, i prefer to use a general substitution word, where possible.. if not, then i explain the same thing over in other words, or clarify the subject in different ways. i do correct my writings sometimes, the next day usually, if i feel that a sentence may be confusing, to make the precise point, to convey my way of thinking more clearly. thus, if you’re a subscriber and have received an email, then it will be a good idea to visit my blog and read the latest version of an article. small irrelevant mistakes of grammar won’t grant my time to log into my blog, to wait the blog to download on my slow android device and disappearing internet connection, to edit, save etc. — each correction may take 5 to 10 minutes. (when working online my tablet also keeps freezing and crashing, several times a day, like under attack by hackers. this could make an editing of a single symbol in the blog more like a half an hour mission. knowing that i always work on several devices at time, and the restarting period of a crashed device i use for working on other devices, continuing to listen a lecture for example. this makes the 5-10 minute loss on editing a fair estimate). now you understand why i leave so many errors in. i do notice them.. but i came to compromise that i rather learn new things than spend this time on insignificant corrections on my blog.

test upload — trying to remove the wrong subtitles..

.. please bear with me, i’m tinkering with youtube settings to make the annoyingly wrong subtitles almost invisible — there’s no option to switch off the subtitles completely. now i’ve set on youtube both the text and background of the captions the same color and semi-transparent.. will see if it uploads/saves the video this way. maybe it only works for my own view of the videos — youtube has not specified that.
strangely, only the main camera videos show subtitles, while backup camera videos have none.. it should mean that the main camera or the wifi file-transfer adapter is producing the subtitles and adding to videos automatically. the manuals have no information about it, so i need to keep testing to find the source.

i’m still wondering where all these wrong subtitles are coming from.  i decided to upload the full size video from the main camera. to transfer files from main camera i’m using a wifi device which is not original to the camera, and which has an option to reduce the file size eight times — it is perfect for sharing videos online, but perhaps also the source of the wrong subtitles.

a note: the main camera and backup camera are both chinese average-quality 4k (supposedly 4k, in theory) camcorders, but different models. due to my cheap android devices, which aren’t capable of viewing 4k/2k videos, i only shoot FHD and HD videos.

Hidden Messages

just a reminder, some of the videos which i have posted on the YE blog, mainly by youtube platform, are duplicated on my vimeo account — — in case they get blocked or removed. so, enjoy, there’s over 100 selected videos posted on YE blog in the few years i’ve been active here..

Youth Extension

in dollar bills..

a note:
– on Vimeo you can download videos directly.
– on YouTube there a restrictions, but for Windows there are several programs allowing to download anyway. for android system there’s only one app (to my knowledge) which allows to download videos from YouTube, called TubeMate — any ‘TubeMate’ on Google Play does not work with YouTube — these are there all fake. for your android phone or tablet you will need to download real TubeMate from an external source..

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about watching television

several years ago one high-ranking secret services agent, while going public, has said it all: if there’s anything you need to do right now to improve your life it is to never watch television again. everything, almost absolutely everything that comes on screen there is designed to control your mind either directly or indirectly, by subliminal messages, be it news, ads, shows, music, cartoons for kids, whatever. nothing is left out of control, to make you believe in lies they want you to believe. you will never find out how things truly are by watching television, and you won’t be able to see through the deception, because you’ve been growing up with it. this was its original plan since technology became available, and it continues to this day. it may seem ridiculous, but the plan is now to make you believe only lies, and nothing but lies. then you can’t have even an idea what the truth is. your mind won’t be capable of seeing the reality. i think they’re succeding. i suppose you act at times impulsively, after the act thinking yourself why did you say this or did that or bought something you don’t need, expressed an opinion that wasn’t truly yours or even contrary to your true beliefs — this is the result of watching television. throw out your tv-set right now, that’s the best advice i can give to you.