mistakes happen.

the previous post with sigils i have posted on this blog by an error, the post was intended to my another blog..

i am not removing the sigils from this blog because the post has already been delivered to subscribers. further on i will try to avoid such mistakes. the two blogs are on the same wordpress account thus i must be more careful and double check before uploading the posts.

by the way, on the another blog i have not made it possible to subscribe and to comment the posts. i have also not added sharing buttons for social media. the point is that i don’t know how long i will keep the particular sigils published up there – i may remove some of the older sigils after a while.

to visit the blog easily use the domain acio.pro as i have mentioned it before.

good domains to grab now for a good price.

while i’m working on my new projects it requires some investment, thus i’m selling some domains which i have acquired long ago but haven’t made into the use of the initial purpose. the domains i’m selling:


please contact me if you’re interested in purchasing the domains. right now you can negotiate a good price because i need free finances fast. later on, if i won’t find a buyer myself, i will probably involve professionals to sell the domains, which means that the price goes up and i may also put the domains on an auction to get the highest price possible.

my contact..

nb! prior to purchasing the domains i did official copyright limitations research by an accredited organization and received a document confirming there are no copyright restrictions to using the domain names. anyone can buy and use the above mentioned domains for personal or business needs.

causation and/or coincidences.


.. the above link to my year old article makes sense to repost now as i’m having my own theory of mind, the theory how our thoughts influence our body. i’m almost ready to promote my “theory of mind” (which has little to do with the theory of mind known from psychology), just a bit of testing with time is still needed. the reposted article above is to show you overall problems in ‘hard’ sciences — it will make you realize that in ‘soft’ sciences the situation is even more “messed up”, giving me all the reasons to come up with my own theory of mind largely based on my personal observations and tests.

past social media accounts.

to avoid confusion and/or not to look like careless person i must tell to those who find some active social media accounts on my name or the name of my YE blog, please be aware that most of them are no longer attended by me. over the years i have tried so many different accounts that i haven’t been using many of them for a long time as not practical for my needs. for instance facebook, twitter, linkedin and others. some of them have been in disuse for so long time that i cannot even delete them because of new access rules.. for example some kind of ‘suspicious’ acivity detector demands me to call to several people whom i know, to get from them a confirmation code to access a long disused account. i don’t have time nor i feel the need to go through whole the proccess simply to delete the still active accounts which i no longer use. some platforms demand to call specific persons whom i have no phone contact with which makes access to the long disused account impossible, or very troublesome requiring opening a new account, contacting that person and explaining the situation etc., which is no guarantee of a success because as you know in social media most of contacts are people whom you never met. so, please be informed that if a certain social communication account doesn’t show the date of my last activity to other users it may still most likely be an unused social account. please confirm with me directly, by phone or an email before trying to contact by social media platforms. after all there’s always a possibility that someone else has gained access to my old accounts simply because i have traveled world so much and changed so many phone numbers over the years which have been used to create the accounts. it even happened to me once that with a new phone number one social account activated all the data and contacts of the previous user of that phone number.. it was quite a job to delete them all because that particular service didn’t have an option to delete all old contacts at once for security reasons. you get the point. please talk to me personally, by any video options or voice call, if you wish to be sure the message is delivered to me and not into the web wide void with a wrong or no answer.