Personalized medita­tion. Online consultation.

Personalized medita­tion for stress reli­ef,
against anxiety, depression, psychol­ogical and physical pains,
and simply for improving mood.. for you and/or for your friends.

Consultations can be done online in written form, via talk or video talk. My preferred language for consultations is English but if needed then I can help you out also in French, in Italian, in Russian and in Spanish. Fee depends on the income of the person — no income, no fee. Don’t forget about your friends who may need help.

Alex Kobold: click here for the contact information (may change over time)


For self-help you can download my book “Seeming Reality” for free..


There’s one more thing I can do to help someone in depression or with other problems of mind and soul.. I can create a personalized sigil (a symbol for meditation) to tap into the power of subconscious mind. The sigil may also work on the level of a placebo effect but the purpose of it is to evoke subconscious powers which create lasting positive changes.

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