my understanding of physics.. and politics.

i must post here a clarification: on my blog here are often described my theories, my ideas about reality, not always proven facts in physics. one should not take my blog as a physics manual but a source of ideas to think about certain concepts which are still largely disputed in physics, regardless that some of those concepts are provided as facts in textbooks. the textbooks may be rewritten after new discoveries in science. on my blog i’m writing about some phenomena as i understand them to the best of my capacity, which won’t make those ideas definitely correct, but only possibly correct. i keep learning and if i discover mistakes in my reasoning i will admit it. definitely my ideas about reality are worth thinking about, and to dispute the correctness if there are any errors in my logic.

contrary to physics though, my posts about politics must be true always, because in comparison with physics the logic in politics is very easy to see. behavior of people is completely transparent to anyone having done some research while using own capacity of brain, not relying just on fed in information by opposing views and political interests. one doesn’t need to be capable of reading minds, only to have an understanding about general layout of powers in world, to see who would benefit from what.


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