the biggest lie in the universe, literally — the claim that aether doesn’t exist.

the failed detection of the aether by michelson-morley experiment and what was wrong with it. and the new experiment that proved the existence of aether — published in science magazines without making into textbooks.

before i post my article about gravity i must explain some common misconceptions in physics, and bring clear examples where anyone can see the contradicting truths in physics.

i’ve been giving head aches to my physics teachers already when i was a schoolboy, with simple logic proving einstein wrong, but i thought back then that i must be missing something in the theory of relativity, so i wasn’t absolutely sure. still, in all the years i haven’t found an error in my logic and i found no new evidence in physics to prove me wrong. rather contrary — i found more lies in physics and i can’t understand how people fail to see the problems in their theories and/or experiments as those are so obvious. i repeat, as i’ve said it before, that i’m not a trained physicist in an academic level, so i cannot prove my theories with calculations. or, to be correct, rather i have no time to learn again all the mathematics which i have long forgotten — i have always been good at math and physics in the past, even coming up with my own math formulas on the spot during exams, when i couldn’t remember the learned ones, and got correct answers passing the exams. now i only use simple logic and try to picture in my mind the phenomena, which i learn about in science news.

thus, the “disclaimer” made, now i present some theories in physics and show my logic that proves the theories wrong.

not to throw at you too much information in one article, i present my understanding of the universe little by little. i present some classical explanations, with which i was never happy from the beginning, getting into arguments with physics teachers about mistakes in logic..

detecting the aether.

how come none of the physicists can see the flaw in logic and in the design of the apparatus with which the experiment was conducted: if there is slowing of light beam in one direction due to drag created by the aether, then it is cancelled out by speeding up of the light beam by exactly the same amount as it was dragged, when it returns after bouncing back from the mirror. after splitting, both beams must arrive to the same point at exactly the same time, no matter how you turn the apparatus and where on earth it is located. the only thing they could have demonstrated with that apparatus was the good building skills and precise calibration of the apparatus itself, but not the existence of aether.

watch the video and be surprised how blind the entire generations of physicists can be..
(usually i try not to listen to this “scientist” because he — the first and last one talking on video — is a sellout. once a scientist promotes genetically modified food giving absolutely inadequate comparison with natural selection and selective breeding, that means the scientist can tell anything that makes money, without sticking to scientific truths. but on this video it makes sense to show his explanation, because he is wrong and that’s the point i’m making here.)

anyway, luckily i’m not the only one seeing the flaws in physics. there’s a proof now that aether does exist. the presenter of the lecture didn’t obviously realize the flawed design of the original experiment and didn’t know that the new experiment was done not just more precisely but with a different design of the apparatus, but he makes the point that the proof of aether is still not widely known..

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