squeezing the nothingness.

the ever increasing gravity and slowing of time is due to the ever stonger squeezing of nothingness by the forces between real particles. something must give. as it is impossible for anything to collapse into true nothingness, then it is the time that gives, with the reduced speed of entropy, balanced out with increasing level of gravity. by that theory, it is possible to create an artificial gravity by squeezing a volume in space without extra matter added — thus this theory is testable in a laboratory with extremely sensitive equipment. it would also prove the hypothesis of the counteraction of true nothingness.

to go a bit further, theoretically it is then possible to create anti-gravity by stretching the empty space, but then there must be found a way to block the creation of virtual particles in the total vacuum. unfortunately, the speeding of time will counterbalance the anti-gravity effect, meaning that the theoretical traveler on such device will age very quickly. only robots could handle traveling on anti-gravity devices.

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