speed and amount of time.

in the following description i mean the amount of time in width, not in length as the amount of  time between two different points in time.. i will describe the amount of time passing at any given moment, in connection with speed.

both speed and amount of time change the rate at which information is flowing through an object. the rate of information flow depends on energy in the system (gravity, heat) and also on the amount of information in any given location (in vacuum there’s less information). for one who studies, acquiring new information, the time around seems to flow at a different rate, depending on the person letting the information in or bouncing it back. a person who had almost stopped learning after school years will talk for entire life about the truths remembered from that period.. the person’s relative time had ‘stopped’ (continuing only in physical processes of body), while for the one who keeps learning, the amount of time at any given moment, the rate of flow of information, is bigger, creating in essence larger life. a larger life can mathematically be described as a longer life lived, compared to those stuck in the past in their knowledge.

(it may sound like one who studies more will age faster, but as i explained in my previous writing the ‘aging’ as such doesn’t exist as a scientific measure — it is the cumulative effect of damage in your body. thus, by undoing the damage you will not age faster — you will stay in the same health for ever.)

only by counting time both in speed and amount (in average width) we can tell how much someone has lived (in comparative length, mathematically speaking). one can in a single lifetime live a hundred lifetimes of another, when counting the amount of information they have been through in their lives.


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