re: some responses to comments, category ‘trading’.

first of all thanks for advice N, at least for an attempt to give an advice. i appreciate your effort. below are some responses.



your comment:

Unlikely, could be Swap charges


nope, nothing to do with swaps here. you probably missed the following: “today i noticed that some currency pairs are vacant (no positions) and some are with wrong polarity.”



your comment:

You may better switch brokers, and while at it the platform as well.

Are you american ? If yes there are some additional rules the broker as to abide.

Btw: trust me, making money in markets is not just math.

And you can also be sure that EVERYTHING has been discovered already, the trick is simply to manage losses, done that properly even if your strategy is simply trowing dice and buy at odd/sell at even numbers.


i am proud to be not american.

“be sure that EVERYTHING has been discovered”? that sounds like a religious conviction, that everything is in the bible, no need to read nor to learn anything else, regardless that “god” had so bad vision he didn’t see farther than 200km (where all the biblical events happened), thought that earth is flat, had so bad memory couldn’t remember back more than 5000 years, and so on.

everything has NOT been discovered, that would be a very arrogant statement by anyone with scientific thinking. in mathematics there are every single week submitted literally thousands of new proofs, collectively around the world. many discoveries, especially in mathematics developed for stock market, are not necessarily made public, so there’s a lot to discover.



your comment:

Im sure this problem can be bypassed easy and very likely even automated with requotes to be filled with smaller but matching orders


that’s true. i haven’t explored all the tools available as i have enough to do. i have also mentioned it in another post. right now i do everything manually with market orders. when i see that it won’t work, i will explore programmable options, beginning perhaps with pending orders, stops, etc. … problem with those is that i can’t see how well and when those orders are executed without being constantly online. so far i prefer to place market orders, oversee their execution, and sleep well or do other things without worrying about my portfolio on forex.



2 thoughts on “re: some responses to comments, category ‘trading’.

  1. regarding 2.
    I didn’t mean that everything has been discovered in this trading universe, that was more addressed to yourself 😉

    i am a fulltime trader trading since over 20 years and I also do discover new things regularly, markets do evolve constantly.

    Brokers rarely move prices to take your money (some fraudulent ones do, but you can discover this behavior in seconds) this volatility alike movements tending to be called stop hunts can be an edge instead. knowing this does happen is a good way to capitalize on.

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