ten commandments

10 commandments for any and all religions.

discovered and learned from life, from the creation of gods.

  1. don’t ask the gods to change anything, there already is a plan.
  2. learn the language of gods — mathematics — it’s the same in every human language. that’s the only way to learn about the plan of gods.
  3. learn sciences — it gives you special powers. don’t ask from gods more than you’ve got — gods have given you brain and all you need. discover the nature and apply your special powers.
  4. don’t pay to anyone to worship gods. gathering and talking about gods is free. money is a tool, the means to exchange work for advancing special powers, the science, but not talking about gods.
  5. don’t worship gods by useless activities, don’t build places for prayers. don’t pray. only worship gods by using the brain for what it was given to you — to discover the nature for what it is.
  6. don’t go anywhere to feel closer to gods. don’t create anything to represent gods. do not create idols. gods are everywhere, not in a special place. you can be in touch with gods in any location with the help of the language of gods — mathematics.
  7. don’t be afraid of death. there is no death, for anyone. the death only exists in minds of those who are still alive, to those who seem to be dead there is nothing including no death.
  8. change the world for better — gods have given you the powers to change the world, it’s in the plan – you’re created in the image of gods.
  9. never stop living the life in order to complain to gods. all that happens is in the plan, just move forward using the most powerful tool given to you by gods — your brain.
  10. don’t steal. don’t steal life from others, don’t steal health, don’t steal freedom, don’t steal peace of mind, don’t steal truth, don’t steal knowledge, don’t steal happiness, don’t steal wellbeing, don’t steal property and so on. you can do anything you like but whatever you do don’t steal.

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