true nothingness as singularity of reality.

here i explain why true nothingness has instant presence with no time lag, instead of no presence at all. first of all, again, true nothingness is not the absolute nothingness, because the observable existence excludes the absolute nothingness as a possibility. contrary to the abstract notion of absolute (exclusive) nothingness, the true nothingness below the … Continue reading true nothingness as singularity of reality.

the properties of true nothingness.

sounds strange, doesn’t it.. true nothingness cannot have properties. well, it can, bacause i’m not talking about absolute nothingness (exclusive nothingness), which no-one can even think of, because we exist. the absolute nothingness as such is impossible by the very existence of something. so, lets not talk here about the impossible absolute nothingness, but the … Continue reading the properties of true nothingness.

squeezing the nothingness.

the ever increasing gravity and slowing of time is due to the ever stonger squeezing of nothingness by the forces between real particles. something must give. as it is impossible for anything to collapse into true nothingness, then it is the time that gives, with the reduced speed of entropy, balanced out with increasing level … Continue reading squeezing the nothingness.

randomness in quantum fluctuations explained.

here i continue from the theory that true nothingness is not an abstract notion but a real phenomenon. read the related articles.. as true nothingness has no measure, has no space and no time and no any other value, then it is nowhere and everywhere at the same time. it is below the level … Continue reading randomness in quantum fluctuations explained.

quantum entanglement explained.

it is just my theory, but it makes sense to me. for beginning one must think about gravity and time as emergent “force like” effects from quantum fluctuations, the result of impossibilty of anything to completely disappear into absolute nothingness. read also the article.. as nothingness has no properties, like time or space, then … Continue reading quantum entanglement explained.

the double-slit experiment with separately shot particles explained.

to me it is obvious that in the double-slit experiment, the particles aren’t moving inside a void, but are pushing through a medium, creating waves, which interfere while moving through the slits. particles are simply following the waves they are riding. the medium, which is not the related field of the particle, must be some … Continue reading the double-slit experiment with separately shot particles explained.

the problem with gravity. and a possible answer what it is.

perhaps it is an open secret, but there are clear cues that physicists themselves don’t believe in the theory of relativity in its entirety. if you believe einstein, that gravity doesn’t really exist as a force, but is just an effect we witness due to the curvature of space-time created by the mass of objects … Continue reading the problem with gravity. and a possible answer what it is.

what is the universe expanding into?

if the answer was “nothing”, then nothingness can’t be a repulsive “force” (actually an effect that seems like a repulsive force due to the impossibility of something to collapse into absolutely nothing). nothingness cannot be a measurable entity, thus universe expanding into nothingness is not the right answer. it must be an infinite space with … Continue reading what is the universe expanding into?

a strange idea.

the title is rather an understatement — it is a really strange idea, not just strange, what i was just thinking about.. but it comes as a logical conclusion from my previous post.. the idea is as follows: as nothingness is impossible and quantum fluctuations are the result of the impossibility of nothingness, then … Continue reading a strange idea.

why quantum fluctuations exist.

one may ask why the qauntum fluctuations exist in the first place. here’s the definition of qauntum fluctuations: “Quantum fluctuations are a point change in the energy of a volume of space due to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Therefore, a quantum fluctuation has no cause.” i think there is a cause: the answer comes from … Continue reading why quantum fluctuations exist.