the properties of true nothingness.

sounds strange, doesn’t it.. true nothingness cannot have properties. well, it can, bacause i’m not talking about absolute nothingness (exclusive nothingness), which no-one can even think of, because we exist. the absolute nothingness as such is impossible by the very existence of something. so, lets not talk here about the impossible absolute nothingness, but the true nothingness, the nothingness below the quantum reality.

as soon as you think of true nothingness, it creates properties for it — the very least property of true nothingness is that one is able to think about it as absense of something. and here comes the answer: absense of time, thus an instant effect, and absense of gravity, are the first two real properties of true nothingness. the empty space of our universe has time and mass, and thus also gravity. without time the quantum fluctuations wouldn’t exist. time and gravity are inter-related phenomena — as time in the empty space hasn’t an infinite speed, then there is a non-zero gravity.. and gravity doesn’t exist without mass.. and empty space has its energy due to its mass. to go on in circles — without time in empty space there would be no mass and no energy — mass and energy without an effect in space have no meaning.

the empty space is not true nothingness — it has measurable properties. in contrast, the true nothingness has no time, no gravity, and also no mass and no energy, but it is everywhere at the same time due to having no time, no time lag, being instant. below the quantum reality, the true nothingness has an instant effect when you try to press onto it — to squeeze it, and that’s the only way the properties of true nothingness manifest themselves — by the absense of the properties of something. while being the medium of entangled instant interactions in our universe, you can’t do without true nothingness.

if there was no such thing as true nothingness in our universe, then quantum field would have collapsed into something else below it. the true nothingness is what gives the universe its properties through the absense of those properties in itself. without true nothingness with the described properties — with no values of any sort and instant presence everywhere, below the quantum reality, our universe would be unstable. thus the true nothingness, as strange as it may sound, gives for the universe the stability we observe.


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