bk AHC: Relevance.

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
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I could simply give the principles of the latest encryption method, to explain the basics and the ways to personalize the code, but in that case you may not be aware of the precautions of use. It could be possible to explain the method in an hour to someone used to intellectual exercises, to regular challenges of the brain and to applying logic with common sense in daily life. But, there may be important points which are better to explain in detail right in the beginning, not letting it to wait till someone gets the point later, maybe even too late.

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bk AHC: Why handwriting?

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
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The reason to keep developing the methods of handwriting cryptography even after the beginning of computer security age is the impossibility to rely on computer encryption only. Whatever a company may claim about impossibility of cracking their code the only secure method is the one having no third party involved (or if shared between several people then no unwanted parties). You can only rely on the method of encryption you yourself have created or customized an existing one. My goal was to develop a method which everyone can modify, to create their own encryption systems while knowing how to do it. I think I have succeeded in the goal, surpassing my own expectations on the security of the method, and you’re going to see it for yourself.

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bk AHC: A bit of history. [part 2]

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
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While trying to find the solution I created several more codes for practicing the script while the encryption symbols basically remained the same  I only changed the meaning of the symbols and made some of the symbols more advanced giving them a kind of flexibility in representation. By 2007-2008 the possible total number of cryptic symbols to use, in my way of writing, was in hundreds of thousands and even millions while used in context (the flexibility increased ways of writing greatly – later Ill show you how), so I only needed to pick for using the ones I liked by design for particular meanings, the rest of them could have been used as an information noise at any time.

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bk AHC: A bit of history. [part 1]

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
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As I mentioned it took quite a long time to work out the method – over thirty years. In fact I didn’t work on the project whole the time, not the 30 years straight. The encryption was my hobby since around the age of 10-12 y.o., with some very basic encoding methods for kids. In earlier times I tried to come up with a personal code or method of encryption just sometimes, on free time besides other hobbies like music, philosophy of mind, psychology, martial arts, programming and travel. Later I dedicated on it much more time as it was becoming more and more of a challenge.. I almost new for fact the solution is out there in the basic principles I have already learned, discovered and created, but the perfect method still remained elusive for me.

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bk AHC: a remark

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I noticed that after copying text from the book to the blog all the apostrophes have disappeared from the text. Never mind, in the book the grammar is correct.. at least in my level of English it seems to be correct. In following posts I will try to fix the copy-paste issue, depending on time available.. the thing is that the apostrophes for sure won’t be the last issue while trying to insert the formatting of the book into the blog — there will be issues with pictues, graphs, columns etc. etc., thus please bear with it. I will make the content understandable enough in the blog. There’s no point to double the book in the blog the exact way.. you can download the the full book if something will be unclear.

bk AHC: Introduction

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography
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1 Introduction.

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to write up some private data in ways no-one else could read? Have you ever forgotten any access codes to your mails, logins to websites, codes of bank accounts, etc.? If not yet then perhaps the logins and codes you’re using are very simple and easy to crack, or youre using them often enough not to forget them. As theres a growing number of the services that require to remember certain access data, and certainly youre not going to use all of them whole the time, theres coming a day when youll be in trouble while trying to access one of the sites you urgently need to use, but have forgotten your password.. or even the login itself. So it would be very handy to have your own secure way of writing down the personal access data, a kind of personal secret language.
In this book Im going to explain the basic principles for creating a highly secure personalized handwriting code, an individual cryptography, and how to operate it securely without compromising it by your own unwilling giveaways of the code. At first it may seem as a complicated thing to take on, especially considering that I have spent over thirty years creating and improving the encryption method, but while you learn it youll see how easy it actually is. The reason it took so long time to find a practical solution is that it was hard to come up with a method which is easy to learn and simple to use, possible to personalize with little effort, yet secure enough against attacks by those trying to access your private data.

The advanced handwriting cryptography method described in this book is safer (can be safer when used properly) than any computer encryption can ever be. The reason for this is that no online interceptions, no screen shots of your computer created by hidden programs and accessed by hackers, no tapped keyboards, no spy cameras hidden around your places of work, nothing will reveal the messages hidden in the cipher text — your private sensitive information will be encrypted/decrypted in your head on the go and only encoded information will see the daylight. The code will be totally safe even if there is the plaintext out there, of something you wish to encrypt, if you are careful enough to separate plaintext from the cipher text never keeping the two in the same locations, and never relating the two in the ways someone could guess the match in the messages.

When using the method only yourself it is useful for encrypting..
.. passwords/access codes of your credit/debit cards;
.. logins and access codes of online services;
.. private financial deals;
.. places, times and tasks of confidential character;
.. names and contacts of selected people for their security;
.. personal opinions about your business partners in your contacts;
.. parts of personal diary with delicate information;
.. written information of a great value to your adversaries;
.. any written information for your personal safe use only.

There are additional benefits of the method while sharing encrypted messages with others, particularly with several recipients. These can be hard to implement, requiring some work in developing the code, but once the code is created and shared with trusted individuals then it can be used during entire lifetime. The specific benefits of sharing encrypted letters with others, compared to sharing unencrypted letters, are the integrity of the messages (no part of the messages can be removed without receiving parties noticing it), safety against loss of messages as every party involved can have the same letter (with exactly the same cipher text but differently encrypted message to each, with a different content when needed), and more. Details are discussed in the book.

On top of that the method can be used for marketing, entertainment, commercial and public safety needs, which are described in the book:
product promotion;
games and lotteries;
cryptic signatures;
cryptic orders;
safe message boards;
.. and much more.


bk AHC: Content

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography
[ full book.. sellfy.com/p/ujMc , free examples.. sellfy.com/p/HQH3 ].

here’s the content of the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography:

1 Introduction.
2 A bit of history.
3 Why handwriting?
4 Relevance.
5 The method.
5.1 Getting an idea.
5.2 Seeking the information.
5.3 Learning all the details.
5.4 Working on your own.
6 Basic principles of handwriting encryption.
7 Techniques of encryption.
7.1 Confusion / substitution.
7.1a Information carriers.
7.1b Noise and distraction elements.
7.2 Diffusion / transposition.
7.3 Other techniques.
7.3a Data points method.
7.3b Mathematical method.
7.3c Art method.
7.3d Hiding method.
7.4 Writing styles.
7.5 Using switches.
8 Encryption symbols.
8.1 Base hieroglyphs.
8.2 Characters.
8.3 Additional signs.
9 Lists of symbols.
9.1 Classic text symbols (TS).
9.1a Alphabets.
9.1b Numerals.
9.1c Mathematical symbols.
9.1d Other symbols.
9.1e Highlighting and more.
9.2 Cryptic symbols (CS).
9.2a Diffusion symbols.
9.2b Correction symbols.
9.2c Assisting symbols.
9.2d Modifiers.
9.2e Switches.
9.2f Other tools.
10 How complex code is good enough?
11 Systematization and memorizing.
12 Sharing and personalization .
12.1 Sharing with one person.
12.2 Sharing with several people.
12.3 Temporary sharing.
12.4 Urgent sharing.
12.5 Key delivery.
13 Securing the method for recovery.
13.1 Recovery of encryption method.
13.2 Recovery of encrypted data.
14 For developers.
15 Application.
16 Example of glyph parts.
17 Examples of code creation.
17.1 Basic code.
17.2 Medium level code.
17.2a Matrix of symbols.
17.2b Encryption symbols.
17.2c The creation process.
17.2d Description of rules.
17.2d – 01 Basic rules of the code.
17.2d – 02 Base cryptic symbols (BCS).
17.2d – 03 Attached cryptic symbols (ACS).
17.2d – 04 Separate cryptic symbols (SCS).
17.2d – 05 Creating additional rules.
17.2e Writing sample.
18 Exercises.
18.1 Attention exercises.
18.2 Drawing exercises.
19 Commercial uses of the cryptography method.
19.1 Cryptic messages project.
19.1a Guessing of messages.
19.1b Creating a lottery.
19.1c Promotional ads.
19.2 Cryptic signatures.
19.3 Cryptic orders.
19.4 Other commercial uses.
20 Writing music.
21 Advanced games for training.
22 Cryptography in social life.
23 Cryptography in gambling.
24 The highest level method.
25 Work on the book.
26 Future of the method.
26.1 Writing without encryption.
26.2 Encoding without hieroglyphs.
26.3 About the next challenge.
27 Artwork.
28 To print / copy.
29 Get in touch.
30 Legal notice.
31 Content.