brokers too are humans and having stomach disorders.

recently i began having issues in placing orders on forex (read my previous articles in category ‘trading’ — , .. then i had an issue with losses on both long and short orders.. and then i came up with an equalizing system to counter all manipulations, placing my orders between two trading platforms. now, in just two days, i recovered all losses but i cannot place new positions anymore (i can only close positions), to begin generating profit — i keep getting error messages. it seems to me that brokers have restricted my demo account. perhaps they’re scared that i may find out how to make money? too late.. i already know the mathematical reality, i’m just verifying my formulas with live data, not that i expect to find something new. but the brokers seem to be running to bathroom way too often, not being able to fill my orders. well.. i will keep publishing what’s going on, and if necessary, will begin shooting video clips of my tests on forex, for everyone to see how brokers are trying to rig the game.

One thought on “brokers too are humans and having stomach disorders.

  1. You may better switch brokers, and while at it the platform as well.
    Are you american ? If yes there are some additional rules the broker as to abide.

    Btw: trust me, making money in markets is not just math.
    And you can also be sure that EVERYTHING has been discovered already, the trick is simply to manage losses, done that properly even if your strategy is simply trowing dice and buy at odd/sell at even numbers 🙂


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