the universe is still ruled by mathematics.

a comment to my post from today..

theoretically it is possible to lose money on all of the selected currency pairs you gamble on, even if on many currencies the bets are balancing out as opposite. it is theoretically though (because the monetary rules of exchange between countries are not exactly the same) — there even exist strategies where gamblers on forex are seeking out those differences in currencies to make a fast profit as soon as the disproportionate exchange values are found. but practically it’s very unlikely coincidence that all of the bets, if in great amount, go to negative. to counter those rare odds is to make directly opposite bets on different trading platforms. you may not be able to place exact opposite bets on the same platform as they can be cancelled out – many trading platforms do this automatically. also, some countries have recently made it illegal to place exact opposite trades. (you see, “stock casinos” are beginning to worry). anyway, between different traders it is possible. with my mathematical strategy it is impossible to lose as long as volatility of the financial products is higher than you pay for the spreads and for the overnight fees (the swap prices), combined. if you don’t make errors in calculations and mistakes during placing orders, then with my strategy you just cannot lose.. as long as broker isn’t going broke. mathematics still rules the universe.

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