my podcast. the story of my life and travels around the world.

just a reminder.. listen to the stories about my life and travels..

at the moment my life is busy, but i will continue telling the stories of my travels around the world and my life in general, as soon as i get the time and a quiet place for recording.

some older stories are told on video..


intro to my travel stories, all three parts, now available on podcast.

i have made good on my promise to post new stories which were already recorded. it took entire day to edit and format and equalize the sound levels, because i did it all on my android devices. the lack of disk space for the editing process forced me to uninstall tens of other large apps. anyway, now it’s done..

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direct links to the new stories, recorded this year..
my travels in soviet russia, intro 1 of 3, borders
my travels in soviet russia, intro 2 of 3, borders
my travels in soviet russia, intro 3 of 3, borders

for a while there may be no followup stories on podcast and no many writings coming on the blog, because i began working again selling street paper (a magazine which i mentioned before on the blog). the attempt to get a longer working permit, for a year, was not successful (the immigration claimed they had never received the official letter from the company), but the company managed to get me a new temporary work permit, for another three months. in switzerland, three months per year is the maximum time as temporary worker, for european citizens, thus for 2020 that would be it, i must pack my stuff then and leave. anyway, it’s good enough for me to work a bit for some pocket money, and then to move on.

in any case i keep working on some science issues, trying to find solutions, and if anything interesting comes up then i will write about it.

my travels in soviet russia. audio story on my podcast.

well, to those who are not interested in my science articles, i must make good of the promise to post some new stories. the first story of the three part introduction was edited by my friend already over a month ago, thus i can post it now with no issues. further editing, of the part two and three of the series of introduction, must be done by myself — the vacation of my friend from his full time work has ended and he has no more free time now. maybe in the future he will lend me some assistance again and the process of producing podcasts will go faster.

you will find the first part of the intro story on my audio channel..

below is also the direct link to the story, but probably you will need to install the app then (at least on an android device, on pc perhaps not). the link above works in the browser also on android, without the need to install the app.

my travels in soviet russia, intro 1 of 3, borders..

read the previously posted article to understand why there was a significant secrecy during recording of the intro to my new stories..
i will do my best to find the time to edit the other recordings in the near future. right now i work on some science issues, at the expense of eating well and with reduced sleeping time.

get ready to hear new stories.

so, now the old recordings are posted, not all but those which are closely related to my upcoming stories as i continue telling the story of my life. it will be a good idea to listen to the old recordings, all of them, to understand the following stories better. there’s already around three hours of new recordings about my travels across entire soviet russia, mostly in the time frame between 1989 and 1997, with some travels even earlier, in my country which was then part of soviet russia.

before i will publish the recent recordings, some more editing is to be done yet, for a better listening experience. i tested different recording options and i didn’t care too much about telling my story smoothly on one go. now i must pay for it with extra editing work to cut out bad sound and long pauses, with some repeatings as i struggled to find the correct words to express myself better. thus, as long as i’m messing around with different editing apps for the best result and the most comfortable editing work, you can listen to my older recordings about my time in soviet russian army and about my business life after the army, during the collapse of the soviet union when there was plenty of criminal activity around to deal with, in all levels of the society..

the podcast..

the video channel..

my books, all free to download and permitted to share..

meanwhile i also keep thinking on some issues in different sciences, and try to put some relations of physical phenomena into written form, to publish as articles. right now my main focus is to understand gravity. today morning i already wrote an article about it, but decided not to publish it yet. each time after publishing an article on the blog immediately there show up grammatical errors, as i realize how others may understand me differently not living inside my mind. i must read my writings over tens of times, correcting the wording, for there to be little chance to understand me wrong. if you have recently received emails (as a subscriber) with my science articles, then it will be a good idea to revisit the articles now on the blog — i have rewritten some of the articles, correcting the syntax and adding clarifying comments, to make my point absolutely clear. all the effort is directed to minimize the possibility for misunderstandings.

beginning with podcasts.. on

first i’m posting the sound files extracted from the stories which i told on camera. i may be testing several podcast platforms, but as i’m already familiar with then i will first be uploading my stories there. about a year ago i had a few stories up there, but deleted them since i was not sure if i wanted to continue. times were very busy as well. as a year has passed, then the app may have some technical changes now, thus i’m calling it a testing time again, before i will post any recent sound recordings on the podcast.

my account on castbox..

the new podcast..

i’m not sure if i can create an exclusive name for the castbox account and/or the podcast, but i will look into it later. so far you can already enjoy the stories in sound only.. you can download the stories to listen offline, to speed up and to slow down playback as you like, use internal volume booster of the app and so on.. whatever is more convenient to you..

intro to my stories..

the russian army, my story (part 1 of 2).

the russian army, my story (part 2 of 2).

probably you will be asked to download the app, as i have noticed, trying to play the stories in browser. a year ago it was not required. if you don’t want to install the app then there’s a way around it: go to the site in a browser and search for “youthextension” (one word), then go to my podcast without installing the app (cancel if asked) and listen to my podcast there. if you use the direct links to the stories or the podcast or the YE account which i provided above, then most likely you will be directed to install the app first.

anyway, it is an excellent app — you can add widget on the screen and to listen to the podcasts like on music apps. maybe even lock-screen playback option is still available.. will see, i need time to figure it all out, because some other things need to be taken care as well now.

Why You May Live To 150 And Never Look Older Than 30

Jack O’Brien is joined by Laura Deming, a 21-year-old venture capitalist who is funding the therapies of the future that will slow the process of aging. They discuss some of the breakthroughs in the field and Laura debunks some myths about current life extension treatments.

Jack is then joined by Fiona Ginty, a principal scientist at GE working on the microimaging of cells. Fiona shares how this technology will aid in the fight against aging as that process might be built into our DNA.

read the article and listen to the podcast..

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