About the struggle of life..

Hardships and obstacles are the very essence of life. Imagine one could have everything he/she wants, everything! Nothing to strive for — as soon as a wish comes to the mind there it is instantly realized. Nothing less than that would already be a struggle, because diminishing any struggle little by little should arrive to an instant, not to be called a struggle anymore. What a ridiculously boring existence it would be, not a life. Life is a struggle, and struggle is the beauty of life, when you achieve something through hardships. No matter if others have achieved more — your struggle for better is your life, and no other life stuggle is comparable to yours. Only your personal achievements matter, in the sense of what you’ve done with your own work, to call it a true success.

About some healthy body reactions..

I have noticed that when I’m in a city my nose sneezes whole the time and I cough a lot, but when I’m in a country side, even though it’s cold and windy, I’m fine. It’s good to realize that the body is functioning properly, trying to get rid of all the bad stuff that comes through the air. People around the city may think that I’m sick, but that’s actually them whose body has stopped to fight, keeping all the bad stuff inside, which goes to the cells and causes early aging, cancer, and many illnesses. Sneezing and cough aren’t always the symptoms of illness but a normal body function — to eliminate the things that don’t need to be inside you. Taking medication to stop cough and sneezing may let you feel better in a short period, but in a long term it may cause more harm than good. One should let the body figure out what’s the best for it, backed with millions of years of development and selection of proper reactions through trial and error. You should not try to override these bodily functions unless there’s a risk of immediate grave harm. Most small issues should be left for healing by itself.. in most cases your body knows better than any doctor.

life is beautiful..

after years of travelling and often living in tent, especially the last two and half years, i have finally found a decent place to live.. no more under a bridge, under trees or in a field. now i have keys to an empty house which was a mess few weeks ago, with a jungle in the garden. it still needs to be taken care of to make suitable for a better living (no water and no electricity), but at least i have a solid roof to protect from elements. luckily here’s rarely below zero, perhaps only -1 or -2 some nights, and importantly here the rough storms don’t shake my home — the tent i live in — sometimes waking up in the middle of a swamp, half in water.. then walking around a day or few wet and cold, carrying around heavy bags. it also feels good not to be woken up by drug addicts shaking the tent, or the police telling to find another place. who knows how long i can stay here but i enjoy every moment of it. that’s my life in 2017, after 18 years in exile and never been admitted to be a refugee in any country where i have asked an asylum (read my biography). my boys have grown up by now, without me, back in my country, so i don’t need to take more risks to try to visit them and to be imprisoned again with no charges. now they can visit me themselves if they want to. life is only getting better, at least for me. perhaps only the renewing of my passport in an embassy will be a bit of a challenge, then there will again be few years in the state of zen.

// posting some pictures..

meditation in mountains.

for over two months i was in mountains in switzerland meditating, which wasn’t as excellent as in tyan-shan (Tien Shan) mountains where i’ve been several times meditating and training. now i’m back in italy. got to work on some projects first and then will see what’s new in science on longevity that will be worth posting. in my view, so far still, your own mind is the most powerful tool to live long in a young body and with a great health. just keep seeking if you haven’t found the solution. i keep testing my own methods on myself. one day i’ll get ready to write about the results.. it will take some time. thanks for being patient.

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If you wish to live long and healthy do your own research as well, don’t just believe all the science news.

Why should one do his/her own research. Lets look into the dangers of not doing it. What is fraud as such? It is deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage. In that sense any woman who puts on makeup is committing fraud to gain advantage over competing women by hiding her real face as it is. No wonder men get disappointed in women pretty fast after realizing the trickery, which definitely isn’t limited with makup on face only. Men as well use trickery for the reality to appear different from what it really is, for their advantage. As it is the very human nature to use fraud in everyday life then it is no wonder that many scientists are conducting research on hidden fraudulent data, to gain personal advantage. This applies also to research in the fields of immortality and longevity, but in this field we cannot afford to take wrong decisions — you can only get the whole picture on possible healthy longevity right once. Thus in this field everyone must continuously keep an eye on developments in related sciences, learn as much as possible, and come to personal conclusions avoiding making decisions on fraudulent data. You cannot rely just on what some scientists have said or written. You must be educated enough to make your own decisions how to use research data in your life, to truly achieve an incredible longevity with excellent health.

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