fx: my portfolio.

it has very rapidly become clear that catching trends is more profitable (currently) than my old proven method of increasing/decreasing bets. more importantly, it needs less investment to begin with, to generate the same amount of profit. at least it’s my way of catching trends which shows promise.. there are definitely other ways of doing it which i’m not testing. the currently applied method i have borrowed from my countless computer simulations on trying to make profit on casino roulette — there it doesn’t work, it’s mathematically impossible. on forex however, even if the trends are short living and rare, in any meaningful sense, it is still enough to generate profit overcoming spreads. that’s my first impression, which may change. i got so curious about it now that i stopped the method of increasing/decreasing bets, continuing now on both trading platforms with the strategy of catching trends.

i’m still on the same level, close to 20% in negative, because i decreased my investment level several times for now — it is not wise to bet high when i’m not sure about the formulas which i’m currently using (testing), about how they perform on forex in a long term.. thus, even if i’m recovering losses it will take much longer than i accumulated the losses. my main goal is to come out of the negative balance with whatever strategy works on current market conditions, thus i’m not opening new trading accounts. i must rely on my experience and not to discard any failed tests as irrelevant.. therefore i change strategies as soon as i see the limitations of applied strategies on any given moment depending on market conditions.

i know what my increasing/decreasing formulas do in long term — i don’t need to prove them for myself, spending more years on learning the same thing. i need to adapt rapidly to any given market conditions to generate profit faster, and if a formula produces losses then to apply other formulas which suit better at the time. that’s more interesting too than making the same calculations over and over — it’s kind of reading the market’s behavior through the numbers, not guessing the market behavior by news or generally known global developments.

in fact i’m correcting and changing my strategies right now so frequently (as you have obviously noticed already) that i see no need to bother describing the changes in the blog anymore. the general principles of my strategies have been described.. i’m using them in different combinations trying to figure out the best configuration in any given moment.. which may or may not lead to a permanent compiled strategy. when i’ll publish the whole trading history of my current test on both mt4 and mt5 platforms, after getting into positive balance, then you can see for yourself what was going on.

so much i can tell that while i decided in favor of learning more about and testing the strategy of catching trends on both platforms, i balanced out again the currency pairs on each trading platform and reversed positions between the platforms. this is necessary to ensure that if the strategy works then it should work on both platforms, not being just a luck, a result of current market conditions turning out favoritely for me.

if you’re curious about how it all will end then just be patient.. one day i’ll publish the complete trading history of the current test on both trading platforms, and perhaps include it in the updated version of the book as well. the trading history of the current test may become thousands of pages long, thus including it in the book in full length may not be the best idea – i may publish it as a separate document to those who are interested to analyse my trading strategies deeper.


is truth absolute or relative?

i think that truth is both relative and absolute, but some truth is only absolute, like for example mathematical truth. personal truth can at times be relative, as it is well demonstrated with the story of blind people trying to describe an elephant by touching with hands — all of them are in essence talking about the same thing, but as they’re blind and cannot see whole the elephant, then everyone has a different understanding, their truth about what the elephant is, depending on touching the tail, ear, leg, trunk or the body from its side. they will never come to a compromise or an agreement as long as they won’t take others’ position for a while, to get into others’ perspective. the same holds true almost in everything — the more complex things we’re describing the more chance there is that our truth of the reality is different.. thus we have relative truth. but in fact the truth is absolute, beginning with mathematics, where everyone can see the same thing and to verify it. as mathematics is the language of universe, then most probably all truth in universe is also absolute, but we may never be able to find out the absolute truth due to our limited senses. thus, for us, some truths will always remain relative.. at least for as long as we’re not in the singularity.

fx: combining strategies.

the challenge i have right now is to generate profit in relatively low volatility conditions. the two strategies i’ve been testing previously both have their issues. the increasing/decreasing strategy is costing too much in paid spreads, and the catching trends strategy is quite a sure loser in a long term. thus, to combine the two strategies mathematically, where it is clearly defined in which conditions to switch the strategy, is a challenge. for the initial test run i picked those conditions from my mind, relying on the experience in analysing random fluctuations for over twenty years, but the values may need to be changed depending on the results, adjusting to the particular behavior of forex, if it does behave differently from randomness, in a large scale.

even as the low/medium volatility is not the best for trading currencies, as of now i prefer to stick to the selected somewhat stable currencies and to figure out how to generate profit with the low volatility and slow trends, instead of betting on risky currency pairs with high volatility. some time ago i wrote that i don’t expect to find anything new, but i may have been wrong with the opinion that nothing new is to be found in my own formulas.. there are countless ways to combine the formulas and some combinations may still be hiding beneficial surprises in them, which i had overlooked previously.

fx: my portfolio.

it appears to me that i found a good combination of using two strategies at the same time: first trying to catch a trend and when the trend goes in a wrong direction, switching to the old strategy of increasing/decreasing bets. all that without the need to end one strategy closing all positions, to start all over with another one. lots of tests needs to be done even if the current test will show some promise. so far i’ve got the feeling that there’s something not right with the mt4 and mt5 apps.. there should not be only losses during tests — even if i had taken positions at random i should have never lost so much so fast, especially considering that my positions are balanced out — some positions should have generated large profit at least once, because many positions had big losses and my positions are largely taken in reverse, not to go broke during a crash of a single currency. but at random conditions all is possible — call it a bad luck if you will. i keep testing and thinking about how to tackle a fraud, if there is a fraud there in sense of an automated system not letting you to find out profitable strategies. honestly i’ve been lazy and busy enough to compare each currency pair with real values on other trading platforms.. they need to be monitored continuously then, not just once. if it goes on like this, sharply into negative on any taken position as soon as stakes get high, then i can verify the prices later with historical data. so far i’m considering it to be just a coincidence that while positions are with low bets they gain and with high bets they always lose.. much more data is needed, to come to a definite conclusion. the new combined strategy is only in my mind, which i just began implementing, thus some flaws can be detected, and the formulas adjusted accordingly.

it may seem that i change my strategies too fast, but as i’m having positions on two trading accounts on twenty currency pairs each, in reverse between them, then i don’t need much time to see where it is all heading to. when everything is going rapidly in negative direction with almost no exception on any taken position — with too small gains compared to losses — there must be something very wrong.. it almost seems that it cannot be just bad luck but you never know, in fact in theoretical rare circumstances it can. as always, i say that during testing with no real money at stake it is actually good to encounter very bad situations for training purposes, because in real life bad luck and mistakes do happen, and one needs to know how to tackle those situations, in the end to come out of negative balance with profit.

you create your death experience.

every morally wrong action will be punished at the time of death. call it the ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ if you wish, but i don’t mean it in religious sense. simply the time will “stop” at the moment of death, and even as for others who are still alive the moment of death of someone will look like a short passing moment, for the dying person it will seem like eternity. this isn’t my theory but proposed by others due to some evidence suggesting it to be the case. to prove it is difficult, more evidence is needed, but it totally makes a scientific sense.

all your morally wrong deeds will have its moment of justice in your own mind, depending on your own beliefs about right and wrong. the whole universe is written in your mind — even if your understanding of the universe is wrong, it is written in your mind such way. if you have created the understanding of ‘hell’ for yourself, then you will have it in the moment of death if you deserve it.. and for you it will last for eternity because the time will stop for you. if you believe in hell and have done something in your life wrong, at the moment of death it will come back to your mind and you will be scared.. as you’re scared your hell will begin. every living person has done something wrong — nobody is perfect — thus not a single believer ever goes to heaven, not a single one, every religious person will burn in hell which they themselves have created in their mind. those who are not religious will suffer too, but not as much, because in their mind there isn’t any eternal hell.

truth as a human right.

in human rights the freedom of religion should be replaced with the freedom to know the truth. every religion must be banned from teaching to underaged people, because they’re not capable of making up their own mind, to come to correct conclusions, are emotionally vulnerable and easy to lead to a wrong direction. teaching religious dogmas to minors must be equalized with fraud and with causing willful mental damage, and with damage to society. some people claim that religions have given to human society the undersanding about right and wrong, which is another fraudulent claim. the notions of good and bad, right and wrong, existed way before religions were born and established. these notions existed way before religions and are present even in animal societies, where those who behave bad are punished according to deviation from the rules the animals have for wellbeing of their small societies. religions are simply utilising those notions for their own benefit, with the price paid as retardation in overall advancement of human society. you have the right to learn about religions when you’re of a legal age, and then you can decide how to act, but damaging thinking of minors with religious dogmas must be banned, with protection as a human right for truth and with related international laws. religions could even be equalized with mental torture, and there’s enough proof for it to be the case, regardless that religions themselves claim to be a road to salvation.

the fact that some religious organizations are helping poor people is there just for a good look and a small price to pay by religious institutions for hiding the crime of enforced mental retardation of society and living out from it. if people would spend their time on advancing science as much as they spend on religious activities, there would be no need for ‘help’.. the society would be way better off without handouts, and with way better dignity of every individual.