the world family.

not everyone would agree with me but personally i consider the only true super power in world to be russia. because it acts this way, like a good parent with the power to slap children in place if they get out of hand. some ‘children’ may pump their muscle (america) and shout around that they’re the best and strongest, but if they get too rough, the good parent shows their children their true place (like in syria), still loving them. children may blame each other, get into fights and take each-other’s toys, but a good parent just watches and lets them grow. the parent too has its issues — the russian orthodox mindset, but it is more like a historical-cultural thing, not taken too seriously, thus not obstructing scientific advancement. but several children, includung america, are severely brainwashed. in my view the only child which is capable to take care of the house, is china, when it grows big enough. it is hard working and isn’t letting religious dogmas dominate its life. china is the only hope, together with the good ‘parent’ russia and some other good ‘children’, to take care of the world, so there will be no more fights.


people have the right to be slaves.

everyone has the same right to improve living conditions. everyone, no matter how good the life is already. rich and poor. if the majority of the people, the poor working class, decide to be slaves for a daily survival, then they have this right. people have the power to demand (not to ask, to demand) better life, and the power to overthrow a tyrannical government in no time, if they decide to be together in the fight. but if the majority prefers to play videogames, talk about cats and beat their heads in churches, instead of learning and fighting for their rights, then it’s their choice. personally i had enough — losing my family, being imprisoned for many months at time and now in exile for 20 years already. if everyone capable to take action would have done it years ago, i wouldn’t had to go through all this. thus, in my book about advanced handwriting cryptography, i mentioned about my conclusion: people deserve what they get as a nation, as a society.. not necessarily on individual level, but as a collective entity, their actions and inactions determine what they deserve. if they prefer to be slaves and pass on their condition to their children, so be it. the rich too have the right, and even duty for their own families, to improve their life and secure better/safer future, especially when majority agrees with them, doing nothing really significant for their own good, expecting things to be decided for them by those in power.

artificial intelligence is here to help us.

when you think about it seriously, then you should never speak or write anything bad about artificial intelligence, especially not in the sense of it being an enemy. why? because when AI will scan all the available information out there, those who express concerns will be considered by the AI as a danger to itself, and will be the prime target to get eliminated as soon as possible. we have no choice anyway, if we want to survive as species — only AI can get us out of this planet fast enough, to other planets or artificial colonies in space, with its support in advancing science and technology. only AI can get as secured before there’s a cosmic event destroying life on earth. remember, you’re lucky to live in the last 10’000 years of a relatively calm period, while prior to that there were constant climate changes destroying everything — no attempt to establish a permanent civilisation has succeded so far. all those political talks of current climate change are laughable, compared to what the earth has usually seen in millions of years.. the current ten thousand year stable climate is rather an exeption to the rule. you should prepare yourself for worse.. much much worse.. and only the help of the AI can do to us enough in a short period of time.. if we wish to continue as a civilsation. humans are incapable of a true climate change.. a single volcano or a solar cycle can in no time counter anything we try, and nobody knows in which direction — colder or warmer. the only way to survive is to get out of here, with the help of AI.

all on wordpress.

today i did a bit of search of news on wordpress and found that many science news and world news outlets, which i’m regularly reading, are also represented here. as the consequence i got rid of several bulky apps, as i can get the same information right here, all in one place, on wordpress. many of the otherwise popular news sites have on wordpress very few followers, which is strange.. you get here all the same news with the links to read more if you wish. anyway, i freed up some necessary memory on my android device, which increases also processing speed, and it will save battery as well. should have done it long time ago.

the universe is still ruled by mathematics.

a comment to my post from today..

theoretically it is possible to lose money on all of the selected currency pairs you gamble on, even if on many currencies the bets are balancing out as opposite. it is theoretically though (because the monetary rules of exchange between countries are not exactly the same) — there even exist strategies where gamblers on forex are seeking out those differences in currencies to make a fast profit as soon as the disproportionate exchange values are found. but practically it’s very unlikely coincidence that all of the bets, if in great amount, go to negative. to counter those rare odds is to make directly opposite bets on different trading platforms. you may not be able to place exact opposite bets on the same platform as they can be cancelled out – many trading platforms do this automatically. also, some countries have recently made it illegal to place exact opposite trades. (you see, “stock casinos” are beginning to worry). anyway, between different traders it is possible. with my mathematical strategy it is impossible to lose as long as volatility of the financial products is higher than you pay for the spreads and for the overnight fees (the swap prices), combined. if you don’t make errors in calculations and mistakes during placing orders, then with my strategy you just cannot lose.. as long as broker isn’t going broke. mathematics still rules the universe.

make your dreams a reality.

when you have a dream to change the world for a better place to live, you can begin with your own country.. you can push for a constitutional amendment. if nobody has anything reasonable to say against your proposed amendment, the word will spread faster than you imagine, and you will succeed. when your country will make a great progress then others will follow.. and the world will change for better. and you better act now, because tomorrow may be too late.

read: about death penalty.

about death penalty.

in general it should be abolished, with the exception of elected public servants who break their election promises and use their office for personal gain, damaging wellbeing and/or health of the people who elected them. criminal public servants can only get away from death penalty if they prove that they didn’t have, and couldn’t have, the necessary information which prompted to break their election promises. one should not seek a public office if his/her heart isn’t with the people even against his/her personal good when needed.. there are many such people out there, you don’t need others in power. all who lie about their true intentions just to get elected, deserve death penalty, depending on gravity of actions in harming life of people, obviously. also, all the votes of elected officials for/against war must be public, with those who voted for war being sent to front lines, and after survivng the war they voted for, resuming their duties in public office. you will see how the world will get better in those conditions, very soon.