mind altering drugs

there’s a list of science discoveries out there made by scientists under the influence of drugs. some say that the drugs helped them to make the discoveries. i think those who say drugs were of help missed the whole point — those scientists were smart enough that even drugs didn’t mess up all their brain cells and they made the discoveries not because of the drugs but despite of them. imagine what more they could have achieved in science if they didn’t take drugs. and in some cases it may just have been a lucky coincidence — even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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the reality of music.

no song has ever cha­nged the world.. a song can give a break from reality, a few minutes dream how the life could be dif­ferent, but after the few minutes of the dream song the real­ity hits back.. some­times hard, sometimes with no consequenc­es.. the life goes on as before — no so­ng can change the wo­rld, only an impress­ion of it, maybe, but not the reality. the more you’re invol­ved in music the more break you can have from the reality, but one cannot live in fake reality for ever, or it would be living in a fake wor­ld, far away from re­ality most of people have.. thus those who only sing will ne­ver completely under­stand the most of pe­ople, their reality. but even having a few minutes break is good enough for many, thus music will al­ways have a place in world, same as drug­s, and fantasy books, and fairytales, and political speeches, and so on, includi­ng everyday plain va­nilla bullshit people exchange to escape the reality. the mo­re of it, the less the reality will chan­ge for better, becau­se someone also needs to work, to take action for better wor­ld, not just take dr­ugs or sing, or in many cases both, with lots of bs.

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limited mind a choice of evolution.

to survive as species, humans are bound to advance through trial and error, being inherently incapable to play out all the possible outcomes in mind first. if humans had unlimited capacity of mind, thus unlimited imagination, then nobody would need a real partner and real procreation would stop, because the mind would create a better reality than available choices. i suppose those with almost unlimited capacity of mind and imagination are dropping out from the competition as they create their own happiness with little effort for true realization. this is not to say that all who are little successful in material world and look always happy have unlimited capacity of mind — an extreme can as well be just a mental illness, not necessarily well expressed. the difference here is the capacity to get real when needed, not to live indefinitely inside creations of mind. those who are trapped in imagination are not really in control of the mind.

your food is affecting everyone.

one may say that what business others have with his/her/its food, it’s their personal choice. let see it: because food carries the building blocks of your body, and your body is the carrying substance of your mind, and your mind affects people around you, therefore the food you eat affects everyone around you. thus everyone has the right to stop you eating garbage food, because your food affects them as well, not only you.

wordpress vs original website.

few days ago one wrote to me that he’s not interested in consultation from a wordpress blogger. well, opinions may differ but i think it’s better to get useful information from a person behind an average looking blog than using an original top notch website selling you bs (bad science). i see no reason to spend time on building and managing a website, which is a waste of time and money if you can do the same thing — delivering content — for free on a blog, with all the tools necessary. my wordpress blog has all the subscription options (email/wp), comment options, spam filter, search engin for content by posts/words/tags, archive/calendar search, categories, and there are possible much more options and tools which i haven’t even activated, not to add non necessary bling to the blog. in the past i had built and updated my own websites for over ten years and i don’t want to spend a single minute anymore on it — a wasted time equals to a wasted part of life. i have wasted in total perhaps a year of my life on technical side of websites, the time which i could have used for research and writing, for a better content. it was years back when it was unavoidable, when having a personal website was a must. now times have changed and almost everyone is using social platforms for sharing information. most social platforms are even not adequate for a serious content but still very popular. some of those platforms are lacking sophisticated search options to find published content by keywords/tags/etc. and are filtering out some content without the knowledge of users, by their ‘preferences’ decided by algorithms, often for ‘political correctness’ or even just for a psychological research, without consent of users. regarding to the latter, for a serious blogger wishing all of the content being visible and easy to find, wordpress is a way better choice. about a personal website — you only need your own website if you really can’t do without it, for certain specific tools not available on free platforms. for me personally wordpress has all i need — in a single blog i have the content of different subjects under different categories, which are accessed by different domains (only things i pay for) forwarded directly to the related categories. i prefer to dedicate more time on content — on studying, researching, analysing, and coming up with better ideas, rather than spending days in the end on the looks of a website, with all the issues coming with it — security, accesibility (computers/tablets/smartphones), managing tools, endless testings to ensure compatibilities etc. etc. — wordpress has freed me from all of this and i am happy with my choice of wordpress in place of my own websites which by now are all discontinued, moving all the new content to my wordpress blog.. youthextension.wordpress.com

the related domains, forwarded to the YE blog..
thelife.biz (main page of the blog, a quick access), acio.pro (cryptography), clubdeparis.com / clubdeparis.net (trading), yezone.it (courses).

the absolute truth.

if there’s anything absolute in the world, encompassing everything, being everywhere, treating everyone equally depending how they follow the rules, then this is mathematics. your opinions, wishes and prayers won’t change its integrity.. everyone can only get it right or wrong. it’s available for everyone at all times — you only need to learn it to understand its workings. and if you do — if you believe in it, follow it and rely on it — then it will benefit your life more than you can imagine. there’s nothing closer to the description of god than mathematics. i believe in it more than anything else, because i can trust it — the mathematics always tells the truth, if you understand it correctly, and there are ways to verify it. if you listen to mathematics what it really tells you, it never fails you. you cannot disturbe its purity with your thoughts and prayers — everything has ever gone, goes, and will be going for ever according to the plan of mathematics. it is way bigger than you — it is impossible for any one person to grasp all the workings of mathematics.. you only need to learn enough of mathematics to follow its rules to improve your life, to rely on its help when needed. mathematics is pure and perfect — you will never be able to compete with its absolute truth and power.

it all makes sense

if that’s true that god exists then no wonder the world is so messed up. imagine the god trying to carry out his plan when there are millions of people insisting on him to change his plan with prayers, in their favor. what a disrespect towards the god’s plan anyway.. it’s like almost all the passengers of an airplane teaching a pilot how to fly the plane, in the middle of the flight. the more people there are praying the more messed up the world becomes. it will be better for the world if the god will be left alone and people be relying on the tools that the god has already provided them with, according to his original plan. particularly their brains.