patience on forex.

the second half of the last week, on my selected currencies, there was in average a stable situation without significant volatility (actually i even haven’t looked at the graphs at all, placing orders on my smartphone — i know the relative stability by the results) .. which resulted in a small total loss. this is how it should be, if you wish not to risk lose everything. the net loss was due to increasing my bets (little by little, total by 15% by now) on losing currency pairs more than decreasing on winning side, to counter spread. if you look in my book Random Fluctuations, the one month trading example, then you see i was steadily increasing my bets on low volatility conditions, which in the end of the month resulted on some currency pairs in over ten times increase in bets.. only the last few days of the month, during a high volatility situation, i recovered all my losses, closing all positions (including losing ones) cashing in over 17% in total profit from the initial investment. (sometimes you can generate profit every week, but sometimes you must wait several months, before being able to cash in profits.. you never know in advance). if you know exactly what your formulas do in which situations, then patience is the only thing you need on top of correct calculations. you cannot just tinker around with values in formulas, in hope to generate faster profit, on daily/weekly basis. if you do so, then in a sudden high volatility you will run out of available cash in no time. your formulas must be arranged such a way that you stay just a little bit above spread/swap cumulative losses in normal market conditions, while during low volatility you keep your patience and during high volatility you act fast to cash in all you can, and after making overall profit close all positions, to begin again with your minimum. of course, if you use trading robots, you can adjust values in formulas on particular currency pairs, and adjust also values in formulas for all your bets depending on average volatility across your portfolio. the problem is, brokers won’t always execute your trades correctly regardless it’s automated or manual execution of the trades. you better keep an eye on your portfolio. you can program into your trading robots also alarm notifications, for the case if there begin error messages on your orders, but you can’t preview all the possible market situations with your automated trading systems. better to trade manually, and again.. just patience.. since if you have tested your formulas in countless years worth of data, you know exactly in which market conditions which kind of results you should expect, and continue trading waiting for the right moment, to cash in profits covering temporary losses, and close all positions. the latter is the most important rule — i repeat it over and over again — as soon as you have generated overall profit, force yourself to suspend all your emotions to generate even more profit with higher bets, and trust the mathematical reality of random fluctuations. the reality is, that if you’ve been able to make profit overcoming spreads and swaps, the odds will be highly against you if you continue with the same bets.. you will need ten times as much backup cash to succeed, if your stakes are already ten times the minimum amount, with wich you began betting. don’t forget — mathematics rules the universe.. your wishes and prayers have no say against mathematics.


brokers too are humans and having stomach disorders.

recently i began having issues in placing orders on forex (read my previous articles in category ‘trading’ — , .. then i had an issue with losses on both long and short orders.. and then i came up with an equalizing system to counter all manipulations, placing my orders between two trading platforms. now, in just two days, i recovered all losses but i cannot place new positions anymore (i can only close positions), to begin generating profit — i keep getting error messages. it seems to me that brokers have restricted my demo account. perhaps they’re scared that i may find out how to make money? too late.. i already know the mathematical reality, i’m just verifying my formulas with live data, not that i expect to find something new. but the brokers seem to be running to bathroom way too often, not being able to fill my orders. well.. i will keep publishing what’s going on, and if necessary, will begin shooting video clips of my tests on forex, for everyone to see how brokers are trying to rig the game.

the universe is still ruled by mathematics.

a comment to my post from today..

theoretically it is possible to lose money on all of the selected currency pairs you gamble on, even if on many currencies the bets are balancing out as opposite. it is theoretically though (because the monetary rules of exchange between countries are not exactly the same) — there even exist strategies where gamblers on forex are seeking out those differences in currencies to make a fast profit as soon as the disproportionate exchange values are found. but practically it’s very unlikely coincidence that all of the bets, if in great amount, go to negative. to counter those rare odds is to make directly opposite bets on different trading platforms. you may not be able to place exact opposite bets on the same platform as they can be cancelled out – many trading platforms do this automatically. also, some countries have recently made it illegal to place exact opposite trades. (you see, “stock casinos” are beginning to worry). anyway, between different traders it is possible. with my mathematical strategy it is impossible to lose as long as volatility of the financial products is higher than you pay for the spreads and for the overnight fees (the swap prices), combined. if you don’t make errors in calculations and mistakes during placing orders, then with my strategy you just cannot lose.. as long as broker isn’t going broke. mathematics still rules the universe.

dealing with dealers.

in the end of the last week i noticed something very unusual on stock market. during the new series of tests on forex i had taken over ten positions on metatrader5 app (mt5). (few days earlier i was using only mt4 app for the new tests, but as there began issues in placing orders, i also opened account on mt5 and placed the failed orders there. now i use both mt4 and mt5 apps). on the mt5 i placed the orders such a way that several currencies had opposite bets, so if a specific currency would sharply change its value making me lose money on that bet, i would somewhat balance out losses with another bet (would lose less in total). the unusual thing was that all of the bets lost lots of money in just half a day, well above the value of the spread, with not a single bet showing gains. i don’t know how the brokers manage to do that, or how the markets can move such a way that both positive and negative bets on the same currencies lose money!? i don’t think that mt4/mt5 apps are not representing true values — even the demo accounts for training are supposed to show the live data from forex. anyway, over the weekend i came up with a solution to counter any manipulations. i selected twenty currency pairs which are available for betting on both mt4 and mt5 apps.. on each app i balanced out the currencies so that no single currency would create sharp losses, and, more importantly, i reversed the bets between the apps. remember, my method (developed in many years of research with computer simulations) is to increase/decrease bets depending on losses/gains on each currency pair. (read my book about it). here’s the selection..

mt4 // CP // mt5

+ // AUDCAD // –
– // AUDCHF // +
+ // AUDJPY // –
– // AUDNZD // +
– // AUDUSD // +
+ // CADCHF // –
– // CADJPY // +
+ // CHFJPY // –
– // EURAUD // +
– // EURCAD // +
– // EURCHF // +
+ // EURGBP // –
+ // EURJPY // –
– // EURNZD // +
+ // EURUSD // –
+ // GBPCHF // –
– // GBPJPY // +
+ // GBPUSD // –
– // NZDJPY // +
+ // USDCAD // –


mt4 balance .. // mt5 balance ..

AUD + – + – – + = 0 // AUD – + – + + – = 0
CAD – + – + – = -1 // CAD + – + – + = +1
CHF + – + + – = +1 // CHF – + – – + = -1
EUR – – – + + – + = -1 // EUR + + + – – + – = +1
GBP – + – + = 0 // GBP + – + – = 0
JPY – + – – + + = 0 // JPY + – + + – – = 0
NZD + + – = +1 // NZD – – + = -1
USD + – – + = 0 // USD – + + – = 0

placing bets this way, no matter how the currency market changes and no matter how brokers try to manipulate the prices, you will comfortably stay within your financial capacity to gamble. there’s still one issue though — the balance on some currencies may change so much that they won’t equalize anymore (because on losing side you increase bets while on winning side you decrease), but there are several mathematical solutions to tackle it. the most robust way is not to lower bets on certain currencies, only keep “collecting profits” (closing an order taking profits and placing the same order again, without changing value, but on the opposite side which is losing, keep increasing exactly as the formula tells you). you can even increase your bets even if you gain on the currency pairs, if the difference with the opposite bets is growing too big. but you can never decrease bets without taking out profits first (exactly by the formula), because this way you lose money. you can (and must) close all your positions (every single currency pair) if and only if your total balance inreases beyond the previous total balance, including all losing positions, and then begin again with your selected minimum bets on all positions. (read more in the book). tackling the above noted issue in the robust way requires more money (bigger backup cash) to gamble, thus you cannot begin with reasonably big bets for a significantly big total gain.

there are other, more neat mathematical strategies to balance your bets during big changes in currency values, but that is my trade secret and i’m currently still testing my methods with live data, to be sure and to find any possible issues.. and perhaps even better formulas.

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investors welcome.. you can contact me in english, spanish, french, italian or russian, whichever of these languages is more convenient to you.




The exploiting of random fluctuations.

The project is to generate profit on stock exchange with mathematics based on over 20 years of computer analysis of random fluctuations.

The strategy is to gradually increase / decrease investment with very little but frequent steps depending on losses / gains on particular stocks, allowing to bet both ‘long’ and ‘short’ in certain stocks where prices cannot go to complete zero. Whatever the size of fluctuations there will always continue some purchases / sales of stocks, which process will continuously generate profit without waiting for good moments to arrive. The mathematical strategy is not that easy to apply as it may sound, but totally achievable if you know exactly what to do in constantly changing conditions, especially in extreme cases. More importantly, you must know what not to do, and here’s where my 20 years of experience in analysis of random fluctuations comes into play. I know exactly with which strategies it is impossible to make profit and why, and the few mathematical approaches that are working in all realistically possible conditions.

Significant volatility of the financial products is necessary to make any reasonable profit, but it cannot be too high as the necessary funds will increase more than the available financial resources would allow to play with. Thus the financial products to gamble with must be carefully selected. The best for this purpose are certain currency pairs on Forex due to smaller fees / taxes compared to other financial products, and a large leverage provided by many brokers. Forex is also perfectly suited for high-frequency trading, which improves the possibilities to generate profit.

By the popular and widely promoted methods of technical analysis it all comes down to human factors — news, greed, fear, so called ‘discipline’ etc. — which are in essence abstract notions and thus irrelevant in generating profit or losing money. In all of the well known technical analysis strategies the real mathematical sense is rather absent, and thus those financial results are dependant on chance, not on reliable strategies. If those strategies truly worked then everyone using those strategies would have been generating profit, with no losers, which is not the case.

In my strategy there is no guessing of market behavior or human factor related to global economy or news. In my strategy there are only clearly defined limits to what the formulas are capable of doing and what they are not suited for. Regardless of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ market conditions there will always be a mathematically justified opportunity to generate profit. The market ‘signals’ are completely irrelevant while applying my strategy, with the few exceptions when there’s a clear global change which affects certain stocks in a large way in a certain direction.. in this case the selection can be done to bet either ‘long’ or ‘short’, to minimize risks and to improve profit generation, but the mathematics remains the same. And even in case if the market goes in wrong direction from the predicted one, my mathematical strategy can handle this and generate profit, because there will always be constant changes in the portfolio, depending on gains and losses — the formulas won’t change regardless of losses or gains, only the values will be different. My method is not to bet large and wait, but to bet in small amounts over large portfolio while making constant adjustments based on sound mathematics, using verified formulas and proven strategy through countless tests with live data of financial markets.

The investment should begin with EUR 50’000 to 100’000 (or with other currency of related value), which would only be the initial total investment needed. The investment can remain on the same level though, but the above noted amount is the minimum to make any reasonable profit, to be worth spending time on the investment process. It will be better to start with the minimum, and after generating profit constantly for several months, to increase the investment. The method is thoroughly tested with live Forex data on MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 platforms, with over 50 currency pairs, and during the period of many months. My latest proprietary mathematical strategy, developed in years of research, has generated profit in all tests, with no exceptions.

More information in my book Random Fluctuations ..

Feel free to forward the project to those who may be interested to make an investment. The proposal to make an investment won’t expire — in case if the initial investment has already been made, there will always be a possibilty to increase the investment. You’re all welcome to the club.

With Best Regards,
Alex Kobold

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La explotación de fluctuaciones aleatorias.

El proyecto es generar ganancias en la bolsa con las matemáticas en base a más de 20 años de análisis por computadora de fluctuaciones aleatorias.

La estrategia es aumentar / disminuir gradualmente la inversión con pasos muy pequeños pero frecuentes dependiendo de las pérdidas / ganancias en acciones particulares, lo que permite apostar tanto “largo” como “corto” en ciertas acciones donde los precios no pueden llegar a cero. Independientemente del tamaño de las fluctuaciones, siempre continuarán algunas compras / ventas de acciones, cuyo proceso generará ganancias continuamente sin esperar a que lleguen buenos momentos. La estrategia matemática no es tan fácil de aplicar, ya que puede sonar, pero totalmente alcanzable si sabes exactamente qué hacer en condiciones de cambio constante, especialmente en casos extremos. Más importante aún, debe saber qué no hacer, y aquí es donde entran en juego mis 20 años de experiencia en el análisis de las fluctuaciones aleatorias. Sé exactamente con qué estrategias es imposible obtener ganancias y por qué, y los pocos enfoques matemáticos que funcionan en todas las condiciones realistas posibles.

La volatilidad significativa de los productos financieros es necesaria para obtener cualquier ganancia razonable, pero no puede ser demasiado alta ya que los fondos necesarios aumentarán más de lo que los recursos financieros disponibles les permitirían jugar. Por lo tanto, los productos financieros para apostar deben seleccionarse cuidadosamente. Lo mejor para este fin son ciertos pares de divisas en Forex debido a tarifas / impuestos más pequeños en comparación con otros productos financieros, y un gran apalancamiento prestato por muchos corredores. Forex también es ideal para el comercio de alta frecuencia, lo que mejora las posibilidades de generar ganancias.

Según los métodos populares y ampliamente promocionados de análisis técnico, todo se reduce a factores humanos: noticias, codicia, miedo, la llamada “disciplina”, etc., que en esencia son nociones abstractas y, por lo tanto, irrelevantes para generar ganancias o perder dinero. En todas las estrategias de análisis técnico bien conocidas, el sentido matemático real es bastante ausente, y por lo tanto, esos resultados financieros dependen del azar, no de estrategias confiables. Si esas estrategias realmente funcionaran, todos los que usen esas estrategias habrían estado generando ganancias, sin perdedores, lo cual no es el caso.

En mi estrategia, no hay dudas sobre el comportamiento del mercado o el factor humano relacionado con la economía global o las noticias. En mi estrategia, solo hay límites claramente definidos para lo que las fórmulas son capaces de hacer y para lo que no son adecuadas. Independientemente de las condiciones de mercado “buenas” o “malas”, siempre habrá una oportunidad matemáticamente justificada para generar ganancias. Las ‘señales’ del mercado son completamente irrelevantes mientras se aplica mi estrategia, con algunas excepciones cuando hay un claro cambio global que afecta a ciertas acciónes en gran medida en cierta dirección … en este caso la selección se puede hacer para apostar ya sea ‘largo’ o ‘corto’, para minimizar los riesgos y mejorar la generación de ganancias, pero la matemática sigue siendo la misma. E incluso en caso de que el mercado vaya en una dirección equivocada respecto de la predicha, mi estrategia matemática puede manejar esto y generar ganancias, porque siempre habrá cambios constantes en la cartera, dependiendo de las ganancias y las pérdidas — las fórmulas no cambiarán independientemente de las pérdidas o ganancias, solo los valores serán diferentes. Mi método no es apostar en grande y esperar, pero apostando en pequeñas cantidades sobre una gran cartera mientras haciendo ajustes constantes basados ​​en matemática sólida, usando fórmulas verificadas y estrategia comprobada a través de innumerables pruebas con datos en vivo de los mercados financieros.

La inversión debería comenzar con EUR 50’000 a 100’000 (o con otra moneda de valor relacionado), que sería solo la inversión total inicial necesaria. Sin embargo, la inversión puede permanecer en el mismo nivel, pero el monto mencionado anteriormente es el mínimo para obtener un beneficio razonable, para que valga la pena invertir tiempo en el proceso de inversión. Será mejor comenzar con el mínimo, y después de generar ganancias constantemente durante varios meses, para aumentar la inversión. El método está bien probado con datos en vivo de Forex en las plataformas MetaTrader4 y MetaTrader5, con más de 50 pares de divisas y durante el período de muchos meses. Mi última estrategia matemática propietario, desarrollada en años de investigación, ha generado beneficios en todas las pruebas, sin excepciones.

Más información en mi libro Random Fluctuations ..

Siéntase libre de enviar el proyecto a quienes estén interesados ​​en realizar una inversión. La propuesta de realizar una inversión no caducará — en caso de que la inversión inicial ya se ha realizado, siempre haya una posibilidad de aumentar la inversión. Todos son bienvenidos al club.

Con los mejores deseos,
Alex Kobold

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L’exploitation des fluctuations aléatoires.

Le projet consiste à générer des profits en bourse avec des mathématiques basées sur plus de 20 ans d’analyse informatique des fluctuations aléatoires.

La stratégie consiste à augmenter / diminuer l’investissement progressivement avec des étapes très petites mais fréquentes en fonction des pertes / gains sur des actions particulières, permettant de parier à la fois long et court sur certaines actions dont les prix ne peuvent atteindre zéro. Quelle que soit la taille des fluctuations, il y aura toujours des achats / ventes d’actions, ce qui générera des profits sans attendre les bons moments arrivent. La stratégie mathématique n’est pas aussi simple à appliquer que cela puisse paraître, mais totalement réalisable si tu sais exactement quoi faire dans des conditions en constante évolution, surtout dans les cas extrêmes. Plus important encore, tu doit savoir ce qu’il ne faut pas faire, et voici ce que mes 20 années d’expérience dans l’analyse des fluctuations aléatoires entrent en jeu. Je sais exactement avec quelles stratégies il est impossible de faire du profit et pourquoi, et les quelques approches mathématiques qui fonctionnent dans toutes les conditions réalistiquement possibles.

Une volatilité significative des produits financiers est nécessaire pour réaliser un profit raisonnable, mais elle ne peut pas être trop élevée car les fonds nécessaires augmenteront plus que les ressources financières disponibles ne le permettraient. Ainsi, les produits financiers avec lesquels jouer doivent être soigneusement sélectionnés. Les meilleurs à cette fin sont certaines paires de devises sur le Forex en raison de plus faibles frais / taxes par rapport à d’autres produits financiers, et un effet de levier important fourni par de nombreux courtiers. Forex est également parfaitement adapté au trading haute fréquence, ce qui améliore les possibilités de générer des profits.

Par les méthodes d’analyse technique populaires et largement promues, tout se résume à des facteurs humains – nouvelles, avidité, peur, soi-disant «discipline» etc. – qui sont essentiellement des notions abstraites et donc non pertinentes pour générer des profits ou perdre de l’argent. Dans toutes les stratégies d’analyse technique bien connues, le sens mathématique réel est plutôt absent, et donc ces résultats financiers dépendent du hasard et non de stratégies fiables. Si ces stratégies fonctionnaient vraiment alors tout le monde utilisant ces stratégies aurait généré des profits, sans perdants, ce qui n’est pas le cas.

Dans ma stratégie, il n’y a pas de devinent sur le comportement du marché ou sur le facteur humain lié à l’économie mondiale ou aux nouvelles. Dans ma stratégie, il n’y a que des limites clairement définies à ce que les formules sont capables de faire et à quoi elles ne conviennent pas. Indépendamment des «bonnes» ou «mauvaises» conditions du marché, il y aura toujours une opportunité mathématiquement justifiée de générer des profits. Les «signaux» du marché sont complètement sans importance en appliquant ma stratégie, à quelques exceptions près, quand il y a un changement global clair qui affecte certains actions dans une certaine direction. Dans ce cas, la sélection peut être faite long ou court, pour minimiser les risques et améliorer la génération de profits, mais les mathématiques restent les mêmes. Et même si le marché va dans la mauvaise direction par rapport à la prédiction, ma stratégie mathématique peut gérer cela et générer des profits, car il y aura toujours des changements constants dans le portefeuille, en fonction des gains et des pertes – les formules ne changeront pas peu importe les pertes ou les gains, seules les valeurs seront différentes. Ma méthode n’est pas de miser gros et d’attendre, mais de parier en petites quantités sur de gros portefeuilles tout en faisant des ajustements constants basés sur des mathématiques saines, en utilisant des formules vérifiées et une stratégie éprouvée à travers d’innombrables tests avec des données live des marchés financiers.

L’investissement devrait commencer avec 50’000 à 100’000 EUR (ou avec d’autres devises de valeur connexe), ce qui ne représenterait que l’investissement total initial nécessaire. L’investissement peut cependant rester au même niveau, mais le montant indiqué ci-dessus est le minimum pour faire un profit raisonnable, pour être utile de passer du temps sur le processus d’investissement. Il vaudra mieux commencer avec le minimum, et après avoir généré des profits constamment pendant plusieurs mois, augmenter l’investissement. La méthode est soigneusement testée avec des données Forex en direct sur les plates-formes MetaTrader4 et MetaTrader5, avec plus de 50 paires de devises, et pendant plusieurs mois. Ma dernière stratégie mathématique propriétaire, développée au cours des années de recherche, a généré des bénéfices dans tous les tests, sans exception.

Plus d’informations dans mon livre Random Fluctuations ..

N’hésitez pas à transmettre le projet à ceux qui pourraient être intéressés à faire un investissement. La proposition d’investir n’expirera pas — si l’investissement initial a déjà été effectué, il y aura toujours une possibilité d’augmenter l’investissement. Vous êtes tous bienvenus au club.

Meilleures salutations,
Alex Kobold

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Lo sfruttamento di fluttuazioni casuali.

Il progetto è di generare profitto in borsa con la matematica basata su oltre 20 anni di analisi al computer di fluttuazioni casuali.

La strategia è di aumentare / diminuire gradualmente gli investimenti con passi molto piccoli ma frequenti a seconda delle perdite / profitti su determinati azioni, consentendo di scommettere sia “long” che “short” in determinati azioni dove i prezzi non possono andare a zero. A prescindere dalle dimensioni delle fluttuazioni, continueranno sempre alcuni acquisti / vendite di azioni, il cui processo genererà continuamente profitti senza aspettare i momenti positivi da giungere. La strategia matematica non è così facile da applicare come può sembrare, ma totalmente realizzabile se si sa esattamente cosa fare in condizioni in continuo cambiamento, specialmente in casi estremi. Ancora più importante, devi sapere cosa non fare, ed ecco come entrano in gioco i miei 20 anni di esperienza nell’analisi delle fluttuazioni casuali. So esattamente con quali strategie è impossibile realizzare profitti e perché, e i pochi approcci matematici che funzionano in tutte le condizioni realisticamente possibili.

La volatilità significativa dei prodotti finanziari è necessaria per realizzare ogni ragionevole profitto, ma non può essere troppo alta in quanto i fondi necessari aumenteranno di più delle risorse finanziarie disponibili che permetterebbero di giocare. Quindi i prodotti finanziari con cui scommettere devono essere attentamente selezionati. I migliori a questo scopo sono determinate coppie di valute su Forex a causa di onorari / tasse più piccole rispetto ad altri prodotti finanziari e una grande leva fornita da molti broker. Il Forex è anche perfettamente adatto per il trading ad alta frequenza, che migliora le possibilità di generare profitto.

Con i metodi di analisi tecnica popolari e ampiamente promossi tutto si riduce a fattori umani – notizie, avidità, paura, la cosiddetta “disciplina” ecc. – che sono in sostanza nozioni astratte e quindi irrilevanti per chi guadagna o perde denaro. In tutte le ben note strategie di analisi tecnica il vero senso matematico è piuttosto assente, e quindi i risultati finanziari dipendono dal caso, non da strategie affidabili. Se queste strategie funzionassero davvero, chiunque utilizzasse tali strategie avrebbe generato profitto, senza perdenti, il che non è il caso.

Nella mia strategia non c’è ipotesi di comportamento del mercato o fattore umano collegato all’economia globale o alle notizie. Nella mia strategia ci sono solo limiti chiaramente definiti a ciò che le formule sono in grado di fare e a cosa non sono adatti. Indipendentemente dalle condizioni di mercato “buone” o “cattive”, ci sarà sempre un’opportunità matematicamente giustificata per generare profitto. I “segnali” del mercato sono del tutto irrilevanti nell’applicare la mia strategia, con le poche eccezioni in caso di un chiaro cambiamento globale che influisce in certa misura su alcuni azioni in una certa direzione .. in questo caso la selezione può essere fatta per “long” o “short”, per minimizzare i rischi e migliorare la generazione di profitto, ma la matematica rimane la stessa. E anche nel caso in cui il mercato vada nella direzione sbagliata da quella prevista, la mia strategia matematica può gestirlo e generare profitto, perché ci saranno sempre cambiamenti costanti nel portafoglio, a seconda delle profite e delle perdite – le formule non cambieranno indipendentemente dalle perdite o profitti, solo i valori saranno diversi. Il mio metodo non è quello di puntare in grande e aspettare, ma scommettere in piccole quantità su un ampio portafoglio, apportando continui aggiustamenti basati su una solida matematica, utilizzando formule verificate e una strategia comprovata attraverso innumerevoli test con dati in tempo reale dei mercati finanziari.

L’investimento dovrebbe iniziare con EUR 50’000 a 100’000 (o con altra valuta di valore correlato), che rappresenterebbe solo l’investimento iniziale necessario. Tuttavia, l’investimento può rimanere sullo stesso livello, ma l’importo sopra indicato è il minimo per ottenere un profitto ragionevole, per cui vale la pena dedicare del tempo al processo di investimento. Sarà meglio iniziare con il minimo e, dopo aver generato un profitto costante per diversi mesi, aumentare l’investimento. Il metodo è completamente testato con dati Forex live su piattaforme MetaTrader4 e MetaTrader5, con oltre 50 coppie di valute e durante il periodo di molti mesi. La mia ultima strategia matematica proprietaria, sviluppata in anni di ricerca, ha generato profitto in tutti i test, senza eccezioni.

Maggiori informazioni nel mio libro Random Fluctuations ..

Sentiti libero di inoltrare il progetto a coloro che potrebbero essere interessati a fare un investimento. La proposta di effettuare un investimento non scadrà — nel caso in cui l’investimento iniziale sia già stato fatto, ci sarà sempre la possibilità di aumentare l’investimento. Siete tutti benvenuti nel club.

Distinti saluti,
Alex Kobold

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Эксплуатация случайных колебаний.

Целью проекта является получение прибыли на бирже с математикой, основанной на более чем 20-летнем компьютерном анализе случайных колебаний.

Стратегия заключается в постепенном увеличении / уменьшении инвестиций с очень небольшими, но частыми шагами в зависимости от потерь / выгод от конкретных акций, что позволяет делать как «длинныe» так и «короткиe» ставки в некоторых фондах, где цены не могут доходить до нуля. Какими бы ни были размеры колебаний, всегда будут продолжаться некоторые покупки / продажи акций, что будет непрерывно генерировать прибыль, не дожидаясь появления хороших моментов. Математическая стратегия не так проста в применении, как может показаться, но вполне воплощаемая, если вы точно знаете, что делать в постоянно меняющихся условиях, особенно в крайних случаях. Что еще более важно, вы должны знать, что нельзя делать, и вот где мой 20-летний опыт анализа случайных колебаний вступает в игру. Я точно знаю, с какими стратегиями невозможно получить прибыль и почему, и несколько математических подходов, которые работают во всех реально возможных условиях.

Значительная волатильность финансовых продуктов необходима для получения разумной прибыли, но она не может быть слишком высокой, поскольку необходимые средства будут увеличиваться за пределы имеющихся финансовых ресурсов. По этой причине, финансовые продукты для инвестиции должны быть тщательно отобраны. Лучшими для этой цели являются определенные валютные пары на Forex из-за меньших сборов / налогов по сравнению с другими финансовыми продуктами, и большой дополнительный кредит, предоставляемый многими брокерами. Forex также отлично подходит для высокочастотной торговли, что улучшает возможности получения прибыли.

По популярным и широко распространенным методам технического анализа все сводится к человеческим факторам – новости, жадность, страх, так называемая «дисциплина» и т. д. – которые по сути являются абстрактными понятиями и, следовательно, не имеют отношения к получению прибыли или потери денег. Во всех хорошо известных стратегиях технического анализа реальный математический смысл практически отсутствует, и, следовательно, их финансовые результаты зависят от случайности, а не от надежных стратегий. Если бы эти стратегии действительно работали, то каждый, кто использовал эти стратегии, получал бы прибыль, без проигравших, что в реальности не наблюдается.

В моей стратегии нет никаких догадок о поведении рынка или о человеческом факторе, связанными с глобальной экономикой или новостями. В моей стратегии только четко определенные пределы того, на что формулы способны и для чего они не пригодны. Независимо от «хороших» или «плохих» рыночных условий, всегда будет математически обоснованная возможность получения прибыли. Применяя мою стратегию, рыночные «сигналы» совершенно не имеют значения, за некоторыми редкими исключениями, когда происходит явное глобальное изменение, которое влияет на определенные акции в крупном размере в определенном направлении. В этом случае выбор может быть сделан на ставку «длинный» «или «короткий», чтобы минимизировать риск и улучшить получение прибыли, но математика остается неизменной. И даже в случае, когда цены двинутся в противоположном направлении от прогнозируемого, моя математическая стратегия может справиться с этим и принести прибыль, потому что всегда будут постоянные изменения в портфеле, в зависимости от прибыли и убытков – формулы не изменятся независимо от потерь или прибыли, только вводимые данные будут разными. Мой метод заключается не в том, чтобы делать большие ставки и ждать, а делать ставки в небольших количествах над большим портфелем, делая постоянные корректировки на основе адекватной математики, используя проверенные формулы и испытанную стратегию посредством бесчисленных тестов с данными финансовых рынков в реальном времени.

Инвестиции должны начаться с 50’000 до 100’000 евро (или с другой валютой соответствующей стоимости), что было бы только первоначальным общим объемом инвестиций. Иинвестиции могут остаться на первоначальным уровне, но указанная выше сумма является минимальной для получения разумной прибыли, чтобы имело смысла тратить время на весь процесс. Лучше начать с минимума и после получения постоянной прибыли в течение нескольких месяцев, увеличить инвестиции. Этот метод тщательно протестирован с использованием данных Forex в реальном времени на платформах MetaTrader4 и MetaTrader5 с более чем 50 валютными парами и в течение многих месяцев. Моя последняя проприетарная математическая стратегия, разработанная годами исследований, приносила прибыль во всех тестах, без исключений.

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Можете свободно переправить этот проект тем, кто может быть заинтересован в инвестировании. Предложение о возможности инвестировании не истекает — в случае, если первоначальные инвестиции уже сделаны, там всегда будет возможность увеличить инвестиции. Добро пожаловать в клуб.

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few days ago i began a new series of tests on forex. now brokers are blocking my trades.. well, i should have mentioned it in my book that many brokers are using illegal tactics, for example not executing your stop-loss orders, or doing it too late, when you’re out of cash, and playing out other tricks, to get your money. but it is so well documented and written about and there are even documentary films out there about the illegal activities of brokers, that i didn’t find it necessary to dedicate my time to write about it. as i know many dirty tricks of brokers from other people’s experience, this is another reason why i don’t use trading robots.. i do all trades manually.. and i take it as a compliment to my powerful mathematics that now brokers have no other way to stop me than just refusing to execute my orders. well, my trading strategy has a way around it — i can implement my strategy between several people.. the orders that are not executed can be placed by other people with my money. it is a bit inconvenient, but at the same time better.. for hiding the whole strategy.. so even the brokers won’t be able to figure it out completely, for using it for their own benefit.

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