i think it’s time..

.. it’s time to repost some videos.. because the propaganda by corporate media is still pressing on with lies after lies, about the climate change. you can make up your own mind..

(these are just two videos from countless others, to make a long scientific explanation short, to get the picture of true science of climate change)


one and half decades later.. surprise again.

it’s kind of surprise to myself that i’m still getting surprised — for quite a while i’ve been thinking that nothing surprises me anymore. it was back in 2003, when i lived in japan, when i happened to watch a documentary about moon landing hoax. i love science, and this documentary was very well made, rising over ten questions which no scientist could logically explain, coming from the official moon landing videos/photos. hence began my deeper research about all kind of hoaxes and conspiracies, to come to my own opinion. not all of those impressed me — there are plenty of scam artists out there, seeking fame — but many did make me change my understanding about how the world really works. 

for this video below i keep my opinion to myself.. just watch it..

NASA FAKE – TOP 10 Reasons Why I Don’t Trust NASA