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Light computes any desired linear transform without a digital processor.

Different forms of linear transformations, such as the Fourier transform, are widely employed in processing of information in various applications. These transformations are generally implemented in the digital domain using electronic processors, and their computation speed is limited with the capacity of the electronic chip being used, which sets a bottleneck as the data and image size get large. A remedy of this problem might be to replace digital processors with optical counterparts and use light to process information. /…/

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about fear

everyone with normally functioning nervous system feels fear. the difference is in the levels of fear people have, and the reasons behind the fear. as much as i understand it the fear is a relic from our animal past and it isn’t necessary for well functioning adult human.

one can take control of the fear, to concentrate instead on finding a solution in a situation that causes fear. since my early youth i knew that the fear isn’t needed for survival and i made it a personal goal to get rid of the fear. i put myself in countless scary situations, learning to take control of my mind.

the training included trips alone into forests with no survival gear. mostly those were one night trips, in my youth — the darkness and inability to see possible wild animals was the scariest part of the night training. the longest time i lived in a forest for two weeks only, but later in life i made longer trips into nature — in siberia, tian-shan mountains and many other places.

i did also other types of training to learn to control fear — you can find out about it from my travel stories — but you don’t need to go to such extreme as i did, in order to take control of fear. much less is sufficient.

it’s just a habit which needs to be trained — to think about solutions and next actions while suppressing any rising fear. once it becomes a habit how the mind reacts in situations of possible fear, you no longer need to think about suppressing fear — it becomes automatic.

in extreme cases the fear as such will still act on you on the subconscious level, preparing your body for fight or flight physiological condition — you cannot completely eliminate all signs of the relic function — but it will no longer affect your ability to think clearly and to use the best of the abilities of your mind to take the quick and right decisions. after a good training you won’t be paralysed by fear which in many cases is the cause of the death — the failure to take any action for survival because the body freezes.

the freeze reaction of the body may have worked in our ancient past — when being caught by a wild animal it gave a chance of survival. the animal could have thought that the prey is dead, and left it for later. in the modern days the fear is only an obstacle and not at all beneficial for taking good decisions in scary situations.


about freedom

freedom is good, in theory, but unfortunately there are too many people in world who have a wrong idea about freedom. i have encountered so many hateful and wicked people, not to use stronger words, that i consider the chinese type of police state a good test to see if it improves the society as such. social score with the tracking of every move is something that europe and america needs. i no longer fight against total control — the freedom to do anything without a responsibility for the actions is not good for society.. i see the results of it almost daily.


what i wrote above should make more sense with a clarification that many people who enjoy the freedom from being constantly watched, damage other peoples’ property and do other wicked things for the sake of it, to inflict pain and hardships to others. they can get away with it in ‘democratic’ countries while in china they get social score lowered with all the consequences. of course it’s not perfect system, but which system is? i suppose that in time, with better technology, countless nuisances to the advancement of society — the wicked people — can be rooted out and put in the place they deserve.


electrons with negative mass

/…/ When an electron moves through a material it collides frequently with other electrons and nuclei. As with driving a car, such collisions lead to a slowing down of the movement in the case of positive mass. An electron with negative mass, on the other hand, also loses energy, but is accelerated thereby. The researchers have now been able to observe precisely this effect for the first time. /…/

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friday nights

close to my ‘home’ there are several open air bars — terrasses built on the street. friday and saturday nights it’s all very crowded and because of the noise it’s hard to get some sleep. knowing that, i used the last night to extend my home. worked till four in the morning..

by the weather forecast rainy days are coming again but i’m now well covered, including the construction material which i have collected.

right now i don’t need all the pieces, but when there’s something thrown out then i take the best material — one day i may have an idea to build something. in paris the old furniture is regularly left right next to the door of the building, on the street, so people who have no money to buy new can take and repair the old ones. usually when you need there’s no right materials to get for free, so i’ve got to take different pieces just in case.

winter is coming soon. i’m prepared for winter but it’s always possible to make life more comfortable.


got some sleep

for couple of weeks it has been way too busy, with little sleep. as the result, when i looked in the mirror yesterday, i scared myself with the face that looked at me — the one in the mirror was for twenty years older than i feel myself. sure i have been neglecting due meditation as well for two weeks, apart of having little sleep.

last night i got enough sleep at last but now i’m scared to look in the mirror again.


good for brain

in my age, and in fact almost in any age, after a life has been ‘established’, the brain works most of the time on old paths, not needing to stretch too much. an exception might be working in some science fields, art and other creative fields, but not always. that’s not good for the brain as it begins to lose its potential due to little active use.

one of the good things for the brain, when living on street, is that you must constantly calculate every move, all the tasks of the day. you see, there is no running water at the tent, no shower, no bathroom, no electricity etc., thus, apart of daily tasks to do, you must constantly listen to the body. if body tells you that soon you must go to bathroom then you must accomodate the other tasks accordingly.

if you miss the internal senses then after being in tent and getting an urgent need to go, you must get clothed again, collect your most valuable items, close the tent and put it under an alarm (i have several), in order to go to a public bathroom hundreds of meters away, often standing in a queue there. the whole preparation to go may take half an hour and another half an hour to get ready for sleep while back at tent, so you must feel it if you could sleep with it till the morning or it’s better to spend over an hour for the whole procedure.

some homeless people do their thing right close to the tent, but if you want to have a fresh air at your place then you must constantly calculate your moves, before setting for the night.. and during daytime as well because you don’t have everywhere bathrooms. if you go to a bar then usually you must buy something to use bathroom, which for a homeless person could be a financial stretch.

ultimately that’s good for the brain and the body. it teaches to listen to the internal senses more than in living with regular hygienic conveniences.. it keeps the brain well active if you care of course.


nice people

recently i may have sounded like too much complaining so i must write here about good people as well. for example local business owners offer me free coffee at times and let me charge my power banks. sometimes people who pass by give me some food and ask me if i need anything they could help with. yesterday, coming ‘home’ i found a full box of different foods next to the tent — apples, olives in a bucket, packed snacks, cakes, and more — that’s especially useful in rainy days when going several kilometers to have a free breakfast (given in open air on street) is a bit troublesome. i don’t know yet who left me the box with food but probably soon they will tell me while passing by. thanks to anyone who it was.


things happening

as it wasn’t enough things to run around about whole day, yesterday evening one drunken man bothered me near the tent offering to drink together. i made clear that i don’t drink alcohol and i have no time to talk but the man kept bothering. he learned that i’m a russian, and as he was ukranian, he became very aggressive shouting many times that he kills russians, he will kill me and will burn my tent. long story short, after several attempts to attack me, running away, and coming back an hour later, he ended up in the police custody. i spent several hours dealing with the issue, including the time spent with an investigator at the police station. got back ‘home’ well past midnight and after preparations went to sleep around two at night. as the attacker is now identified, hopefully he won’t come back to bother me. will see.. i’m always prepared for surprises from anyone.


.. last minutes

moving solar panels to catch last light before nearby building will block the sun..

..then i will probably need to find a bar where i can fully charge the power bank.. it will be a long coffee.. but perhaps i will write some stories then which have been long in my mind, waiting for free time.