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addition to the article “try to guess”.

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since i posted the article “try to guess”, i was asked what more had happened to me. my response to it could be “isn’t that enough”, but to be semantically correct, because i mentioned that the list could go on, here are some more cases which i remember right now:

– my living places had been broken into and documents had been searched. in one occasion i even saw the intruder as instead of going to a sheduled meeting i stayed home.

– several of my websites and blogs have been not only shut down, but some of them damaged, with links on my websites diverting to other places, not to the originally saved locations.

– articles on my websites had been taken down by govenment agencies. on some cases the articles had been restored with the help of the website providers, as they contested the blocking of the articles by government institutions. it was some ten years ago, now the “fake news” power of governments can permanently take down anything.. the free speech is no longer there in many countries, including “democratic” and supposedly free countries. as one philosopher has said: “no people are more enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free”.

– when i was giving public lectures, over twenty years ago, there had been some people standing outside the building, diverting away those coming to my lectures, on different made up excuses.

– when i did some acting jobs, about ten years ago, in one occasion i was asked to participate in a very strange commercial photoshoot. it was so bizarre, that i asked someone there to take photos of everything happening there on my own camera, including the crew and setup, so the photos wouldn’t be used in some made up case against me. i have had parts in many tv films and short documentaries in several countries, well over thirty small roles, thus i can tell what is out of place. immediately after that photoshoot, i sent the photos taken with my camera, to someone for safe keeping. by the way, over half of the offered jobs in my short acting career i had refused simply for not liking the role, but for that photoshoot i was asked to sign the agreement in advance, without disclosing details to me, so if i had refused the photoshoot while already there on place then i would have had serious financial and legal consequences. all it was a warning for me. the show business is quite corrupt i must say, and politically charged. in one country i was offered a role in a film, which tried to insist that those who died on 911 in twin towers, were ordering bizarre sex toys into their offices by a special secretive sales man, thus allegedly being sexual maniacs. obviously i refused to participate in such film, after reading the script. quite clearly the whole purpose of the film was to make people to avoid the topic of 911, to stop them to investigate who really was behind the events. i mentioned in my previous article that there were job offers which never arrived to my mailbox — these were acting jobs. as i have been educating about corruption in politics other actors and the film crews, during break times and dinners, then someone didn’t want me to continue my career in the show business. it was only years later when i discovered during one phone conversation with my agent, that she had sent me several job offers on which she never got a response from me. my mailbox was working fine, but non of the acting job offers came through. talk to me about giving governments the powers to read and control your correspondence.

– in many occasions i have seen some nice bags and things on my regular walking road, just to take, but as a political activist i could never touch anything which is not mine, even if lost by someone, even to bring to the police if no witnesses seeing me finding the things on the road, because it could have been a setup to arrest me as a thief. all my behavior and actions have been exemplary, not to be blamed on any criminal activities. meanwhile, some fake political activists have been trying to get me involved in some strange “political” actions, which for me seemed rather plain criminal and nothing to do with politics to improve the society.

– quite a few of my electronic devices had been destroyed and stolen. in twenty years i lost this way over ten computers and phones — too many to be my own fault or just a bad luck. i have been as careful as possible with my devices, with all possible alarms and precautions against breaking or losing, but that had not helped against the many losses.

– some documents, which have been taken by government institution for safe keeping, have been lost, wasting my time and money to renew them. strangely, this happened in a country where i asked for a political asylum. these institutions must take particular care of any documents given for safe keeping, because the person in asylum cannot always get the documents renewed. in fact, during my asylum procedures in different countries, i have met quite a lot of discrimination. no good translator, even from english, when the supposed translator can barely understand what you are saying. i have been refused legal representative and my words have been changed in writing, rejecting my attempts to correct the words and even plainly refusing to write down something what i said. in some cases i was told it was not important, while it clearly was very important in order to get me accepted into asylum. in one occasion, the person who listened my case, got so scared of even just hearing the information i gave, that started shaking from fear, declaring that i will have to be accepted into asylum, but later i was rejected again, by saying that nothing like that has been told.

– while in asylum, i have been asked to sign documents without translating them to me, on different excuses, like having no time or whatever. fortunately, in suspicious circumstances, i haven’t signed the documents which are not with a clear content for me. in some cases i did sign the documents though, which had not completely been translated, with omissions, because what could i do when being refused to include all what i had to declare. during the interviews there was no human rights representative to monitor the interviews, so i had no institution to complain about the treatment. the asylum system clearly works to ignore the discrimination by governments in “democratic” countries. everything is done to discredit the asylum seeker, either from ignorance, not believing the story of the asylum seeker, or from the political policy to look good, to save the relations between the countries. the latter i don’t know, but my guess is that’s the case, coming from the experience how my asylum requests have been treated in the last twenty years.

– i have been called directly from an agent of interpol, after making “too many calls” to foreign countries in a single day. i was asked what was going on and after my response that i’ve got many friends i was warned to “watch out”.

– i have been followed in several countries. since my background is in security and protection then i knew how to make sure it wasn’t just my imagination or coincidence. in some cases, when i took out a photo camera, the followers quickly turned around and disappeared. the first time i recall being followed some twenty years ago, after posting an advertisement to meet people from different countries, to understand what is going on there — to make sense of the politics there, instead of believing what is written in newspapers. it seemed very strange to me why someone would follow me to see with whom i was meeting, as this was not a secret research. now i do understand — governments don’t want you to hear stories from first hand witnesses — they want you to believe what is said by corporate media.

– in several countries i’ve been photographed with a professional photo camera by unknown to me people. it wouldn’t be strange if not the fact that the photographers were in nearby parked cars, or inside a bar, coming there just to take a photo of me and to leave. and even that wouldn’t be strange, being just a coincidence, if they wouldn’t have been immediately hiding, after me noticing them.. there are few incidences which i remember, which i have seen, but who knows how many such cases of following and taking photos have been there which i’m not aware of.

– considering the fact that i’ve been around the world, in well over thirty countries, which means people there didn’t really know who i am, i was offered way too often to get involved in criminal acivities for personal gain. it almost has given me an impression that the whole world in made up of mostly criminals seeking assistance in crimes. that includes offers to commit political crimes — to spread fake information about some politicians, to plant fake documents in their offices, and so on. also a killing for money has been offered to me, but that was so obvious trap to simply get me imprisoned, that i had hard time not to laugh into the face of the person who offered me the job. you see, people in power just don’t get it that not everyone needs lots of money to be happy in life. i feel happy when i do the right thing. i don’t need more than just enough to eat and sleep. educating myself makes me truly happy, to understand the world better, especially by science. anything of personal gain that would make others to suffer wouldn’t give me any pleasure. thus all the attempts to get me involved in crimes or antisocial behavior, are useless. don’t be confused now, by reading this. a revolution is not an antisocial act — it is a duty of anyone when a society has become unjust and is no longer possible to improve other ways. in times of great oppression the real revolution is the most pro social act there can be.

– ..

.. i could definitely recall more cases of pressure and spying on me, if i will think through all the time of my involvent in political research and actions, but i think i have written enough already.

some people may take such consequences, in political activism, as an excuse not to get involved in the fight against corruption. well, it only happens because there are too few of us taking up the fight — if everyone got involved then we had success way faster and with less troubles. if an adult person is playing games, or wasting time other ways, instead of learning and taking action, it is pushing the existing problems in the society on future generations, where the problems will be compounded. when there is a war, everyone who can must take part in the fight.. who doesn’t, is a traitor. the fight doesn’t always need to be in the front lines, it can also be in a supporting action to those who are in front lines. if your mental capacity doesn’t allow you to understand what’s really going on and what’s the best way to take action, then of course, better don’t get involved in a direct way, but by supporting those who know better — the worst thing is to become a useful idiot and to take the wrong side in the fight. years ago, while camping in a tent city during the occupy movement, i happened to meet some activists who absolutely didn’t belong there, making things only worse, and who had no responsibility over taken up duties. some of them, while being on night watch of the tent city, went drinking instead, and to take part on ridiculous “political” actions. with such people i wouldn’t want to create a new government, if there was a real revolution one day. i met so many fake, self serving “revolutionaries”, in active positions of their respective campaigns, that i’m already thinking there’s nothing wrong with the current system — it does work and is definitely better than many of those ideas of a system proposed by the opponents of the current system. they are often only trying to create an image of a fighter, while in fact a parasites of the society, riding the wave of crisis for their personal gain and for an excuse of being lazy. the current system is ok, it only needs to be kept under control by people, against corruption. that’s where the true fight is.. one by one the corrupt officials must be exposed, to be replaced by others who have the best interests of the society in heart, not the personal gain on the expense of other people.

it all starts with education. first personal education, to know how the society works the best, and then the education of others, so that others know what’s going on and where to take action.

apart of educating myself and taking action when necessary, i have been quite involved in educating others. it is hard to get an attention of people who are scared and try to ignore politics, wrongly believing that if they don’t touch politics then the politics won’t touch them. people are scared often not because they are not able to do anything about it, but because they don’t understand what really is going on and what actions would make any difference. so, i developed a method to get the capable people involved. first i worked for years on selecting the best compact material, which would explain what is going on in politics, who benefits from what, and how people get affected. then i published advertisements seeking for translators — offering a job so to say. i did it in several countries, wherever i was at the moment, and i got hundreds and hundreds of responses offering translation services. in some places i also offered jobs for talents, actors, representing myself as a casting agent for a film. i either responded with the political material to be translated, asking if one was capable to understand and to translate correctly, or met personally telling the same thing. to actors i offered role to play in a political movie, presenting with the material and asking if they were interested in such politically highly charged role. this kind of educational approach worked as a charm — i didn’t have to force anyone to listen to me — everyone who contacted me for a job was reading the documents and watching the video material with great interest, to make sense of it. now i’m not using that method anymore. now people are already quite educated in general and know what’s going on. it was very different twenty years ago, and even ten years ago still. some people hardly believed there is any corruption in governments of democratic countries, because the economy was still good. people simply couldn’t see any problems to themselves.. they didn’t see anything bad coming. but as people are now more educated and see the root cause of the problems, it doesn’t mean the fight is over. educating oneself is the first step, the next step is to take action.

about ten years ago or more, after having successfully educated perhaps thousands of people, i began developing possible solutions to the existing problems, and publishing my ideas how to take action the right way. i like to think that some of my ideas made into the occupy movement, because it seemed so. i predicted something big is going to happen, telling it to the news media. the thing that i was organizing didn’t happen, because i was medically kidnapped and “imprisoned” in a medical ward of contagious diseases for several months, till i was told it was a mistake and i had no disease. instead of my project, there happened the occupy movement. after getting out of hospital and recovering from heavy medication i took part in it as well.

my project was to wake up people to the facts what was going on behind the curtain in the governments and cannot be learned about from corporate media. i began organizing a round the world “pan and pot banging event”, in a specific day, to wake up to the reality those still asleep. as i ended up under heavy medication in a hospital then i delegated the organizing of the event to some other people, but the event didn’t happen.

keep in mind, that if you take action the right way, then the police will be on your side. the people working in the police don’t want their government to turn into a dictatorship neither. in several occasions i’ve been given back my documents after an arrest, and let go, after the police realized what the detention request was all about. they have even given me information which i didn’t know, to help me in the fight against corruption, and encouraging me not to stop the fight. i have told it many times — if people are fighting the police on streets during demonstrations, it only works into the hands of corrupt governments. it will only give the governments more “justification” to increase the powers of the police, to limit your liberties “for your own safety”. people fighting the police and shouting revolution slogans are the useful idiots the corrupt governments need. the real revolution begins with people uniting powers with the police and the military, and for that people must be well educated, to know the real problems. keep learning, and avoid fake movements for change. many of those useless movements for “change” are actually created by the corrupt governments themselves, to divide people on fake issues, to take the attention of people away from the real issues, from the root cause of the problems in corrupt governments.

in some point in my life, in one country, i was calling up people for revolution, directly, which was a mistake perhaps, because quite clearly people were not ready. for me it was very clear that the country was turning into a dictatorship, with the laws being passed which severely restricted the freedoms granted by the constitution, and extreme powers being given to the government. there’s still a lot of educational work to do, for people to understand where their problems are really coming from. only education can get people ready for real action when necessary, and if possible then for the real action to fix the issues without a revolution, with a step by step improvements to the existing system. in any case everyone must get involved, or it will be selling the future of your children. you will be held responsible for your inaction — because of the age of technology, the history will have the record about who is who, a traitor, a faker, or a real fighter.

if you’re a capable adult person, able to think and educate yourself and to take real action, but prefer to play games instead, then you’re part of the problem. the problems will be eliminated from the society, earlier or later. the evolution of mankind and of the society hasn’t stopped, the world will get better, with people getting the place they deserve, depending on their actions.


try to guess.

what could happen to someone, in an european country, and almost anywhere in the “civilized” world related to it, who discloses corruption in the government of the country?
– will be detained without legal grounds.
– will be given no food in detention.
– will be given no medical assistance in detention.
– will be attempted to be arrested as a terrorist, using special anti-terrorism police units, while trying to withdraw own legally earned money from bank.
– will be medically kidnapped on false pretext as having a contagious disease.
– will be medicated with drugs with side effects of becoming deaf and blind.
– will be selectively allowed to receive emails, while those with work offers not arriving to mailbox.
– will be threatened that retired mother will not receive pension and have no money for food.
– will receive bomb threats to the legally operating business.
– will receive prison threats for made up claims of unpaid taxes.
– will be repeatedly arrested without legal grounds while returning to the country by an airport.
– will be put on wanted list with photos and name all over the country, without legal grounds, so that even police would have no idea what the person is wanted for and to be arrested.
– will be denied lawyer when claim is to clear false use of the name in government’s computer system.
– will be prosecuted and found guilty on made up charges, without the presence and knowledge of the accused person.. consequently all bank accounts will be arrested, and even salary from work will be restricted to several times less than legal minimum for survival.
– will be refused help by secret police to investigate concrete cases of criminal behavior in the country’s legal system, on the grounds that secret police doesn’t investigate government corruption due to the official government policy, because officially there doesn’t exist corruption in the government.
– will be targeted on electronic devices, hacking the devices, terminating blogs and websites disclosing corruption in the government.
– will be sent back to the country after asking an asylum in another country, while refusing legal assistance for the asylum case, and given over to the country’s officials together with the documents of the asylum request.
– …

well, the list could go on. all of it can happen, and all of it did happen to me at some point during my struggle against corruption, for over twenty years by now. the fight goes on.


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‘Oppression, arbitrary detention & torture will happen to journalists if extradition is successful’ – Assange’s father.

If Julian Assange’s transfer to the US isn’t stopped, other journalists and publishers face the imminent risk of being persecuted, detained or even tortured, his father exclaimed as his extradition trial got under way in London.

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