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Anti-lockdown protesters smash EU diplomatic service HQ (VIDEOS)

Fierce clashes between protesters and police in Brussels saw damage dealt to the European External Action Service building Chaotic scenes unfolded on the streets of the Belgian capital, Brussels, on Sunday, as thousands of protesters joined a mass march against Covid-19 health passes and other restrictions introduced by European governments in the name of combating…

Anti-lockdown protesters smash EU diplomatic service HQ (VIDEOS)

the size of the universe

even though we can’t see it, the answer about the size of the whole universe could be in one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in physics — the strenght of vacuum energy.

view the video for reference: The Nature of Nothing | Space Time

the difference between the theory and observation is hundred twenty orders of magnitude. i think that this difference may give the answer to the real size of the universe if we assume that the theoretical huge energy density is correct. it would simply mean that the real universe is around 120 orders of magnitude larger than the visible universe and it requires the huge energy density to push it apart and even accelerate the expansion.

actually, i heard this somewhere already that our visible universe is to the size of an atom as the whole universe is to the size of the visible universe.. someone had calculated it.. but if i remember right that calculation was based on the age of the universe and the expansion rate needed for our observable physical properties of the universe.


an organism capable to reassemble from individual cells. [ru]

[ the best way to watch youtube videos ]

immortal organisms — the organisms living in sea, classified as animals regardless of looking like plants, are capable to reassemble after being torn apart into small pieces. even three separate animals made into a mix of “cellular powder” were able to reassemble into three original organisms from their own cells in matter of just few hours..



Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai

that name may become a synonym to ‘world spring’ including ‘european spring’. why? learn from history: search for the ‘1815’, ‘year without summer’ and ‘tambora’. the Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai eruptions may only increase — each time the volcano be under ever greater pressure from water, creating higher pressure steam with new eruption. it all depends on how much hot rock there is before the volcano cools down and pressure of water will be high enough to prevent another eruption. so far there are no signs of calming down.

about the world spring: even if the governments succeed with their plans of compulsory RFID chips implanted to everyone, the “pandemic tags” or whatever the disguise for doing it, that will not stop hungry people taking the matter of survival into their own hands.


revolution is on

[ i predict a revolution in austria, then germany, and so on depending on governments’ actions.. ]

Austria makes Covid vaccines mandatory

The country’s parliament has made vaccination compulsory for all citizens, with those who resist facing fines of up to 3,600 euros ($4,000) An overwhelming majority of Austrian MPs voted on Thursday to force their citizens to get vaccinated against Covid-19, with those who refuse facing fines of up to 3,600 euros ($4,000). After 137 MPs…

Austria makes Covid vaccines mandatory

about youtube, convenient apps to download, watch, listen.

i still test from time to time if youtube keeps censoring videos.. just from curiosity. regardless that i don’t trust youtube to be active with my own channel (i value my time enough not to fight with constant censorship) it’s a valuable source of scientific information. i use special apps to download videos first and then to watch at high speed offline.. it’s way more convenient than to watch online.

for downloading i used for years ‘tubemate’ app which a few years ago began dropping in abusive amount of ads while going online [on offline apps i block ads with ‘noroot firewall’], so now i use for downloading from youtube the ‘vidmate’ app.

please note that there are many apps with the same names which are not performing the promised tasks, especially on google play where you will not find the right ‘vidmate’ app which works. you will find the original ‘vidmate’ through a browser without using google app store.

for fast speed watching there are several apps, available also on google play: ‘slow motion video’, ‘video slow motion’ and ‘VLC’. for playing videos as sound only you can use ‘VLC’ or ‘music speed player’, and for very long audio files, like podcasts (possible to download with ‘vidmate’ as sound only from youtube), it’s very convenient to use ‘audipo’ app — it allows to set visual markers on the audio files to find specific locations later. please note that if you move the file you listen to another folder the ‘audipo’ markers will be lost, but you can then move the file back to the previous folder (keeping the same file name) and the markers will be recovered.

some apps, even when blocked with ‘noroot firewall’ from going online, can have issues as soon as google play recognizes them.. for example those apps which are temporarily free and need to be upgraded or paid. for this reason i have removed/blocked most of google services/apps on my android devices. if i really need some app which is available only on google play then i log in temporarily, download the needed app, and disable the google play in the system again.

for android you can find all you need for free — in over eight years of use of android devices i never paid a single cent for apps on android. it takes sometimes days of research and testing of hundreds of similar apps to find the right ones where you can do everything you need, like editing videos with high quality, unlimited length and without watermarks. but it’s well worth the testing and time because often you discover useful things you didn’t even know it was possible on android.. and especially for free. once the best free apps are chosen then you simply add them to the list compiled in many years and save the list in an email to yourself for example. then with a new android device it goes fast to set up all you need for a smooth work.

for quickly creating a list of all of your apps on your android device use the app ‘my app list’ which allows to save the list of names and links. even when the google play store doesn’t have some apps it’s still a very useful list to back up the names of all your apps. i personally back up all the apk files as well, with different backup apps, to make sure i won’t lose some apps which may discontinue, become paid versions only, or be modified to an inconvenient version.


today i uploaded another file to youtube, from curiosity about censorship..

gravity-magnetism experiment