tests of cube cameras.

i must upload the videos to see the results of the tests because 1080 resolution videos and above my android devices can’t handle very well, in avi format anyway — the videos get hacked and jumpy. on youtube the video and sound are messed up completely, but maybe that’s the problem of my poor quality android devices.. will look the videos later on some computers. i did around ten uploads from different devices using different methods and the playback issue persists. it’s enough for now, got other things to do..

tests of cube cameras, 1


tests of cube cameras, 2



documentary crisis.

yesterday i searched online for new documentaries in different languages for an hour, with no success. all supposedly new documentaries are only old ones reposted again, or are on some useless topic, for me anyway. i did succeed to find four documentaries and downloaded them but all of them turned out to be a total crap — wishful thinking, stories without evidence and so on, presenting themselves as documentaries. too bad. aren’t there really people out there anymore, in the entire world, who keep making real documentaries on truly educational topics, or all of them are now being blocked by big brother to keep the level of understanding of people on very basic level. what’s happening is the question to answer now.