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personalized medita­tion for stress reli­ef, against anxiety, depression,
psychol­ogical and physical pains, and simply for improving mood.
fee depends on the income of the person — no income, no fee. (read more)

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Random Fluctuations — From Roulette to Stock Exchange

Advanced Handwriting Cryptography

Proverbs, Wisdoms And Old Sayings

Seeming Reality

below are short descriptions of the books..

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Facebook censorship increasing.

Facebook is doubling down on censorship of anything less than villification of slain Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani, deleting a clip showing his history of fighting terrorism – and demonetizing the account posting it.

The social media behemoth didn’t just remove independent journalist Dan Cohen’s ‘In the Now’ segment, “How ‘good guy’ Soleimani became US media’s ‘bad guy,” from the show’s page on Tuesday – it demonetized In the Now entirely, citing the typical unspecified violations of “community standards.”

read the article.. https://www.rt.com/news/478382-cohen-soleimani-video-censored-facebook/

The Personalized Medita­tion News.

Please refer to the promotional post from December..

The promotional period will soon be over. Please use the opportunity to register to the personalized meditation consultations and training now. In the end of January I will probably have whole my available time scheduled out because I’m working on several projects at the same time.

On the fliers which are distributed in town of Bern there’s written that my books are available on my blog to download for free — because of the publicity in town I will not take down the books from my blog till the end of January. After that will see how my talks will be going about selling the books. Personally I simply have no time for whole the marketing process, thus I’m currently in talks with a professional who would take care of selling and promoting my books.

The meditation advertisement is valid till whole my time is scheduled out..

free books soon gone from the blog.

my books which i have published for free on this blog i will soon remove from free download. the reason for this are the ongoing business talks and preliminary agreement that my books won’t be for free anymore when they’re being prepared for paid options. that’s it. use the opportunity now to download my books for free while you still can, maybe last few days..


stem cell treatment reverses aging in mouse brains.

In what could prove to be a game changer for us humans, scientists have discovered how to make old brains young and young brains stronger and more effective using targeted stem cell therapy on mice. /…/
By stimulating the neural stem cells in their brains, the old mice in the study successfully recovered their cognitive mapping ability, and remembered the layout of a given environment for far longer, effectively reversing the effects of the aging process on this particular skill. /…/

read the article..


mistakes happen.

the previous post with sigils i have posted on this blog by an error, the post was intended to my another blog..

i am not removing the sigils from this blog because the post has already been delivered to subscribers. further on i will try to avoid such mistakes. the two blogs are on the same wordpress account thus i must be more careful and double check before uploading the posts.

by the way, on the another blog i have not made it possible to subscribe and to comment the posts. i have also not added sharing buttons for social media. the point is that i don’t know how long i will keep the particular sigils published up there – i may remove some of the older sigils after a while.

to visit the blog easily use the domain acio.pro as i have mentioned it before.