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people call a success different things, that’s clear. for me, today, the success was a good night sleep while nothing waking me up at night, no urgent things to do early in the morning, sleeping more as long as i wanted and my body needed after waking up at a usual time. a complete success i should say. a must repeat activity but not always possible though.. you know i guess.


the old habits are hard to change.

i’m so used to constantly work on something and to study something, non-stop and more often multitasking than not, that just to let my mind idle isn’t a true rest.. as soon as i woke up i began learning new stuff.. i’m just terribly curious to know as much as i can. well, with not much rest it won’t be too good of an idea to continue like that, so i do plan to take more time for sleep and meditation. nevertheless i will continue with my learning projects — currently meteorology is the main topic of my studies.

daily tasks need to be taken care of as well, and all the administrative paperwork here in france which is never ending.. i’m almost scared to open any new letters and to check emails because there’s always something coming up. on tuesday for example, instead of my planned relaxing train trip out of paris i had to resolve a medical bill issue from a letter i received, spending almost half a day in hospital in queues. finally the issue wes resolved — it was a mistake from their part, but for me another half a day wasted. it happens a lot in france and you do need to resolve the issues or face consequences.

on tuesday in the end i did manage to take a short trip out of paris but it wasn’t too relaxing — i had no time left to look around in the countryside and came right back to paris. c’est la vie. in any case i plan to discover the countryside all around paris whenever there are sunny days and no urgent things to take care of. the travel mode is what never fails to give me a peace of mind..




i need a break.

will take a pause.. i just feel like i have overworked on everything for several years with too little rest. the manager of the new project is still needed but i won’t decide about it before the next year.. so keep me posted anyway if you feel like you could be a manager and ask me for more information whenever needed.

on personal level there are too many things getting worse at the moment: a friend of mine has been steadily losing mind in recent years because of alcohol abuse, not recognizing people around anymore and being paranoid, even a complete schizophrenic at times. another friend is deteriorating regardless of healthy lifestyle and often can’t even remember events from the same day, struggling to recall even when reminded. yet another friend has simply disappeared leaving things behind.

on top of all, my own age is catching up with me. i’m almost 52 now and in full power but i see in the mirror an aging man. people in the city are offering help when i’m moving up and down the stairs with my bags, way more often than i feel comfortable, thus apparently the age shows up. i really need to take a break and think about it all, about which projects in my life to continue and which ones to abandon, to have more free time perhaps for some little things to enjoy the moment. i do enjoy learning a lot, about new things and especially science, and working on my projects, but the moment of a reflection has arrived, before moving on with a fresh energy next year.

meanwhile i keep posting the weather control experiment results every wednesday as before.


the projects that never got started, and a new idea that may get a start as a project.

over the years i’ve had some ideas which appeared to be great in social value, in scientific research value and in a way of making some money along the way. the problem is that the ideas as such are worthless unless they are implemented. as i was not in a position to take care of […]

the projects that never got started, and a new idea that may get a start as a project.

limits in changing weather.

refer to the linked articles.. https://donation.science.blog/2022/10/19/weather-control-video/ https://donation.science.blog/2022/10/20/about-meditation-video/ clearly there are limits to which degree the human mind can affect the weather. making it rain in a dry area appears to be easier than stopping a large rainfall. perhaps i must select a dry area in the world for a parallel experiment to what i’m doing […]

limits in changing weather.

donation(s) online.

the domain name for making donations online has been acquired — it wasn’t possible on free wordpress accounts thus i set up a site with a paid subscription. the option to donate online for my research should become available soon – i’m working on it.. theoretically there are no obstacles, just learning all there’s necessary […]

donation(s) online.

about meditation. (video)

recorded today, 2022-10-20, ©°^^K ..a correction — an explanation about “meditation” — the training of conscious mind to have an effect on subconscious mind and the universe. please listen to the recording from yesterday about weather control for reference. about meditation, video .. https://archive.org/details/about_meditation audio (extracted from video) .. https://archive.org/details/about-meditation _ on youtube .. https://youtu.be/92SuE-xCVwU […]

about meditation. (video)

my stories – about abilities, explained. (video)

recorded today, 2022-10-16. a continuation to my previous video about strange happenings in my life, with several possible science explanations. [while editing the video i enhanced the audio to the maximum volume, twice the original, as i was talking not loud enough — hopefully it didn’t distort the sound too much]. video.. https://archive.org/details/abilities_explained audio.. https://archive.org/details/abilities-explained […]

my stories – about abilities, explained.

rare voices of reason.

here i share some channels with true voices of reason on youtube, a contrast to countless accounts with controlled government propaganda and mindless parroting which makes no sense. for sure there are many more voices of reason out there but i’ve got no time to find and listen to everyone — these below are good enough to give you a general true picture about world politics.

voices of reason in politics don’t last on youtube very long usually, thus make sure you’ll find them on telegram and on other safer platforms than youtube..

Scott Ritter


Richard Medhurst



messing with scammers.

in my opinion it is a moral duty for everyone to listen to scammers and to play a fool with them if there’s a free moment, for example while going somewhere or waiting in a queue. it won’t take much to mess with phone call scammers, while responding to scam emails is a bit time consuming and not everyone has the time.

when scammers call me, first i listen and listen and ask lots of questions which won’t make them suspicious that i already realized it’s a scam, just to waste their time – the time they could otherwise use to succeed in scamming someone. when it goes on for a too long already, or if i’m a bit busy, and if they begin suspecting i’m not buying into the scam, i begin offering my personal data, like for example an email address, spelling slowly each symbol, and confirming if they got it right, but giving an email like: i n t e r v e n t i o n . r a p i d e . i n t e r n a t i o n a l @ p o l i c e . c o m , or something of the sort. by the end they of course get it they’ve been had, but the point is to make the scammers to work for nothing as long as possible.


the weather test results.

the weather test was a success again. even better than i truly expected. refer to the article.. https://donation.science.blog/2022/10/13/weather-control-research/ why “again” while this is the first public test? refer to the story.. https://donation.science.blog/2022/10/13/intro-about-abilities/ the result turned out even better because initially i made a mistake about the time i planned to go out, […]

the weather test results.

Kiev receives first unit of German air defense system.

Kiev receives first unit of German air defense system.



my comment: russia has the means to destroy the air defense system, but will it do? that could be a political statement to germany, not to mess with russia. meanwhile the old russian missiles are being used up which are reaching their expiration time anyway. sad thing in all of this is that good ukrainian people suffer, the people who wish nothing to do with the nazi regime and supporters, but are forced to shut up under the threat of persecution. remember the nazi germany, the world war two — how many of those in the nazi germany stood up against the regime? the same fear is in the hearts of many ukrainians and that’s sad. beautiful country, beautiful people, but messed up minds under the total control. i suppose russia will wait for a better moment to make a political statement to germany, with a greater effect, but i may be wrong.


speeding up the brain.

for years and even perhaps for two decades now i have used downloader programs/apps for video and audio material to go through the information faster, with the apps/programs allowing to speed up the playback. twenty years ago it seemed almost impossible to listen condensed information at x2 speed while x1.5 was acceptable to understand. only […]

speeding up the brain.

why such loaded drinks.

refer to the articles:



to save time, literally, while being busy and skipping meals in social restaurants which are far away. it will take couple of hours away from my day if i wish to have a proper meal so i usually go to the social restaurants — which by the way are good, with tasty and balanced food — only when i have other things to do in the area.

may sound crazy? well, read this article to understand:


thus, the response to the question in the title of the article, “why such loaded drinks.”: i just save time with the drinks full of instant energy while i keep working on my projects. even so i have lost well over five kg in recent weeks — brain uses up whole the energy so nothing goes to useless fat on the body.


coffee kobold 2.0, no alcohol.

recently i posted e recipe of “kobold’s coffee”..


.. a drink with alcohol.

it turned out to be too addictive — i enjoyed it way too much. the best part: i never had a hangover. probably the large amount of sugar in the drink eliminated the effects usually causing hangover.

but, a few weeks ago i decided to stop drinking alcohol again, completely, at least for some extended period of time. yesterday i really craved for the kobold’s coffee but restrained from buying any alcohol.

today i propose another original drink, a coffee type with no alcohol in it. i discovered the good mixture some time ago but being too busy had no time to write about it. so, here’s the recipe:

in a large coffee mug. one teaspoon of soluble coffee, two teaspoons of powdered cacao (cocoa), two teaspoons of powdered milk. mix up. fill with hot water. mix up. add three-four teaspoons of honey. mix up.

you can drink it hot and cold, both good. usually i would drink it hot only but because of recent surgery on teeth i am not allowed to eat/drink anything hot for couple of weeks, so i discovered that the cold drink is as good as the hot one.

i wouldn’t give the drink any special name because it may be not very original after all, nevertheless i came up with it myself while just imagining what i wanted to taste in a drink.


“russia losing in ukraine.”

“russian military losing in ukraine”, “russia desperate”, “ukraine taking back territories”, “missile attacks on civilians an act of desperation by putin” etc. etc. .. this is all you can hear from western media.. and how braindead one must be to believe it!?

russia just added four regions to its land, permanently.. all of that while fighting entire nato in ukraine with limited resources, not having even began with the real war like the US did during their campaigns around the world. in comparison, did the US add any land to its territory after all the military actions? so is the russia really losing?

the recent mobilisation is the sign that russia has realized it needs to fight nazis not only in ukraine, so the necessary preparations are being made. i recently wrote that i won’t be surprised if russia will take over baltic states. now i must admit i was wrong — russia may also take poland and germany and go further to every country that will keep active military support against russia, especially those nazi minded governments who sanction anything related to russia and its culture. not that i want it but this is the unfortunate political reality in world — the nazi ideology is too deeply rooted in too many western governments.

but there is resistance within the west as well which is good news and can stop further escalation. even some controlled western media happen to let out some voices of reason. for example one reporter yesterday had enough brain to tell that those damages done to civilian building and other places in ukraine which caused casualties are from intercepted missiles which didn’t reach their targets, simply falling off the sky after being damaged and unable to reach destination. a rare voice of reason besides the rest of the media parroting about losses of russia while russia is only growing in size, power, allies and dedication to root out nazism from entire world.

as far as i get it from real news and trustworthy sources, russia has promised to finish the job which wasn’t done during and after the second world war.. so you better pick the sides now.

myself i’m in france and i am not happy about how the government here has reacted to the conflict in ukraine so far, but it appears to me it is waking up to the reality. the difficulty is in switching sides, everything in politics is too entangled so that france cannot just suddenly change the entire mode of thinking — many allies need to reach the same realization about where the truth is. but i have a hope — people on street, regular people who are not restrained politically, stand by russia and are proud of russia, regardless what the government does. the government only needs to listen to the voice of reason and the world will soon be a better place to live for everyone.. hopefully without the third world war. that’s up to those in power now.

people know the truth so in case if a big war breaks out they know who are responsible and act accordingly.


Telegram CEO issues warning about WhatsApp security

The mobile messenger service is a surveillance tool and will never be safe for users, Pavel Durov claimed.


According to Durov, the new discoveries fit a long pattern of WhatsApp posing a critical security risk to users. He explained that “it’s almost certain that a new security flaw already exists there” because such vulnerabilities are “planted backdoors.”


read full article..



you are a part of the formulas in universe.

whatever calculations universe does, you are a tiny part of the formulas in the universe. mathematics is a language of the universe and as you know from mathematics, even a tiny part of a formula can change the results. learn to listen to the universe, learn the languages the universe speaks – math being just one of many – and you will learn how to talk to the universe. once the universe hears you, it sure will respond to you.


will russia strike nato countries?

yep, that’s a real possibility now. every country which keeps providing weapons to nazis in ukraine will be a legitimate target by russia as soon as those weapons will be used to target the new russian territory. the denazification will be expanded. only the decision makers will be targeted, not the people who are against the nazi ideology. maybe we will soon have those rogue governments hiding in bunkers while peaceful people will take over the governing functions, no longer listening to the decisions of the hiding ex-rulers. will see, that’s totally possible now. it doesn’t mean a nuclear war but high precision strikes to take out those who support nazis. it’s not just my opinion, there are military experts predicting that. will it be good for the world if nazis will finally be defeated that’s for you to decide. _

what if

what if certain high-frequency vibrations can extuinguish some types of fires. there are some technologies out there but those are on other principles, on relatively low vibrations disrupting fire — those methods take seconds and even minutes of attempts while high-frequency would have effect in light-speed, in a microsecond the most. the point i’m making with my idea is about molecular level vibrations which could in theory be harmful for living organisms and thus not applicable in many cases. yet, in certain conditions of dangerous fire it could be a solution. the heat of fire is pushing molecules over the energy barrier of stability of the molecules, to release more energy. that means it is possible with vibrations of certain very high frequency range to modify the ongoing process such a way that the continuous process will stop naturally. in such case there’s no need of extra input of other materials which would dilute the burning materials, would lower the temperature or deny access of materials for combustion, like oxygen. i wonder why are there no high-frequency wave fire extinguishing machines around. _

what to expect, ww3.

the mobilisation in russia, even though partial at the moment, could mean that russia with its allies is able to and ready to win a war with nato. those decisions are not taken lightly, thus prior to declaring mobilisation all the possible consequences have been considered, calculated together with strategic allies. the united states and allies are pushing for war with china as well, apart of the ongoing proxy war against russia in ukraine, so china and its allies are for sure ready to support the bigger action. now one could expect a mobilsation in china as the next step, at least to cool down the hot heads in washington. i won’t be surprised if some hypersonic missiles will be used outside of current area of the special military operation, to make the message clear. the bigger war is almost inevitable now, because nato hasn’t stepped back on the policy of supporting ukraine. as long as russia and china have upper hand in military, with hypersonic unstoppable weapons, they have no choice but to act now in stopping nato, while later on there’s a possibility of the nato obtaining the capacity of hypersonic weapons. that would level the military powers and even more disastrous war is sure to happen. a quick global war now could take down the greedy military industrial economy which is backing nato. it won’t be a nice war, but there are no other options in the current situation, if russia, china and their allies expect to get out of it winners. _

things must change. (repost)

[ the article is now considerably longer, with several updates ]

for many months now i have had abandoned all my time consuming projects, like creating new music, writing new books, and some other plans. only the training of the mind was and is unaffected because i can often do it while on the move and before sleep. the priority i set a year ago was […]

things must change.


today i looked some travel videos of france, to decide about the places to visit one day, and someone said that louvre in paris is the biggest museum in world. my personal impression was that hermitage in russia (saint petersburg) is ten times bigger — been there several times and never been able to go through all the rooms even in fast pace during couple of days of visits, while in louvre i was able to go through everything in just a few hours, with some stops to look closer at the most impressive pieces of art — been there as well several times.

about the claim that louvre is the biggest in world i decided to search google and yep, every source there claims it, even wikipedia. then i looked separately the numbers of items: louvre has “only” 380’000 vs over 3’000’000 in hermitage. also the size of hermitage is way more impressive than the size of louvre.

so, could someone out there explain me how come the museum of louvre is the biggest in world, by which criterion? what is going on with people.. wtf!?


things must change.

for many months now i have had abandoned all my time consuming projects, like creating new music, writing new books, and some other plans. only the training of the mind was and is unaffected because i can often do it while on the move and before sleep.

the priority i set a year ago was to take care of my health and get my paperwork done in france. what a naive idea. i literally had hundreds of meetings in tens of french institutions and organisations. in the beginning, about a year ago, i managed to select only about 20-30 important meetings and places to go, from a booklet with a thousand addresses in paris, but in almost every meeting i have been strongly advised to go to several more. at the time i thought it all will soon be over.. i was wrong.

about a month ago i was forced — by the limits of time available to go everywhere — to abandon several tasks regardless of friends and social services insisting i should continue. i can’t — it’s just physically impossible to continue with everything considering that i also have medical issues and need to visit hospitals and medics several times a month. the discontinued tasks would take several years of legal battles with no guarantee of success. i abandoned the procedure to get a place to live with the help of government. i also abandoned the idea of getting an invalidity document — my back and knee are hurting since very old injuries from decades ago, forcing me to take strong painkillers when i can’t support the pain anymore, and sometimes i’m forced not to move for a day or few for the inflammation to subside. in other respects my health is great and i’m in full power, but i’m not allowed to carry weights which restricts my options to get a regular job.

now i also consider to abandon the procedure to get any financial support. for over two years, since i returned to france, i had zero financial support from france, nothing at all. only friends helped me in the beginning till i learned how to make money on street. a few days ago i got a letter with third rejection of financial support — not counting the rejections of small one time emergency payments — on new excuses not mentioned in previous rejection letters, after i provided the necessary documents they asked. it’s like deliberate “mistakes” by the institution, again and again, refusing support on the reasons not relevant to my case. i worked in france since 20 years ago for several years and paid my taxes, but as i’m not french then the institutions make up every excuse possible not to respect my rights. the letter which i just received showed that the rejection decision was taken already a month ago, leaving little time to contest the decision – i need to find a legal representative and so on. everything points to a deliberate effort of making it impossible to get the support i’m permitted to get by the law as an european citizen who lived, worked and paid taxes in france for many years and happens to be in difficulties. thus i think i must stop wasting my time on it. two years of exchanges is enough. in theory, if i do succeed to prove in court that the whole two years i’ve been refused support illegally, then by the law i should get paid for the whole time, the two years since the first request, but there’s no guarantee that another “mistake” won’t make me to lose the case. it’s obvious the deliberate nature of the mistakes since the reasons for refusal are changing each time.

also the confirmations of my tax declarations for the last years had never arrived by post regardless of going to the tax office few times and asking to re-send them, so yesterday i spent half of the morning in the tax office to finally get my old tax declaration confirmation printed but for the last year i must still wait. it’s almost the end of this year already and i’m still waiting — for half a year — while some institutions need the proof of my tax declaration.

you see, it’s never ending. in the last few days i got another ten addresses to go, so i decided i had enough. as i have no income the only money i get is what i make as a “street artist”, so it often happens that sitting in queues for hours and having countless lengthy meetings i can’t make any money, having only a few coins left in pocket. all of the administrative work also comes with the price of not working on my creative projects. i see no point to continue like this. i must begin working on my projects again even if i must live on the street. there’s no point to live the life for just eating, sleeping and having a roof over head.

to be fair, not everything is bad in france for the people in difficulties. there’s free food and free medical care and those are great. the difficulty is to get a financial support and a place to live. in the last year i have learned how to make money on street and i’m getting better at it, so now, instead of running around with ever growing list of institutions, i must just keep making money creatively till i earn enough to rent a place.

living on street is ok to someone like me, used to travel around the world in tens of countries with no money, in wild forests and mountains, but it takes too much time away from every day to keep clean, to wash clothes by hand, to get eaten, to get devices charged, to find new shoes and clothes for next winter/summer or repair them, to repair other things you can’t afford to buy new, especially the camping stuff which is wearing up with constant use, to store your bulky expensive things and documents in safe places and to search them when needed, to make money for urgent needs etc. etc., and then to take care of the endless administrative work as well. even such simple things like going to bathroom can take time because public bathrooms are often occupied or not functioning.. and to go there you must take the most valuable items with you because they may disappear from your tent any time while you’re away.

also packing and unpacking takes quite a time every day — you can’t leave behind everything in your tent when moving around. you can’t take everything with you neither so each day you must select what to take and what to leave behind, depending on what you need this day and risking the rest of the stuff to be stolen. too much stuff needs to be carried in large backpack and it slows down considerably because you need to take rest and/or wait for public transport which isn’t too crowded so you can get in with whole your stuff. every day is a an exercise for the body and brain when you don’t have a home. i should mention that often you’re not able to sleep in peace because of the things what happen around the place you sleep. often people disturb you directly as well simply because they don’t like the view of the tent on their walk or near the place they live. thus, all that mentioned above must often be taken care of while terribly tired, barely able to concentrate on anything.

you must also pay attention to the fact that apart of countless appointments with different services also the things like shower and food are available in certain short time space during the day, often at the same time with other services, and those are all in different locations across the whole city, so you must plan a week carefully in advance to decide which days you skip the food and when you can take a shower. you must constantly keep an eye on the time during the day to reach all the planned destinations. missing an appointment is not an option because then you must wait for weeks or even months for another opportunity.. you rather miss the food and shower to get to the location of an appointment on time.

now imagine that you also want to keep yourself up to date with the world news and the news in different sciences and to work on your projects at least in some minimal way, like on the ideas how to better make money on the street. it requires time to design new fliers for sharing, to print somewhere, cut and fold, and to prepare other stuff for the planned street performance to have some minimal income for basic needs. also, everything needs to be prepared for sudden changes in weather like rain and strong wind because your “office” is the street under open sky. all it does take considerable effort so i just have had no time for my bigger projects.

i must get back to a “normal” life on my own, no longer wasting my time on trying to get help from french institutions. if you’re not french then everything is done to not to respect your rights, till you give up yourself. no wonder there are so many homeless people on streets of paris, some relying on alcohol for support, because the french system has pushed many of them to the point of giving up.

regardless of all the difficulties i am a happy person and take everything as a challenge in life, perhaps even as something to write a book about one day in the future. my ideas of new books though are on other subjects than my struggle. maybe i will need to resort on recording short videos or audio stories to avoid the time consuming task of writing another book. will see, i’ve got some ideas, now i need to make free time by not continuing all the administrative stuff which isn’t absolutely necessary. a year or two spent on running around with no success is enough, i’m not planning to make it a ten years of wasted life. those things that have worked out in the past i will continue to take care of, those which have been dead ends must be abandoned not to regret the wasted time which could have been used for creative works.

if the things won’t get better then the last resort is always to change the country, to live another experience while starting again from zero, but so far i’m ok in france. as i said, not everything here is bad. i’ve got to change the priorities to improve my living conditions and to be able to work on my bigger projects.


i may be insane.

the title of the article is hopefully the proof that i am not insane because very few insane people actually understand that they may be not ok in their head — for example all the religious people. so, admitting that, while not being religious, i’m ready to disclose that i have noticed a strange series of coincidences with the weather while training my mind.

it’s been several years now when i began noticing the effects. in fact it all started as a joke. statistically the effect of mind over weather must be verified independently by someone, with more precise tests, but so far i only continue with my own observations. as i said it all started as a joke and it wasn’t my purpose of research — my main goal is a continuous health of body and mind — but as i had some serious hits about “affecting” the weather with mind in difficult conditions, right from the first attempts, it got my attention. now i just have to accept it as a serious field of research if i wish to be honest with myself.

who knows what are my real talents yet to be discovered. i have realised that the extreme longevity isn’t the ideal goal.. as one has very well said: worse than the idea of death can only be the idea of never dying. thus i accept that i must die as well one day.

meanwhile i try to live as interesting life as possible, testing my abilities to the maximum.


ten years from now..

russia rules europe and the russian language, along with chinese, are mandatory languages along local national languages in europen countries.

why that?!

because anyone seeing the big picture understands that many european leaders are actually russian assets and are helping to weaken europe for an easy takeover. zelenski was probably a kgb agent well before becoming president, so his role is not to allow the peace in ukraine to happen which would restrict the takeover by the new global powers: russia, china and some others.

the end goal isn’t to kill ukrainians, they just happen to be a tool to eliminate as much european weapons as possible before a larger act if it even be needed – probably not because it’s all about economy.

after the europe the next loser is known, no need to elaborate. this is a “wakeup” picture to reality which i didn’t even yet have yesterday. by looking at the developments in world it occured to me as the most logical scenario, to make sense of so many previously illogical actions in the politics of many countries.


i’m not a prophet

.. but i predict that in a few weeks there will be a visa free movement of russians within the borders of baltic states and poland. follow the news, learn from history, see what actions trigger counter-actions, and then you’ll see the point where i am coming from on my prediction.


faster than light.

[ the article is subject to editing later when i have time for it, to add more references with necessary links ]

there’s a possible explanation to the faster than light speed observations in the universe. the space must be taken as a fluid substance consisting of planck scale “particles”.

the fact that the faster than light speed intaractions are possible has long been known and i don’t get it why some scientists still reject the reality. take for example the speed of quantum spin, the speed of quantum tunneling, the cherenkov radiation and the speed of entanglement interaction — all of these are known for decades to be faster than any “possible” speed, yet real. also some recent precise experiments have shown similar phenomena but discarded as “experimental errors” which need to be corrected.

that’s in quantum scale, the problem though remains to the speed limit in large scale.

here i try to explain the observations in universe with over six times the “maximum possible” speed of light, and by some calculations even twenty times the speed of light. lets presume that the above mentioned flow of space does have a limit of speed of interactions between its planck scale particles, which sets the speed limit for light and the speed limit for any interaction of elements within the space locally. now take to the account that those “impossible” speeds observed in universe are so large that a large area of the flow of space is pushed to the speed limit, thus if there’s something within that large moving area of space then it appears to be stationary in its own point of reference. if in that moving area of space another violent explosive event occurs, in a bit smaller scale, then it can reach a speed limit within that area. in total, if a cosmic explosion occurs which isn’t a single event but a series of rapidly succeeding events from larger to smaller, till the “fuel” of those events is used up, then for a far away observer it does amount to a greater than presumably “maximum possible” speed.

the reality is though that the space within an area of a larger space within another area of a still larger space will be moving, without a violation of the maximum speed limit locally.

this is only possible if the space is a fluid substance. the fact that these “impossible speeds” are observed within ejected jets of matter from the center of some galaxies, is pointing to the reality that the space itself is flowing as well, not being a fixed frame of reference within which everything else is moving.


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dictatorship coming.

looking back at the historical and recent events and social movements it appears to me that these are just preparations for dictatorships what’s happening in europe, canada and the united states. the last few decades the preparation of minds have steadily been pushed to accept a dictator in their country, someone who would promise to clear up the whole nonsense.


wars derived from physics.

[reposting an old thought from 2018, a reminder]

wars derived from physics.

it is very natural that if we are stuck on earth there will be ever bigger wars. this is required by the physics of increasing entropy. to stop this we must get out to space to expand our life beyond earth. anyone not willing to work in spending energy in that direction of development, be it even as a supporting agent to help those advancing science, is promoting ever more violent wars.



what if.

if the space or “space-time” is a flowing substance with discreet “particles” of planck scale it will solve some open questions in physics. i’m not using math to settle some issues but am just imagining the processes in mind. it all makes sense even with visualisation, no math needed except to prove the idea of flowing space either right or wrong.

one day i may elaborate, so far refer to the previous posts on the subject..









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the telegram app.

got blocked from sending to my friends the urgent message about the possibility of nuclear disaster.. on three different telegram accounts with different numbers of different countries, on different devices. somewhere i heard that the telegram app is the last place for free speech. guess what, it was not to be for long.. i knew it but still tried to use. should have trusted my gut feeling that we are still being watched.

now the only way for free speech online is a personal handwriting cryptography inserted into a text about the weather tomorrow or a cooking recipe talk.

the book below could give you the solution for certain circumstances.. Advanced Handwriting Cryptography (free download, permitted to share) ..




Nuclear Disaster Alert!

backed up on ARCHIVE.ORG .. if it won’t happen tomorrow thanks to uncovering the plans, the danger remains in other times and places.




Nuclear Disaster Alert!

tomorrow, 2022-08-19, ukraine nazi regime is planning to attack a nuclear power station. if you’re in ukraine or in nearby regions to ukraine take all the necessary steps for protection.

the link below: read the detailed warning info (in russian) and/or watch the video with detailed info about the planned false flag operation by ukraine nazis, uncovered by russian military.

nuclear disaster alert!

more info on nuclear disaster alert..


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more info on NDA!


more info on nuclear disaster alert!

refer to the previous post..


“tomorrow, 2022-08-19, ukraine nazi regime is planning to attack a nuclear power station. if you’re in ukraine or in nearby regions to ukraine take all the necessary steps for protection.”

[in russian]


alternative link..



the first warning video..


alternative link..



nuclear disaster alert!

tomorrow, 2022-08-19, ukraine nazi regime is planning to attack a nuclear power station. if you’re in ukraine or in nearby regions to ukraine take all the necessary steps for protection.

read the detailed warning info below (in russian) and/or watch the video with detailed info about the planned false flag operation by ukraine nazis, uncovered by russian military.


paris today.

one thing the dedicated cameras are better than smartphones are photos, even a bit older cameras. today i’ve been too lazy to take a camera out of bag while i’ve got too many places to go so i took some random pics on smartphone.


about technical side.

i’ve managed to buy all i need to record video and audio in good enough quality, so basically it’s now behind my own decision to start recording whenever i’ll be ready. no expensive equipment, almost all is second hand from vendors in france where i still am right now.

i’ve got no real plans anymore to go to portugal.. thinking to spend more time in paris instead of going to lisbon. but it may change overnight because the place where i stay is for sale by the owner, a friend of mine who lets me to stay here for free. if the very old house does get sold, or demolished as the city is hoping to do, then instead of looking for another place here in paris i may decide to do it in a location in world where i’ve never been before — that will be more interesting and better for the health of the brain — a new place will force the brain out of a lazy attention to the things happening around. here in france are also places which i had plans to discover in the past, in mountains particularly. so far, before beginning to record long talks with my already tested equipment, i take care of my priorities, on top of the list being my health and programming my mind for even better health.

by the way, the cameras which i got for recording are no much better than my android smartphones, even worse in some sense – like the length of the video: on dedicated cameras the files get cut into pieces after certain time while the time very much depends on the quality of recording.. it may be just 5-10 min before a video file is automatically cut to start a new one.

while with cameras it turned out to be impossible, with smartphones i figured out the way of recording a long one-file video even in 4k if needed, limited only by the size of the external card which i formatted as an internal drive. while succeeding to format on my old smartphones 500gb cards internally, with remaining free space in hundreds of gb, i could in theory record non-stop 4k video for over 20 hours, but it would make resizing and uploading a lengthy process. when i will need to record for several hours then it will probably be 1080p or even 720p. if recordng not with a smartphone but with a camera for more than three hours then to have the file in one piece the resolution must be set to 360p, which is good enough to insert into another video as a small window.

about the necessity for one piece videos i have written before but here’s the reminder: i only use compact android devices which are easy to carry around, especially when being half homeless and ready for another long travel at any moment. on these devices an editing process — to match the video files and separately recorded better quality audio files — is a time consuming process. i better record one file videos with one file separate sound and spend my time for more important things in life than a lengthy editing.

so if i happen to go somewhere else, to travel long distances, i may as well leave most of the tech behind and take my smartphones only. i did lots of research and have realized there’s no point in buying an expensive new camera — for a talking head video recording a smartphone is all one needs and that’s probably a good news. no regrets in spending whole the time researching the technology — i enjoyed the process. as an engineer and programmer in the past, i still have some pull towards the tech, while the capabilities of the mind and body are now my main interest.


things to say.

i’ve got things to write about.. or to tell on video, or at least in audio to make the process faster. the thing is, by my experience it’s better to shut up about certain things, especially when you enjoy the life no matter what it may look to others. too many times in life i got punished for being happy, when those who in their opinion being way better off have realized — after discussing the life with me — that they’re living the life wrong. the jealousy got the people and they tried to make my life harder, in which case i left to live in another place, even in another country. happened many times, so i better keep some secrets now. all i can tell is this which most of you know anyway but fail to really live by it — there are certain priorities in life, like health for example, and no money can be ahead of it. if one is an obstacle to another, choose health.

about my meditation techniques and programming the mind for better health.. it turned out to be harder to put it into practice than developing the methods. physical habits and old beliefs (which are the habits of thinking) are the main restraining force to have a faster progress. i do have great results already so i keep working on myself, especially on changing the habits which need to be changed for health. the habits are not those which you may guess from popular medicine — these habits are completely different and rooted deeper in mind since very early years of life, thus harder to change by a simple decision. the habits in question need to be trained to be different and it takes time. the habits are not about fasting, not about drinking alcohol, not about sports etc. — even though important, non of them have ever made the health of anyone so much better that they would age several times slower, to live hundreds of years in great physical and mental condition. that’s my goal of changing certain habits while (re)programming my mind and nothing less.

so, in conclusion, i will probably write some important stuff in an encrypted way and when the time is right will publish the key to the encrypted writings. that will happen who knows when because i’ve got my priorities to take care of. if i keep writing here in regular text then it will be the stuff most of you know anyway, just have failed to pay much attention to it so it needs to be reminded.


kobold’s coffee

refer to the article “new drink – kobold”..


[ if i use “rhum” instead of “rum” it’s because that’s what is written on the drink here in Paris, France. ]

i made the “kobold” with coffee and it turned out a perfect drink from first try. i just used a simple logic: if there’s too much water then it becomes a regular sweet coffee with a shot of rhum in it. therefore, i made one third of large coffee-mug of coffee and added it to the kobold.

here’s the “coffee kobold” recipe:

you need: two large coffee mugs, spoon, coffee (soluble coffee powder will do), strong rhum/rum, condensed sweet milk, boiling hot water.

1. in the first mug you put 1/4 (one quarter) of highly concentrated (condensed) sweet milk, the one with the consistency like honey. add about 1/8 (one eight) of a strong rhum (around 40% vol.). mix up properly – it goes fast – sugary condenced milk dissolves in alcohol very well;

2. in the second large coffee-mug make a regular coffee with no sugar but with only 1/3 (one third) of water;

3. add the ready coffee to the first mug and mix up;

4. enjoy the coffee-kobold;

5. don’t share your drink because you won’t get it back. one sip won’t give the full feeling anyway – everyone needs to get the full large mug of coffee-kobold.

6. don’t drive and don’t propose to marry anyone for several hours after having the drink.. you may regret.. not the drink but the consequences of your decisions.


new drink – kobold

i guess i just invented a new drink. today, after several months of no alcohol, i bought a small bottle of rhum, very strong one. and then, while shopping for food, i noticed a conserve of concentrated milk with sugar so i took it (the one which is really thick like honey and really sweet, not another type).. haven’t had it for years. those are good to drink on their own as well but i made something even better: one quarter of a big coffee mug of condensed milk with sugar, and just a little bit of rhum — maybe one eight of the cup or so. mixed them up properly and voila! give it a try, you won’t regret the taste senses and feelings inside.

you can call the new drink “kobold” if you will. tonight i’ll have a few kobolds i guess, after the urgent tasks are done which i’m busy with.

i should try it with the coffee as well, in different amounts.. just an idea. if it turns out great then i will call it “coffee kobold” or “kobold’s coffee”. will see tonight. tomorrow got to wake up at four in the morning so maybe the drinks will help me to work with no sleep.


an update: about.

an update to the ‘about’ page.

in recent years i have learned about a large number of false scientific claims and fake studies, in many fields. it may take generations before the true science will advance. i don’t have a hundred years to wait till the true science will give me an “immortality”, a continuously youthful and healthy life with no physical degradation. thus, the only thing i can truly rely on is my own mind. i keep developing my personal meditation method and programming my mind to have an effect on subconscious processes, to physiologically regenerate my body continuosly in the amount necessary for a good physical condition. as always, will see how it works, with no extraordinary claims made till there are extraordinary proofs.

read the whole ‘about’ page ..




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street promotion

on montmartre, paris.. .. i’m not very often on montmartre, too busy with other things and it’s quite a waste of time anyway to sit in one place. when i need to sort out lots of paperwork and other stuff on my android devices then i do take a break to sit down somewhere with […]

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