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kobold’s coffee

refer to the article “new drink – kobold”..


[ if i use “rhum” instead of “rum” it’s because that’s what is written on the drink here in Paris, France. ]

i made the “kobold” with coffee and it turned out a perfect drink from first try. i just used a simple logic: if there’s too much water then it becomes a regular sweet coffee with a shot of rhum in it. therefore, i made one third of large coffee-mug of coffee and added it to the kobold.

here’s the “coffee kobold” recipe:

you need: two large coffee mugs, spoon, coffee (soluble coffee powder will do), strong rhum/rum, condensed sweet milk, boiling hot water.

1. in the first mug you put 1/4 (one quarter) of highly concentrated (condensed) sweet milk, the one with the consistency like honey. add about 1/8 (one eight) of a strong rhum (around 40% vol.). mix up properly – it goes fast – sugary condenced milk dissolves in alcohol very well;

2. in the second large coffee-mug make a regular coffee with no sugar but with only 1/3 (one third) of water;

3. add the ready coffee to the first mug and mix up;

4. enjoy the coffee-kobold;

5. don’t share your drink because you won’t get it back. one sip won’t give the full feeling anyway – everyone needs to get the full large mug of coffee-kobold.

6. don’t drive and don’t propose to marry anyone for several hours after having the drink.. you may regret.. not the drink but the consequences of your decisions.


new drink – kobold

i guess i just invented a new drink. today, after several months of no alcohol, i bought a small bottle of rhum, very strong one. and then, while shopping for food, i noticed a conserve of concentrated milk with sugar so i took it (the one which is really thick like honey and really sweet, not another type).. haven’t had it for years. those are good to drink on their own as well but i made something even better: one quarter of a big coffee mug of condensed milk with sugar, and just a little bit of rhum — maybe one eight of the cup or so. mixed them up properly and voila! give it a try, you won’t regret the taste senses and feelings inside.

you can call the new drink “kobold” if you will. tonight i’ll have a few kobolds i guess, after the urgent tasks are done which i’m busy with.

i should try it with the coffee as well, in different amounts.. just an idea. if it turns out great then i will call it “coffee kobold” or “kobold’s coffee”. will see tonight. tomorrow got to wake up at four in the morning so maybe the drinks will help me to work with no sleep.


an update: about.

an update to the ‘about’ page.

in recent years i have learned about a large number of false scientific claims and fake studies, in many fields. it may take generations before the true science will advance. i don’t have a hundred years to wait till the true science will give me an “immortality”, a continuously youthful and healthy life with no physical degradation. thus, the only thing i can truly rely on is my own mind. i keep developing my personal meditation method and programming my mind to have an effect on subconscious processes, to physiologically regenerate my body continuosly in the amount necessary for a good physical condition. as always, will see how it works, with no extraordinary claims made till there are extraordinary proofs.

read the whole ‘about’ page ..




Advanced Handwriting Cryptography: download the book read online A literary agent is needed to publish the book in different languages. Contact details below. // Un-e agent-e littéraire est nécessaire pour publier le livre dans différentes langues. Coordonnées ci-dessous. Other free books by Alex Kobold: read the short description/synopsis, download and read for free online […]


street promotion

on montmartre, paris.. .. i’m not very often on montmartre, too busy with other things and it’s quite a waste of time anyway to sit in one place. when i need to sort out lots of paperwork and other stuff on my android devices then i do take a break to sit down somewhere with […]

street promotion

the biggest lie in the universe, literally — the claim that aether doesn’t exist.

a good moment to remind it..



the failed detection of the aether by michelson-morley experiment and what was wrong with it. and the new experiment that proved the existence of aether — published in science magazines without making into textbooks.

before i post my article about gravity i must explain some common misconceptions in physics, and bring clear examples where anyone […]

the biggest lie in the universe, literally — the claim that aether doesn’t exist.

what causes inertia?

the answer is somewhere in the facts of nature:

– nothing is stationary in the universe;

– electricity and magnetism affect each other only in change of velocity or direction of an object but not in constant unchanging move through the space;

– the change in velocity affects the energy of an object;

– magnetism affects gravity;

the latter is a little known fact, demonstrated decades ago..



the force of gravity on earth could change.

as our planet is moving through space in unregular trajectory affected by the galaxy there should be effect on the gravity on earth. in case of a pull by some large celestial objects getting closer (like a wandering black hole but not only) which would pull the entire solar system into a significantly curved trajectory, the gravity on earth can be greater on one side and it will be changing with the rotation of earth with regular daily intervals. with sensitive enough instruments that change in gravity could be measured.


space, time and light.

the light feels no time while moving from one point to another and yet another, connecting instantly all locations, even though to us as the observers it may seem like time has passed. it makes perfect sense as light is “moving” through space at the same speed regardless of reference frame while in fact it’s just a stretching of the single point of light into the waves of different lengths. the absense of notion of time for light also explains the entanglement. thus, light is connecting the future, the present and the past, and it can exchange information between different times. because light feels no time and is present — from its own point of view — everywhere at once, the past can and is affected by the future events and it only appears to us a one-way effect, like the past affects the present and the present affects the events in the future but not the other way around.


mind your time.

time is the result of entropy which is the result of probability. our mind can achieve some very improbable things impossible by chance and entropy, thus our mind – at least in theory – can overcome the restrictions of time which is directly related to entropy.


what if

the space is not still but flowing which manifests as gravity.

the particles in this case are drawing energy from surrounding which causes the uniform quantum field energy of space to flow into the particles. the flow of the quantum field or the zero point energy is the gravity then.

where does the energy goes? perhaps that’s the energy of inertia or another unsolved physics phenomenon.. the gravity in that case is not a pull by the matter but push by quantum field into the matter maintaining its energy.


will you notice the nonsense?

have a look and see the mathematical nonsense with arbitrary graphical representation in the video below (not the beginning, the graphs later with “slowing of time’ — the time scales are absurd and plainly wrong)..


a note: it doesn’t mean that all videos by Arvin Ash are sharing nonsense science — most of the videos are very informative and well made. i’m talking here only about the case of the graphs in this particular video which are wrong.. and i’ve seen such mistakes before. obviously these are borrowed explanations with no real understanding or critical thinking.


to have some clarification below is a link to my longer article on a subject of similar mathematical nonsense..




i just looked up what counterfactuals means — it’s quite strange that i didn’t know the meaning, or have long forgotten. i heard the word several times during a science podcast and had to make clear what was it all about. now i know.. and i guess i have also an answer why i didn’t remember the word if i even knew it.

the thing is that conterfactuals are a source of regret (which wasn’t the topic of the science podcast but cause and effect). i never feel regret. i mean i did regret things till up to my teenage years but i got it sorted out for myself with the help of a “guru” whom i followed for years. he was actually a scientist in physics, math and electronics but also taught eastern philosophies and the related thinking [have a look at my first book Seeming Reality]. anyway, the point of not regretting anything — not having counterfactuals — is that this is a nonsense thinking.. especially when applied to your own actions.

you could not have acted differently in any of your decisions in life: only after the fact you have the information that would have made you to act another way. if it was possible to turn back time to get another chance you would act exactly the same way having the same information you had to this point. thus, countrfactuals are an impossible reality. all regrets are based on thinking about an impossible.

it makes life so much easier when you only think of possible actions in the future, ways to improve life, not wasting your brain time on impossible, on changing the past, on conterfactuals. the word counterfactuals itself is a perfect description — it means “against fact”, which can only exist in political speeches but not in real life.

nevertheless, it appears that in science it is sometimes useful to analyse other outcomes in similar circumstances with the use of counterfactuals.



science has it not entirely right by declaring that humans are discovering how the universe works by looking with our outward senses the external world. we are part of the universe and some answers are within us. with a thorough look inside we can get some answers about the universe. an intuition may sometimes give us an answer that no senses of external world can give.

for more about the topic have a look at the book Seeming Reality..



PayPal seizes alternative media site’s money

The account of Consortium News has been ‘permanently limited’ for unspecified violations Payment processor PayPal has frozen alternative media powerhouse Consortium News’ (CN) donation page without warning, confiscating the site’s $9,348.14 balance with no explanation beyond the claim that “an investigation and review” of the site’s “history” found “some potential risk associated with this account.”…

PayPal seizes alternative media site’s money

interesting, about scam in science.

also have a look at these articles..




Did the W-boson just “break the Standard Model”?



videos from Sabine Hossenfelder ..



Assange extradition shows ‘hypocritical nature’ of US – China

Beijing says the US has presented the true face of its ‘freedom of speech and the press’ rhetoric China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has hit out against the order to extradite WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange to the US, issued by a UK court earlier this week, saying that it represents the “hypocritical” nature of the…

Assange extradition shows ‘hypocritical nature’ of US – China


woke up with huge waves hitting buildings on the shore — just a dream.. not sure where and when. perhaps i should postpone my plans to travel to lisbon, portugal. at the same time how many dreams i’ve seen before with not so good endings.. shouldn’t take it seriously even if it does coincide this time with some coming events.


financial sanctions against russia absolutely useless.

a financial expert made a good point that russia can simply print rubles for the amount of russian foreign currency which has been blocked abroad, like the money has been exchanged on financial markets. right now it’s not necessary as russian economy is so far largely unaffected by the sanctions but the new money can be printed to increase liquidity.

basically, most money in world is in the form of computer digits and nothing tangible. the west can do with the “arrested” digits in computers anything they want with only an imaginary pressure on russia and no effect on real russian economy.



it seems like i’m almost ready to begin writing again about my method of natural longevity, about the latest and somewhat surprising discoveries i made during the research and testing.

i cannot give out any new promises, i just admit the readiness. the life has taken unpredicted turns thus some of my promises i have had to break already — like about to continue telling my life and travel stories, about translating articles into french, and perhaps some other promises/ideas which i don’t even remember anymore. there are priorities in life that need to be taken care of even to someone like me living in a tent and for others appearing like i’ve got not much to do.

next week there begins another bureaucratic battle about my legal status, which means lots of offices to visit, documents to collect and so on. the whole process may take several months — those who know about the french paper work can definitely ralate to and understand me. that may once again postpone my plans to write on the main topic of the blog some deeper and longer articles.

i had considered writing some parts in an encrypted form (later i’ll explain why), and some parts in video and audio formats to make it faster for me. unfortunately my environment isn’t in a stable manner quiet which is needed for video/audio, thus i may need to get my work out mostly in a written form. will see.. i hope i can do it quite soon.


Advanced Handwriting Cryptography. [book]



read online..


those who know already about the cryptography method please bear with me — i’ll be sharing the book more often than before.. it needs to be done in the world we’re living today. the book on Advanced Handwriting Cryptography is free to download and permitted to share – the more you share the better […]

Advanced Handwriting Cryptography. [book]

Michael Saylor: Bitcoin, Inflation, and the Future of Money.

[ i do not necessarily agree with everything in the podcasts and videos i share. i select for sharing the sources where there are some original ideas and/or something to learn from, if not for an immediate application in life then at least for further thinking. ]

Michael Saylor: Bitcoin, Inflation, and the Future of Money | Lex Fridman Podcast #276



Lex Fridman Podcast..



so much about “crypto” currency.

Crypto exchange blocks sanctioned Russian accounts.

Major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has blocked the accounts of Russian citizens and companies that are subject to US sanctions. /…/

read the article..



my comment.

i never had a crypto currency myself. there are several reasons: the fact that it must be in a device which can break, be stolen or lost, doesn’t make it any safer than regular money but even worse.. you can also forget the access code, and not everyone accepts payments in it. you can’t buy food when there’s a blackout for whatever reason. then there’s the volatility and now also the possibility it can be blocked. there are many cases of hackings as well. for me personally regular cash is way more crypto than any digital currency.


sunny days.

as a street artist i must profit from the sunny days now.. got to make some reserve cash just in case i will need it.

about the rumble app which i mentioned — it’s not what i expected.. one can’t upload videos unless certain personal data provided. even after providing my phone number, verifying email etc., i was unable to upload a video nor profile photo. perhaps there’s a problem with my device — there are other social apps as well which aren’t working on my android devices.

no much time to seek the problem, got a life to live. maybe on some rainy day i’ll have another quick look.


what if

the mathematical formulas which we discover as representing ‘true’ interactions in our local universe, are just temporarily stable representation of deeper universal laws of the larger universe.

to make a comparison, if you look at an iceberg above the sea as our local visible universe, it’s quite stable for a very long time, with the laws of nature which in our time being on top of the iceberg we consciously observe. for example, this is a little known fact that the speed of light in our local universe is not constant — it varies through years in a very tiny amount and needs to be verified from time to time. it’s like the slow rocking of the iceberg. thus, the short notations of seemingly simple mathematical rules in our local space may only represent some temporary rules, without giving us the deeper understanding of underlying reasons why they are so.

even the similar mathematical rules discovered for different phenomena may be like measuring different spots on the moving ice regarding to its surrounding sea. one day the iceberg may topple over and reveal us deeper reality which is always changing.


a sad truth.

if you look at the facts then the only way forward for a world peace is to destroy europe and the united states, all nato member states, economically. if nato countries will obtain hypersonic weapons they will use them for a “preemptive” strike against russia, china, and some others — no doubt about it — which means another world war.

i don’t want to see europe and the united states destroyed neither militarily nor economically, the people living there are not guilty, but as long as the current people in power aren’t forced out of office by honest and peace loving leaders, who would respect all cultures in world, there’s no other way for peace than to limit the economical capacity of nato countries to obtain more powerful weapons than they currently have.


Caitlin Johnstone: US officials admit they’re literally just lying to the public about Russia

From spreading no-evidence claims to outright lying, all is fair to ‘get inside Putin’s head’, apparently NBC News has a new report out citing multiple anonymous US officials, humorously titled “In a break with the past, U.S. is using intel to fight an info war with Russia, even when the intel isn’t rock solid.”  The officials…

Caitlin Johnstone: US officials admit they’re literally just lying to the public about Russia

Advanced Handwriting Cryptography. [book]

those who know already about the cryptography method please bear with me — i’ll be sharing the book more often than before.. it needs to be done in the world we’re living today.

the book on Advanced Handwriting Cryptography is free to download and permitted to share – the more you share the better for everyone. download.. https://youthextension.files.wordpress.com/2019/10/ahc_160918_free.pdf read online.. https://archive.org/details/ahc_160918_free _ other free books.. https://youthextension.wordpress.com/2019/10/18/direct-links-to-download-my-books-synopsis-description-below/ _

Advanced Handwriting Cryptography. [book]

did you know..

the facts below about russian culture are presented completely from my memory, thus no guarantees of absolutely correct representation. in any case it cannot be that i remember all of those facts wrong. those are learned in many years randomly from different sources and not specifically studying russian culture but rather about the entire world […]

did you know..

russian handwriting – an idea for improvement.

there could be an improvement made into russian handwriting.

[a reminder, i’m half russian and part of my education has been in russian since early age, thus i know a thing or two about handwriting in russian.]

the text written by hand, if done quickly and with no much attention to detail, has several confusing letters and could be difficult to read. such letters like Шш, Мм, Нн, Ии, Цц, Щщ and others are in handwriting quite similar and, when attached, difficult to separate where one ends and another begins.

my proposal: in cases where letters are following each other and could be confusing (thus not every time), the top of the last peak of a letter can be extended with a tiny ‘v’, to separate it better from a following letter. the tiny ‘v’ can be written horizontally or vertically, without taking pen off the paper, so it will be a fast addition without slowing down writing.

also, in some cases the first peak (instead of the last peak) of the confusing letter can be modified a bit. perhaps it can be made that if first peak is modified then with tiny letter ‘z’ and if the last peak then with tiny letter ‘v’, depending on particular case, not to slow down the speed of writing. those two tiny additions of ‘z’ and ‘v’ must be different, not to confuse the beginning and the end of a handwritten letter. the addition must be not as high as something like writing small handwritten ‘б’ but smaller, yet clearly visible to the eye even when written fast.

such modifications would make reading handwritten text in russian easier and perhaps even looking better as with some calligraphic additions. it’s just an idea, i haven’t even tried it out yet.


one possible solution for world peace.

step 1

estonian (or another country next to russia) nazi sympathizer government declares war on russia in support of ukraine. nato immediately declares that it will not get involved because it was estonian decision, not of nato. estonia surrenders. russia takes over the control of its borders and the economy. the standard of living improves in estonia drastically.

step 2

estonian neighbours in the baltics get envious of the economic success of estonia. latvia and lithuania topple their nazi sympathizing governments and join russia.

step 3

other countries will follow. the whole world joins russia, who is not on its side yet. countries remain free. no more wars. russian language becomes an additional official language in every country, a true world language.

step 4

world peace forever.


sounds crazy? well, if you would make a global survey about who would like to see russia lead the world, you would have an answer if that’s the will of the people in the world or a wild imagination. what you read in western corporate media isn’t reflecting the will of the majority of the people but an ideology of political puppets of hidden nazi powers, either voluntarily of by fear for being punished with nazi methods.


bad bad russia.

western media is telling that according to their sources russia is about to launch a nuclear attack, again, as it did in the end of ww2 in japan. also chemical weapons are readied by russia, similar to agent orange which russia used in vietnam, and dirty bombs, like the depleted uranium components of weapons in iraq. also, russia is again bombing hospitals and food markets like it did in africa and middle east for decades. the history remembers how russia had totally destroyed a hundreds of civilian vehicles long caravan trying to flee war zone in iraq. much more is prepared for disclosure about bad bad russia. the west knows the truth. the sources of the western media are rock solid. if you doubt you are banned.

germany with its allies will liberate russia from nazi regime again, third time, as they did in ww1 and ww2. germany has already taken control of nazi gazprom germania offices, to eliminate the local dangers of the axis of evil, with its deadly ruble.

the west has decided about new sanctions against russia — from now on all russian citizens in the democratic west are seized and sold to work for the compensation of the wars russia has started in tens of countries. the children of russians born abroad, in free west, are now property of those countries, not allowed to be educated by their parents in their evil russian language and culture.


what’s next? global peace?

the war in ukraine could, in theory, be the deterrent for western powers to start yet another war somewhere in the world. i mean, how could they justify a war now, after such a media attack on russia. it would of course be a logical fallacy for russia to point on the previous wars of the western powers while justifying its actions, and in fact russia hasn’t done it, giving clear reasons for the attack on ukraine. russia has only claimed that other countries who had recently been taking part in killing millions of civilians have no moral right to judge russia. actually, this too is a logical fallacy — everyone has the right to point out the mistakes of others, presuming they have understood their own mistakes and improved since then. thus, if that’s the case, the war in ukraine – even though still officially not a war – could be the war to end all wars.. again, in theory.


ukraine, urgent notice!

ukraine nazi fighters are planning a chemical attack on its own people in order to blame russia and pull nato into the conflict. several chemical plants are prepared to be blown up. anyone living near chemical factories in ukraine should leave now. you’ve been warned.


Advanced Handwriting Cryptography. [book]

the book on Advanced Handwriting Cryptography is free to download and permitted to share – the more you share the better for everyone. download.. https://youthextension.files.wordpress.com/2019/10/ahc_160918_free.pdf read online.. https://archive.org/details/ahc_160918_free _ other free books.. https://youthextension.wordpress.com/2019/10/18/direct-links-to-download-my-books-synopsis-description-below/ _

Advanced Handwriting Cryptography. [book]

there is a way …

regarding to the free android apps [the previous articles] i forgot to write again (mentioned in older articles) that you better install ‘NoRoot Firewall’ app and disable google play store in the system after downloading the apps you need. if you leave the google play active, even with the auto-update disabled, some apps may stop working unless you install an update. in some cases the update is a paid version, so you need to find an older version of the app in another app store not related to google, and disable the google play as soon as, or even before it becomes abusive. that’s the reality but as you see there’s a way to protect against it. the ‘NoRoot Firewall’ is a must for any android device and may even be sufficient against most abusive ads.


the best free android apps, the list.

read also..



in this article [below, click on ‘read more’ after the intro] is the list of apps currently installed on one of my android devices. the list is almost complete, almost.. it doesn’t include some of the apps i find useful because sometimes i remove a bunch of large size apps not neccessary in a foreseeable future, to free up memory and internal storage.. for the device to work faster. the apps not on the list, in fact all good apps, i have stored in a backup folder as apk or xapk files (almost a thousand best apps all together) so i can easily find them when needed — important is that those are tested and work — i will include those not in the current list in another article if i get enough time. at the same time i haven’t uninstalled – thus are in the list – many smaller size apps which i don’t use anymore but may need one day.. so.. as the device in question is several years old the list of currently installed apps is quite long.

not every android device can support so large amount of apps but if you can format an external storage as an internal drive then most apps are working just fine with no need to move the apps to internal drive after installation. the apps which have widgets do have to be moved to internal drive for the widgets to become available.

few apps in the list may be not very practical, installed simply from curiosity what’s out there and to test what is possible to do on android devices — i keep them for a spare time thorough investigation. some apps are not completely tested yet but definitely all the apps are preselected with following conditions:

– no payment required for main function of the app, no trial period;

– not requiring unjustified access to contact data, camera, microphone etc., if not specific for work with such access;

– no issues with working while offline, if the online access isn’t the whole purpose of the app;

– no abusive amount of advertisement which would interrupt work flow;

– no unjustified large size of the app;

– no watermarks and other limiting factors on final result (image/video), if there are other apps capable of the same. if the app is unique with a specific action then only if there are other apps able to remove the watermark from the resulting file.

– no unjustified design with too many buttons of little use, or too many steps to access a menu. must be simple and clear design for the purpose.

– no too long starting time, slow or bad response to actions and other issues like sudden crashes etc.

please keep in mind that the preselection was done on my android devices and at certain time, even years ago, thus the currenty available version may have those issues, or because your device is different. if an app works fine for me then i don’t usually update it — there’s currently well over a hundred apps i haven’t updated for years thus a current version may be not as good as before, but also it may be better than i know it, simply having no need to update.

the list is created using ‘My App List’ — this app puts link behind every app as of google play store, even though several apps are not found there. if not found then use the name of the app to find it elsewhere, on ‘APKPure’ or ‘Aptoide’ or somewhere else on the web. so, below is the list of tested apps, all free (at least were free at the time i installed them), tested and selected as the best out there for particular tasks. the list is as is — sorry for a certain mess — when i will find time for it i will clear it up and clarify the use of the apps, if not clear from the name.

Continue reading “the best free android apps, the list.”

an update on android apps, audio and video.

recently i published an article about some useful android apps ..


here’s an update..

the ‘ADV Player’ is more convenient to use for high speed playback of videos than ‘VLC’, also up to x4 speed. the ‘Multiple Video’ is better than others i found so far, capable to play several videos side by side.

for audio: the ‘Neutron Player’ and ‘Selenium’ allow you to fade out/in tracks both on stop/play and during switching of songs.


one day i may write a long article about hundreds of free android apps which i find useful but so far enjoy just the tiny selection for video and audio playback.


the language of power.

for a success, for a happiness in life, one needs to know the language of the universe, one part of which is mathematics, but only one part. the language of the universe is the same in all cultures. it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to know the formulas with symbols but you do need to know the truth. symbols are just a replacement for meanings, for easier and shorter notation. nevertheless the symbols, be it mathematics or else, must represent absolutely true and clear meanings, for the language to make sense. // once you know the truth and speak the truth you will speak the language of the universe and the universe will hear you. // _

it’s just incredible.

the amount of garbage news in the “free” corporate media of european and other so called democratic countries is unbelievable, in sense that those who publish that garbage can’t see themselves how transparent their lies are, contradicting the reliable sources and direct eye witnesses with video material and other evidence. those who still believe the ridiculous made up and twisted stories in the western official media must get their head checked. // where is the world heading like this?! who knows.. as it is well known, none are more enslaved than those who falsely believe to be free. // in any case the universe doesn’t care and lets the laws of nature to sort it all out, whatever the final outcome. me personally i am not affected by the latest developments in world as i’m regularly homeless for the last two decades already — i picked my battles and survived, now being ready for almost anything, with my camping gear prepared for a next move as soon as it becomes necessary again.. and i’m ready even without any camping gear if i happen to lose it — experience counts. i trust the universe which doesn’t care but is still giving you all you need.. pick the right path and there’s everything necessary for a good enough life. you are an idea that the universe had. // _