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ten commandments

10 commandments for any and all religions. (sketch)

discovered and learned from life, from the creation of gods.

1 – don’t ask the gods to change anything, there already is a plan.
2 – want to talk with gods? learn mathematics — that’s the language of gods, it’s the same in any human language.
3 – need special powers? learn sciences — gods have given you brain and all you need. discover the nature and apply your special powers.
4 – gathering and talking about gods is free. money is a tool, the means to exchange work for advancing special powers, the science, but not talking about gods.
5 – don’t worship gods by useless activities, don’t build places for prayers. don’t pray. only worship gods by using the brain for what it was given to you — to discover the nature for what it is.
6 – don’t go anywhere to feel closer to gods. don’t create anything to represent gods. do not create idols. gods are everywhere, not in a special place. you can discover gods in any location and talk to them with the language of mathematics.
7 – there is no death, for anyone. the death only exists to those who are still alive, to those who seem to be dead there is nothing including no death.
8 – you can change the world. the gods have given you the powers to do so, it’s in the plan – you’re created in the image of the gods.
9 – all that happens is in the plan. never stop living the life in order to complain to gods, just move forward using the most powerful tool given to you by gods — your brain.
10 – don’t steal. don’t steal life from others, don’t steal freedom, don’t steal truth, don’t steal knowledge, don’t steal happiness, don’t steal property and so on. you can do anything you like but whatever you do don’t steal.

been traveling again.

i ‘ve been traveling now for couple of months.. or more.. i’m no longer in italy. been in switzerland and in france in several places, now again in switzerland. will see how my plans succeed here, i may return to france again. thus, just been busy choosing a place and trying to set up my new temporary home. temporary because i’m kind of used to change my homes after over 20 years of travel.. getting bored perhaps too quickly now, to be settled down somewhere… need some change after a while again.

more news: i deleted several posts from the YE blog because those were no longer relevant (videos deleted etc.). i deleted all the youtube videos from the YE channel. also, i reactivated some of my temporarily closed social media accounts and deleted them completely. why? if you have followed my blog and recent news about the issue of many large social media platforms discriminating against users, and abusing their trust, then you have a clue. i just don’t want to be part of any discriminating social platform, i rather avoid those companies and their services as much as possible. i can live without being in contact with too many people.. who needs to know has my phone number and can call me up to meet, to have some real life interaction.

a philosophical question.

there’s quite known science theory out there which have shown that in the space of one cm3 anywhere in our universe there’s enough energy to create all the visible matter. it also means that releasing that energy, which is usually in quantum equilibrium and thus having no effect on surrounding matter, you could destroy everything as far as we can see in the universe. in fact, to destroy the planet, the solar system, and the entire galaxy, the necessary amount of energy is present in space way less than one mm3, so the theoretically possible bomb could be of a size less than naked human eye can see. the philosophical question is would you trigger such a device? would you end all the suffering that living beings must endure, or would you let it go on? is the life us such — not yours, the business of life in general — worth the suffering in the name of little joy which even not every living being knows of? ..


it’s been quite a wh­ile since i last wro­te about my trading tests. it was in sept­ember last year when i promised to write as soon as there are some news. well, testing mathematic­al formulas in real time trading, be it virtual or real money, is a long process bef­ore coming to definite concl­usions. i had quite a success in making money with virtual currencies, but in fi­nding an investor who would trade real money with my as­sistance hasn’t been a success at all. investors want to know too much, while i need to keep some parts of my mathematical strategy to myself, to be part of the deal and not casted away. it’s not easy to find a compromise between proving the point without a shadow of a doubt and keeping some trade secrets.

before co­ming to conclusion that my formulas do work, it wasn’t witho­ut hurdles. the test­ing accounts which i mentioned in my pre­vious posts on tradi­ng became inaccessib­le few months ago. in fact three of my android devices crash­ed irreparably (all of them during a few weeks period, one aft­er another), thus i bought three new and­roid devices to make sure i will be able to continue working on my projects. but i did not succeed to ac­cess the previous te­sting accounts anymo­re regardless the ac­cess codes were nice­ly backed up. neither it was possible to recover/reset the accounts because the metatrader4 and metatrader5 demo accounts do not have an email or a phone registratio­n.

never mind, i didn’t waste time and open­ed new testing (demo) accounts. after mak­ing some profit and continuing the tests to increase the pro­fit i lost access to these accounts as well. then i decided not to keep any demo accounts on trading — as soon as i arrived to a reasonably positive balance, making betw­een 1% to 5% profit (in average it took only couple of weeks of trading time while maki­ng tens of trades a day), i deleted the accounts and opened new ones. like this i continued and am continuing my tests now. so far there has been over 20 differ­ent demo accounts wh­ere i made profit, only one of the test accounts is open right now to continue till i will arrive at posit­ive balance.

apart of forex curre­ncies i also began test-trading gold and silver. so far i ha­ve a success, but fr­om my earlier studies about stock market i remember that tra­ding precious metals brings on heavy tax­es, thus i’m trading gold and silver just from mathematical curiosity. my math works with the same success on tra­ding gold and silver.. even better than i expected.. but at this time it’s early to be confident about trading precious met­als because i began trading these very recently. in fact my formulas should work the same on trading anything on stock market when there’s sufficient volatility.

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an opinion about blogging..

i’m still quite busy with my new work, and with learning new things for my work, having just enough time to catch up with world news and to rest a bit as well. meanwhile i’ve been receiving quite an annoying amount of promotion mails from wordpress and i see that my wordpress blog is so full of ads that one can hardly see the content posted by me. come on, to have ads before and after each post is too much.

to remove the annoying ads i should pay for the service wordpress provides, which is normal, but here’s my take on it: as not a professional full time blogger i see no return on the investment. i’ve been having several websites for around fifteen years and spent literally tens of thousands of euros for domains, website service providers etc., plus i spent years on building and updating the sites with my content. then i tried several free social platforms as a new phenomenon and kept my expenses low with paying only for domain names. the result: last year i decided to give away all my books for free as nobody paid for a full version, only free versions were ever downloaded regardless the fact that the “advanced handwriting cryptography” search on google showed my books on top of the first search page.. my method of handwriting cryptography is still the strongest there is in the world but who cares — the topic is too specific it seems, to have any larger interest. my books on other topics are perhaps just too hard to promote with so much competition out there. about sponsors: the only sponsors i ever had were my friends who know me from real life. thus, it’s been fun and exciting to work on the online projects wishing to gain more time for writing new books, but the reality proved the idea wrong — i must work double — i need to have a job that gives me income and to work for online content, while the project of writing new books is by now abandoned. that must change. the blogging hasn’t provided me with a single cent of income (apart from a small ‘symbolic’ support from friends), thus spending more money and lots of time on it is out of question. that’s the result of my reality check.

what else, to keep complaining.. my few years old tablet and recently bought smartphone crashed irreparably during the last month, so i got a new one, one of the very latest and a powerful model, but the wordpress app is crashing on it immediately after opening. i must use the web browser to post.

thus, to take it all together and thinking about my time well spent, i’m just not seeing any benefits in blogging. i may continue posting from time to time but honestly i must concentrate on activities that are more efficient in every sense. i’m happy enough with my life that i don’t need to show it all to the world.

have a good one everyone who followed me and keeps following, you never know, one day i may have nothing to do and will continue posting on the blog.