Content of the New Book, options to get a Digital Copy of the book.

Content of the New Book, options to get a Digital Copy of the book.

prior to implementing an automated self-publishing/selling method for my latest book (read my previous post for reference) i’m giving an option to get the book through personal contact, to those who really-really, really want it, right now. read the details about it below, in the end.

here’s the content of the new (updated) book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography (2016).

1 Introduction.
2 A bit of history.
3 Why handwriting?
4 Relevance.
5 The method.
5.1 Getting an idea.
5.2 Seeking the information.
5.3 Learning all the details.
5.4 Working on your own.
6 Basic principles of handwriting encryption.
7 Techniques of encryption.
7.1 Confusion / substitution.
7.1a Information carriers.
7.1b Noise and distraction elements.
7.2 Diffusion / transposition.
7.3 Other techniques.
7.3a Data points method.
7.3b Mathematical method.
7.3c Art method.
7.3d Hiding method.
7.4 Writing styles.
7.5 Using switches.
8 Encryption symbols.
8.1 Base hieroglyphs.
8.2 Characters.
8.3 Additional signs.
9 Lists of symbols.
9.1 Classic text symbols (TS).
9.1a Alphabets.
9.1b Numerals.
9.1c Mathematical symbols.
9.1d Other symbols.
9.1e Highlighting and more.
9.2 Cryptic symbols (CS).
9.2a Diffusion symbols.
9.2b Correction symbols.
9.2c Assisting symbols.
9.2d Modifiers.
9.2e Switches.
9.2f Other tools.
10 How complex code is good enough?
11 Systematization and memorizing.
12 Sharing and personalization .
12.1 Sharing with one person.
12.2 Sharing with several people.
12.3 Temporary sharing.
12.4 Urgent sharing.
12.5 Key delivery.
13 Securing the method for recovery.
13.1 Recovery of encryption method.
13.2 Recovery of encrypted data.
14 For developers.
15 Application.
16 Example of glyph parts.
17 Examples of code creation.
17.1 Basic code.
17.2 Medium level code.
17.2a Matrix of symbols.
17.2b Encryption symbols.
17.2c The creation process.
17.2d Description of rules.
17.2d – 01 Basic rules of the code.
17.2d – 02 Base cryptic symbols (BCS).
17.2d – 03 Attached cryptic symbols (ACS).
17.2d – 04 Separate cryptic symbols (SCS).
17.2d – 05 Creating additional rules.
17.2e Writing sample.
18 Exercises.
18.1 Attention exercises.
18.2 Drawing exercises.
19 Commercial uses of the cryptography method.
19.1 Cryptic messages project.
19.1a Guessing of messages.
19.1b Creating a lottery.
19.1c Promotional ads.
19.2 Cryptic signatures.
19.3 Cryptic orders.
19.4 Other commercial uses.
20 Writing music.
21 Advanced games for training.
22 Cryptography in social life.
23 Cryptography in gambling.
24 The highest level method.
25 Work on the book.
26 Future of the method.
26.1 Writing without encryption.
26.2 Encoding without hieroglyphs.
26.3 About the next challenge.
27 Artwork.
28 To print / copy.
29 Get in touch.
30 Legal notice.
31 Content.

if you have the old free version of the book (2013, now off the site) you can compare the contents to find the new chapters added to the new version. the new version is well worth getting even if you’ve got the old version.

  • if you’re subscriber of the Youth Extension (YE) blog — — you can get a copy of the digital version of the book (*.pdf format) for a small donation to the blog, with minimum of 33 euros (or in other currency in the value of 33 euros)

here’s the link to donate (subscribers of the YE blog).. can modify the amount and currency (for a greater value only, if you wish to get the book in digital format).

..after making a donation just write me a mail to including the exact amount of the donation you made (which i will verify on PayPal) and i will send you the book as a temporary link to download (will expire in 7 days). if you miss the deadline then just write me again making sure you’ll be able to download the book and i will send you a link to the book again, with 7 days to download. when you have downloaded the book i will receive a notice by the delivery system about it. make sure then to make at least one backup copy of the book for yourself, or print it out.

  • for the previously noted price the book is not available for a larger public yet, only to subscribers of the blog, but if you make a bit greater donation to the YE blog you can ask for a digital copy of the book even if you’re not subscriber of the blog. if you’re not a subscriber the minimum donation is 88 euros (or in other currency in the value of 88 euros), to get the digital version of the book.

here’s the link to donate.. can modify the amount and currency (for a greater value only, if you wish to get the book in digital format).

..then proceed the same way as subscribers: after making a donation just write me a mail to including the exact amount of the donation you made (which i will verify on PayPal) and i will send you the book as a temporary link to download (will expire in 7 days). if you miss the deadline then just write me again making sure you’ll be able to download the book and i will send you a link to the book again, with 7 days to download. when you have downloaded the book i will receive a notice by the delivery system about it. make sure then to make at least one backup copy of the book for yourself, or print it out.

when i’ll decide the best automated book delivery method from countless technical options out there (which means countless testings before choosing) then the price can be lowered, but that’s not certain it will be significantly lower then 33 euros. i still need to go through research and testing of many services before one day the automated option will be available. thus so far, if you wish to save up money, then subscribe to the blog first. in any case, the bigger the amount donated the better for all, because then i can dedicate more time to work on the blog/books and thus more selected information on the topics will be available to you.

thank you for your attention, and have a great time in learning/creating a perfect method of advanced handwriting cryptography. don’t forget that it’s an excellent way to keep your brain active, which is a very important part in staying young as long as possible. most of your health problems and aging processes begin in your brain.. because of not using it properly.

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The Invisible Book Chain.

it’s been over a month now since i finished editing the book Advanced Cryptography Individual Operation (the first edition, 2013), giving to the updated book a new name: Advanced Handwriting Cryptography. i have sent out few query letters to literary agents, with no great success so far, but it’s way too early to come to any conclusion. i have learned that to get my work published as a hardcover book it may take few years, and that’s counting after finding an agent/publisher which may as well take few years. here’s how the process of publishing goes (it’s an excerpt from a long letter, a response from an agent whom i contacted. unfortunately the agent has retired and isn’t taking new works)..


The Invisible Book Chain: An Overview of the Publishing Process

You write your proposal or manuscript.
You or your agent submits your book.
Your editor likes it enough to do a proposal to buy it.
An editor-in-chief or editorial board decides whether to buy it and for how much.
You sign a contract and receive the first part of your advance against royalties.
If you sold your book with a proposal, you write your book.
Your editor edits your manuscript.
You respond to your editor’s suggestions.
Your editor accepts your manuscript.
You receive the second part of your advance.
Your editor sends your manuscript to the production department, so it can be published simultaneously in print, and as an ebook and audio book.
The production department copyedits your manuscript.
You respond to your copyeditor’s comments.
The art department creates or outsources the interior design
and the cover for a paperback and ebook or the hardcover jacket.
In a series of launch meetings, your editor and the sales, marketing, publicity, and advertising departments:
– position your book on one of your publisher’s seasonal lists
– create a trade and consumer-marketing plan
– choose the print, broadcast, and electronic trade and consumer media to carry out the plan
– prepare sales materials for sales conference.
Throughout the rest of the process, your agent or publisher tries to sell subsidiary rights.
Your publisher will print advance reading copies (ARCs) and send them to early reviewers and for cover quotes.
Your book and the plans for it are presented to the sales reps.
Sales reps sell your book to on- and offline bookstores, distributors, wholesalers, specialty stores, warehouse clubs, and mass-market distributors; and to school, college, and public libraries.
Your publisher’s education department sells books with adoption potential.
Your publisher’s special-sales department tries to sell bulk orders for books with premium and bulk-sales potential.
The production department arranges to print your book.
Your publisher’s warehouse receives books from the printer, ships orders, and later receives returns.
Your publisher’s advertising and publicity departments:
– do prepublication promotion
– send out review copies of your book.
Your book is published and has a brief launch window in which you and your publisher try to generate sales momentum with publicity, reviews, promotion, reading groups, and traditional and social media.
Readers learn about your book in a bookstore, in a library, from on- and offline media, a reading group, a review, or a friend. They read it, love it, and tell others they must read it.
Your publisher promotes your book for as long as sales justify it.
You promote your book for as long as you want it to sell.
Reprint meetings decide when to:
– reprint and how many copies
– sell or remainder part or all the stock if sales are too low
– make your book available in a print-on-demand edition
– put your book out of print at which time you can ask for the rights back and republish it.
You write the proposal or manuscript for your next book.


considering the duration of the whole process till a hardcover book will reach readers, i’m now thinking more about self-publishing, which means i’m going to do a proper research about all the self-publishing options to decide what suits for my needs the best. meanwhile i’m still waiting to receive all the responses from those agents whom i’ve sent out queries.

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Science breakthrough: Oxygenating blood without breathing.

A team of scientists at the Boston Children’s Hospital have invented what is being considered one the greatest medical breakthroughs in recent years. They have designed a microparticle that can be injected into a person’s bloodstream that can quickly oxygenate their blood. This will even work if the ability to breathe has been restricted, or even cut off entirely.

read the article..

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publishing must wait.

it seems that i’ve got too deeply into the writing mood. few days ago thought that the book on cryptography is ready but since then i began writing several more new chapters. some new chapters should have been included already in the layout of the book before editing/updating but somehow didn’t cross my mind. more work to do to get the thing closer to a perfect handbook on the cryptography method. i’ll keep working on the book while on the road as i must move on.. whether i like it or not.. pressures of life. one chapter in the book also tells about how and in which circumstances the book was written.. you must wait till it gets finalized and published, then you get the picture of my crazy life in some sense.

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the book now off the site.

thank you for your attention and particular thanks to all the followers on YE wordpress blog and on linked YE social accounts. even spam comments were welcome as they made the site more visible in different searches.

the reality is actually such that i can’t afford to give away my every piece of hard work for free anymore. the blog remains free of course, but my work on cryptography (including the book) must begin to provide me with some support for living. the edited and updated book on my method of Advanced Handwriting Cryptography, which i had worked on the last several weeks, is now over 100 pages long, which is a progress compared to the less than 40 pages of the promotional free book (Advanced Cryptography Individual Operation – ACIO). it was freely available for over two and half years. now i’m going to search for publishers to the updated book.. logically it means that i had to take off the old version of the book from free download. when it will be possible by the terms of a contract with a publisher i will post the promotional version for free download again. the length of the books isn’t a measure of course: in the new book there are added chapters with step by step examples of code creation in different levels of hardness and much more.. you’ll find out when you buy the book. i will let you know when and where it becomes available.

there has been no financial progress for way too long to keep going that way — not the blog nor my other attempts of living from donations have succeeded, while the YE blog has produced not a single donation this far. so, i’m back to the capitalistic principles of life after my failed attempt to promote socialism.

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last days to download free version of the book on new cryptography..

the free version of the book on my cryptography method i’ll take off the site, quite soon — use the opportunity to download the promotional version for free while you still can. here’s an example of the advanced handwriting cryptography:

..the new version of the book, with added chapters (with code creation examples and more), will most likely be a paid version, or not available online at all. It depends on a deal i’ll get with a publisher.

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