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Advanced Handwriting Cryptography


Proverbs, Wisdoms And Old Sayings


Seeming Reality



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the YE blog remains active

the youthextension (YE) wordpress blog remains active regardless of the fate of the domains which i’m trying to sell.. my books which i have published for free so far will also remain free to download and permitted to share..


the conditions of sharing my books are that no modifications are made to the content and the books are shared entirely, not in parts. if you profit from sharing my books some ways it’s ok, except direct selling — the books themselves must be free. i don’t mind if someone benefits financially from my creative work either by talking on a podcast, in a video or other indirect ways — it won’t shorten my life. my main goal is to live as long and healthy as possible while money is just a small side issue of living, not the means to extend my youthful wellbeing. in any case you have an option to donate..



the clubdeparis.com / .net domains

as i explained in my previous article..


.. i no longer need the local domains related to paris. the domain available to purchase:




one option, for someone interested, is to use the domains without the need to buy them from me. if i like the project then i’ll give the domains for use with no pay while having a part in the business. you can also get ownership of the domains for a reasonably small price while leaving me a part in the business with no active participation in it, or you can offer something else in exchange for the domains. all options are on table as i simply no longer need the domains.

i acquired the domains over ten years ago after a research for any restrictions of use (copyright, trademark) — there are no restrictions. the research was done officially by a known company in luxembourg. i did an additional research myself as well, to be absolutely sure, because the domains are not cheap.

please feel free to contact me for any questions by my email..

Mr. Alex Kobold:

a.k.work.inbox [at] gmail.com

as i have decided to go away from france quite soon i see no point to publish my local phone number here. i will give by email the phone number which i’m currently using.


the youthextension wordpress blog remains active regardless of the fate of the domains which i’m trying to sell.. my books which i have published for free will so far also remain free to download and permitted to share..


with best regards, Alex




seeking a free country to go to, selling local domains.

france no longer is a free country, i’m seriously considering going away from here. it’s sad though.. after traveling around the world visiting well over 30 countries, living and working in over 10 of them, i chose france as the country where finally to settle down. now though here you can find no work unless you’re vaccinated. you even can’t enter a hospital if you have no covid test done, which before was free but now you have to pay a considarable sum for each test which is accepted for three days only. many activities are restricted for those not vaccinated and it appears to me it’s only getting worse — more restrictions are coming.

i have lived in some supposedly still fee countries before and got friends there as well, welcoming me to come back any time, but i’m looking for a free country where i’ve never been before. i don’t really like to repeat a passed route and am seeking for something new to discover, even if it brings temporary hardships.

difficulties are good for the health of the brain and body, which in the end keeps you living longer. it doesn’t mean that i’m not wishing to have a stable life and keep my health in order with other activities than a stuggle for survival, provided that the stable life is interesting enough for me, but i don’t see a struggle for survival as something bad. the struggle just needs to include enough new and interesting to learn — a country where i’ve never been before is an option.

if i don’t speak the local language it’s even better because to learn another language is very beneficial for the health of the brain and therefore for the whole body, and it’s useful in life in general to know many languages. so far i speak freely only six languages which isn’t enough for even half of the world.

as i’m quite sure i’m going away from here rather sooner than later then i’m going to sell the domains related to paris:



if you have an interest in buying the domains or just one of them please feel free to contact me. you’ll find my email in this article:


.. in the article you can also find out how you can help me with work, if that’s what you can offer.

if i go to a place where i’ve never been before, without money, then it better be a warm place in winter. one country i think of is portugal, beginning with lisbon as the place to find work — there’s a street paper selling option to make some small income for start. after learning the language it will also be easier to move to brazil if i choose to.

south america – i’ve been there shortly – is a place i plan to discover for myself but the covid vaccination craziness needs to end before i can go there. europe is my current place to stay as i can’t travel long distances – i mean overseas – without the covid vaccination.. unless someone offers me a trip in a private jet or a yacht.

travel by land in europe is also restricted: in long haul trains you need the covid vaccination, but i have enough experience in travel that getting from paris to lisbon in under a week is still possible.

if you have any ideas where to go — a country which is still free and seems to remain free — please let me know. any and all information which helps me to decide my next destination is very welcome.


truth or not, who knows these days.

a friend of mine pointed out to me that the claim about the USSC decision which i shared recently was possibly not true..


before, when i made the research on google, i found nothing about it — not positive nor negative. i tried again today with different keywords and i found something..


.. well, there are billions of dollars involved, who knows who writes the truth. AP is one source for all corporate media around the world.. remember weapons of mass destruction in iraq? remember that the kennedy assasination is in textbooks by lone gunman while the true perpetrators have been found guilty, sentenced and put in prison? remember… well, lets not go there now..

you get the point that these days is hard to take anyone’s word as truth and it’s often better to follow informed logic to see what makes more sense as truth.

it’s impossible for me to verify everything.. i’ve got a life to live. i only share the information which makes sense to me and if i’m wrong sometimes that only means that i’m a human too, not a god or a prophet.


The US Supreme Court Has Ruled That The Covid Pathogen Is Not A Vaccine.

The Supreme Court In The US Has Ruled That The Covid Pathogen Is Not A Vaccine, Is Unsafe, And Must Be Avoided At All Costs.

/…/ The new COVID vaccine should be avoided at all costs. /…/ For the first time in the history of vaccination, the so-called mRNA vaccines of the latest generation directly interfere with the patient’s genetic material and therefore alter the individual genetic material, which is genetic manipulation, which was already prohibited and was previously considered a crime. /…/

read the full article.



the old place

that’s the location of my old ‘luxury’ home, cleared up..


.. it was supposed to be freed because of the wall which needed to be ‘urgently’ painted. well, it is not painted still.

for reference, to see the home i built, see the older posts..



as a friend of mine said, the wall with graffity didn’t disturb anyone for 50 (fifty) years until he built there a terrace for his bar. then the city officials showed up and demanded to remove the newly built terrace, to put it back after painting the wall. coincidence? some strange people in paris. well, there are people with mental and emotional problems everywhere in world, not only in france, but the problems begin when they get into power positions, be it even a small power.

personally i take such people as the accidents of nature and ignore them, which means avoiding further encounters. you can’t fight everything in world.. more important things are to take care of. avoidance is often the best strategy, to let them marinate in their own mind when they can’t use their power hunger against anyone. fighting is the thing that some of them wish to have, to feel important, so letting them know they’re not important works the best, simply going on with life like nothing happened, like walking around a piece of s*** without stepping into.

in fact i didn’t even meet the city officials.. they were there couple of times when i was away. my local friends informed me. i moved to the new place after their first visit. in fact i was planning to move anyway as i had already found a better place, but i planned to do it a few weeks later.

i always have several reserve places looked up, for any occasion, ready to move at any moment. that’s what one part of the true freedom is — nobody can create me continuos problems — i will simply go on with my happy life somewhere else.


a note

this message is to the followers/readers of the blog who know me personally:

i’m no longer living in the location which i set up for me a month ago and built to be comfortable. i moved to another location which i’m not making public right now.. only some friends of mine know where i am. so, ask me and i will tell my new location to you as well, if you need to know.

as i don’t know for sure why some city officials decided to show up in my old place and clear it up, i prefer not to build up my new location. i will keep a low profile, to be left in peace. it appears to me, by the quick action of officials, that a homeless person is not supposed to live a nice life, so i will keep my comfort invisible to the jealous eyes.

actually i don’t think that the officials decided to act on their own while there are literally hundreds of other homeless people living on street and nobody bothers them — clearly someone had annoyed the city officials to the point that they showed up. i was in that place only for a month while i know people living on street for decades with no issues.

while keeping my profile low now i keep seeking a job which would not require me to get the covid vaccination.. i still don’t trust it. after a generation or two there will be more information about the long term effects and i intend to live a long time, very long time.

that’s the whole point of the most of my decisions in life: money, wealth and all material riches are low in my list of priorities. as soon as something begins to interfere with my method of life extension, including calm mind, meditation, rest and sleep, i will change my life, even if it means sleeping in a tent for a while till i can find exactly what i need.

the most important to me is my health, everything else is secondary.


about vaccinations

from my recent posts it may seem like i’m against vaccinations. that’s not the case. i’m pro good vaccines, verified in time, and only against the vaccines which are not properly tested, with unknown long term effects.

as soon as i’ll get confident enough that the covid vaccines are safe i will take the shots.. so far the evidence shows that it’s safer to be not vaccinated.

i have always maintained that vaccines are generally good and i have also taken the necessary shots in the past, while traveling to the areas in world where specific vaccines are mandatory to take, against some known widespread diseases.

with covid i’ve already been ill some half a year ago and i recovered, now having natural immunity. it was a nasty experience but in the past i’ve been having worse experience with seasonal flu: higher fever, head aches, pain in throat, blocked nose etc. – almost everything i have had worse before, many times in life. the only thing worse with covid — by my personal experience — was the difficulty to breathe. it wasn’t so bad though that even hospital refused to take me in, the doctor saying it wasn’t too bad and i should recover myself, which i did.

some symptoms of an illness by a virus are beneficial for the virus, like runny nose, and some are good for the body to kill the virus, like fever, so one should use medication prudently not to benefit virus while trying to feel better. generally you only need time, a lot of fluids and good sleep, to get cured, not medication if that’s supportable.

in fact there doesn’t exist medication against any virus, and never existed. only the nasty symptoms can be treated with medication, not the virus itself. natural immunity is the only thing capable combatting viruses.


AI-powered DoD data analysis about COVID vaccination.

An AI-powered Dept. of Defense program named “Project Salus,” run in cooperation with the JAIC (Joint Artificial Intelligence Center), has analyzed data on 5.6 million Medicare beneficiaries aged 65 or older. Data were aggregated from Humetrix, a real-time data and analytics platform that tracks health care outcomes. The alarming findings show that the vast majority of covid hospitalizations are occurring among fully-vaccinated individuals and that outcomes among the fully vaccinated are growing worse with each passing week. /…/

read the full article..