bk SR: How is multi-polarity expressed in nature..

An excerpt from the book SEEMING REALITY [ https://sellfy.com/p/WTto ].

How is multi-polarity (non-linear systems) expressed in nature and is it possible to shape it into a system through linear activity?
Your everyday experience shows that (bipolar) consciousness can influence the (multipolar) subconscious: our activity influences our dreams and our subconscious reactions. The “problem” is that as consciousness is a special case of the subconscious, there are only limited ways how the subconscious can be influenced by consciousness.

Some natural examples of established multipolar regularities are the pyramids, the “magic circles” (where everyone interested may e.g. walk on burning coal barefoot), “anomalous” locations between the mountains (Tibetan monasteries – training centres were built there), water with special properties flowing in certain places, etc. Everyone is not able to assemble a “magic circle” as it takes knowledge of natural materials and the ability to communicate with them.

Here’s necessary to take up the real energetic sensation and illusions. We will not deal with self-deception – it is a closed circle of reason and everyone is to get out of it himself.

Energetics has a lot in common (and many connections) with love. For example: First you have your first love, then second, then third, the fourth… when on one day (or night) you discover that what you have got is… first love. The same principles (my experience) hold in finding energetic sensation, love itself is a purest energetic link. The attainment of genuine sensation of energy may be expressed as follows: “as far as you feel like asking someone if you have energetic abilities or if your sensations are energetic, then you do not have them. When you comprehend and govern energetics, you do not have to ask about it – you HAVE GOT it, and no one can take it away from you or make you doubt it”. (There is one love but it has thousands of shades.) But yet. On the way to real comprehension illusions may be very stimulating phenomena. They give you strength and interest to continue looking. Only sometimes it is difficult to give up illusions which may be quite stimulating and pamper your self-confidence.

When you start doubting yourself, TIME has not come and there is SPACE for development in every direction.


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