bk SR: In nature energy was originally in a chaotic state..

An excerpt from the book SEEMING REALITY [ https://sellfy.com/p/WTto ].

In nature (the external body) energy was originally in a chaotic state, or, more correctly, in dispersed movement governed by the laws of nature. Human reason was able to select out of this “chaos” a type of energy that was in conformity with the laws of reason and to systematize the natural elements that influenced (+/–) this energy in experiments contrived by it (by reason). In the long run this led to the development of power stations and other relevant consequences (up to personal computers, +/–). In essence this is selective systematization of nature by the rules of reason.

Let us take a break here. Imagine the whole nature being systematized by the rules of reason. Then all left of man should be reason. End of break.
Only reason may create linear (straight, unidirectional) energetic connections in the body. These connections are not shaped trough dictatorship but through finding the places and possibilities for realisation of respective energetic connections and their subsequent systematization (I am here speaking of oriental teachings about movement of energies that are by no means the only solution, it is simply the course development has taken in the Orient).

In connection with teaching of energetic movements understood by oriental schools as meridians, conditionally, in accordance with understanding, related to certain bodily organs (through external knowledge – for external explanation), it should be said that when Don Men has discussed the topic in his lectures many medically educated (in this context read: important) people have got up and left without listening to the end (!)… Their importance and stature were witnessed by the medical questions asked (already containing the implied right answer). When Don Men took a different approach in his explanation (not proceeding from the solution presumed by the question) they were able to listen to but a couple of first sentences from which they immediately concluded the whole answer (probably on the basis of experience). Here you can see why in Tibetan monasteries, when somebody asks a question proceeding from the first intellect, and the on-going discussion takes place with the rules of the second intellect, and one is not explicable by the other (they are mutually exclusive) – such “transition” is called “jump across the abyss” in the Orient – the teacher hits the disciple on the head saying: “think right”.

(An ancient philosopher was led to the verge of suicide trying to find a logical solution to the statement: “I never tell the truth” when the speaker told the truth, and consequently was lying, but if he lied, then consequently he was telling the truth. Where is the solution?)

In linear bio-energetics it is also not possible to make smooth transfers between arbitrary meridians, before doing it, the “contradictory” meridian has to be released – in the opposite case the result is energetic destruction up to physical damage. It is not possible to rationally prove the existence of bioenergetic energies different from electrical +/- energies, and until attainment of real understanding it is purely a matter of belief. Before this attainment it is sufficient when the teacher tells you that it is so.

Given such attitude and faith in your teacher you may find such bioenergetic development which otherwise (without a teacher) could, if you get entangled in quest and disappointments, lose reality for you. (Don Men is relatively indifferent to “those who seek” until the point when their FAITH is sufficiently “mature” and will not allow the reason to “filter” exercises).

Everything is comprehensible through knowledge (do not necessarily read: reason). Even ignorance and fear of ignorance are comprehensible through a knowledge, that there is something towards what you cannot have an attitude, as you do not know its nature and behaviour in particular situations.

Given the fact that due to the inertia of development all texts – be they oral or written – are the most efficient means of communication for ordinary people, a book is necessary as, through dissemination of primary truths, it gives many people an opportunity “to seek” and simplifies the finding of a “teacher”. This is true only when the book does not turn into a dictator and start to lure the reader with knowledge, terms, meanings and other symbolic entities that are unnecessary for bioenergetic development. Here the teacher is LIFE – the hardships, successes, and whatever other experiences leading to bioenergetic comprehension.

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