bk SR: TIME and SPACE.

An excerpt from the book SEEMING REALITY [ https://sellfy.com/p/WTto ].


There is no time and space. There is only movement and change (also movement). More precisely: time and space exist only for reason and even there time is just movement measured by another kind of movement from one point of space into another.

I will try to show an explanation that might be difficult to grasp through the mediation of reason:

As soon as to eliminate the notion “space”, the notion “time” is lost. In such case everything is present everywhere at the same time.
A knowledge that is inculcated in you says that light brings to you information about some distant object. Time needed for it is X etc. etc. Everything is logical.
Now let us proceed from the viewpoint that everything in the world is information either in materialized or non-materialised form. We can thus conclude that everything we see, hear, or touch is merely information and has reality to the degree equal to the reception power of our information sensors. The rest does not exist (abstract thinking is also an information sensor).

To be liberated from the limitations set to us by our surroundings, time and space, we have to LIBERATE ourselves of the dictatorship of our internal sensors, in a manner of speaking, we have to leave our material body behind.

Is DEATH then not death? How can it then be, if a contradiction, which is logical even from the point of view of reason, holds: death (bad) liberates (good) man from limitations, or, to write it in the polar manner: +=– (liberation = death). If you can sincerely agree to that, then you have talents to get further liberated from the limitations of reason – the seed is already there.

If, after reading the last passage, you started thinking (maybe again) about the purpose and/or purposelessness of life, then philosophers or the “knowledgeable” people have long ago provided several answers that keep being come upon by every thinker: “The purpose of life is not to think of the purpose of life”, “Life has purpose only when you grow up your children, build a home and plant a tree”…

Japanese samurais (warriors) used a very “clever” way to attain internal peace in life. Their life was based on a philosophical world outlook that despised death and fear for one’s life. Rising every morning a samurai had to think that he might die this day – even going to bed a samurai was to keep in mind that he might die in bed and, as befitted a true samurai, no one was to find him in an undignified situation. A samurai had to die with self-respect – not crying out in fear but accepting the death as the natural course of events…

… a samurai who daily contemplated death and was ready to accept it achieved naturalness and peace for every situation of life – an unexpected fight on life and death did not cause fear in him, not to speak of everyday situations (samurai’s senses were never eclipsed). Such world outlook does not allow for depression (or suicidal tendencies) as “everything in this world is FLOW”. A suicide was possible only when a samurai had tarnished his honour. In this case he committed harakiri (seppuku, a cut of stomach) and liberated himself from shame.

A number of samurai movies and other films about martial arts depict the masters as extremely emotional people – do not let yourself be led astray by that as most of such productions are oriented to European audiences. No samurai observing the “basic code” Busi-do could let anyone (an enemy) read his state of mind from face or posture.

A deep internal peace is a precondition for the development of internal abilities. Only by controlling emotions, sensations and perceptions it is possible to release them at the desired moment, only through possession of internal peace and “purity of senses” (clarity of senses) it is possible to achieve opening and enlightenment.

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