about death penalty.

in general it should be abolished, with the exception of elected public servants who break their election promises and use their office for personal gain, damaging wellbeing and/or health of the people who elected them. criminal public servants can only get away from death penalty if they prove that they didn’t have, and couldn’t have, the necessary information which prompted to break their election promises. one should not seek a public office if his/her heart isn’t with the people even against his/her personal good when needed.. there are many such people out there, you don’t need others in power. all who lie about their true intentions just to get elected, deserve death penalty, depending on gravity of actions in harming life of people, obviously. also, all the votes of elected officials for/against war must be public, with those who voted for war being sent to front lines, and after survivng the war they voted for, resuming their duties in public office. you will see how the world will get better in those conditions, very soon.

about useless protests.

one can wonder what many of the semi-chaotic protests are achieving? a public awareness? a change? no, it only creates more job for the police. i’m sure the police aren’t hating the demonstrators, they’re only against those who damage property and health of other people. you have the right to protest, but no right to waste the time of working people when your arguments for a change are weak, or not showing the way the change can really be achieved. in my opinion, in the age of information the only way to achieve change is by winning over to your side others by unbiased arguments and clear logic.. by such a logic which makes even your worst enemies to shut up and have a second thought. meanwhile, the police is your supporter as long as you support the police. you better learn to respect their job and win their hearts, for they will be on your side when the real change will be needed. there’s no point to create useless confrontations — these could only lead, in extreme case, to a police state.. and the reason for it will be those who believe in a violent revolution. i have written about it years ago, but once again: even if a violent revolution succeeds in overthrowing a government, then it will weaken the country, because all kind of truly criminal elements have their chance when the police has no time to deal with them, being busy with violent demonstrators.. you wouldn’t like to live in such place. a third world country can indeed gain from a violent revolution, if there’s a dictator up there.. a third world country has nothing to lose anyway, but a global power will lose its strong economy — during a revolution there’s not only damage to property, but also widespread looting, with organized gangs getting upper hand, an thus also power. in my opinion, the only way to succeed in a real change for better in a global power, is by acting only when there’s such a strong support to the arguments of change, that the police will be the supporter, not holding you back. anything less than that is a waste of time and energy. you should begin with the respect to the police, and if they oppose your actions then most likely it means you’re not right. begin with winning hearts by using strong logic, only then you can succeed. in the age of information there are all the possibilities for it. if you can’t win hearts with your logic, then it is you who should step back and have a second thought. sometimes it’s better to say openly to your opponent: “wait, maybe i was wrong.. let me think about it”.. and if you find a stronger argument, backed by stronger logic, then come back and make it clear: “i thought about it and i find that i was still right.. here are my arguments”.. if you have them, of course. if you don’t, then go home to study, instead of wasting your own time and the time of others. the activity of protesting just because you don’t like something, without bulletproof arguments, is only giving more job to the police, not creating a change for better.

is facebook heading for bankruptcy?

it seems to make sense that facebook is no longer politically neutral, in the light that it sees its own demise, and in attempt to survive a bit longer takes financial support from those who have offered (more) for pushing their political agenda. regular users have grown out of the social platform, in the sense that they’re not spending money on it.. and advertisers too see no benefit anymore. thus, it looks like it’s over with facebook, like with many other social platforms before.. they come and go.. nothing lasts for ever. maybe facebook won’t go completely broke but i can foresee a rather wimpy/whiny future for it when it tries to voice its opinion in global affairs. continuous manipulation of the available information isn’t going unnoticed.. people are switching platforms to communicate.