about the climate alarmists.

for me it’s like listening to the flat earthers, to listen to the global warming alarmists. yes the world has been warming a bit for a while (not anymore), so are you going to change the cycles of the sun and the activity of volcanos, etc.?! there are almost countless scientific reasons why i am confident we humans are not the cause, not only the fact of sun cycles and volcanos — it is impossible to count all the reasons for warming/cooling in any given time period (except in catastrophic events) because the oceans are a heat sink and are creating a time lag, but nevertheless the effect of humans on climate is tens of thousands of times smaller than the effects of natural events — i have written about it in detail many times for over ten years. after all, that may even be a good thing that the world is warming, because a single volcano with a big enough bang can bring an ice age to earth, so better we be warmed up enough to survive. about the pollution by humans it is another story — yes we can.. to destroy the balance in nature. but about climate.. it’s like the story of flat earth over and over again. please learn the real science, not political science with twisted facts and data just to fit the agenda of total control by government.


truth as a human right.

in human rights the freedom of religion should be replaced with the freedom to know the truth. every religion must be banned from teaching to underaged people, because they’re not capable of making up their own mind, to come to correct conclusions, are emotionally vulnerable and easy to lead to a wrong direction. teaching religious dogmas to minors must be equalized with fraud and with causing willful mental damage, and with damage to society. some people claim that religions have given to human society the undersanding about right and wrong, which is another fraudulent claim. the notions of good and bad, right and wrong, existed way before religions were born and established. these notions existed way before religions and are present even in animal societies, where those who behave bad are punished according to deviation from the rules the animals have for wellbeing of their small societies. religions are simply utilising those notions for their own benefit, with the price paid as retardation in overall advancement of human society. you have the right to learn about religions when you’re of a legal age, and then you can decide how to act, but damaging thinking of minors with religious dogmas must be banned, with protection as a human right for truth and with related international laws. religions could even be equalized with mental torture, and there’s enough proof for it to be the case, regardless that religions themselves claim to be a road to salvation.

the fact that some religious organizations are helping poor people is there just for a good look and a small price to pay by religious institutions for hiding the crime of enforced mental retardation of society and living out from it. if people would spend their time on advancing science as much as they spend on religious activities, there would be no need for ‘help’.. the society would be way better off without handouts, and with way better dignity of every individual.

Natural Law Seminar

..as in previous post said, first of all one must take control over own mind. for anyone wishing to become truly creative in life, to shake off the chains of mental control by others, it would be wise to begin with learning the laws of nature.


Natural Law Seminar 1 of 3 (morning)



Natural Law Seminar 2 of 3 (afternoon)



Natural Law Seminar 3 of 3 (evening)



in that extensive lecture are some contradictions (nobody is perfect, you must judge the information with your own brain) but overall the data presented is of truly important value for understanding control and mental slavery. you can’t take everything too over simplified. he talks about not following orders, at the same time prises civil war and standing up against rulers. you cannot stand up against organised force unless you too get organised, which for avoiding a mess implies hierarchy and following orders of better informed people, professionals. also about delegating right of protection while talking about police etc. ..then what about protecting your family? your children? you cannot expect children to protect themselves – they’re only beginning to learn the world, thus others must protect them. and what about giving away the right to protect you against illnesses, to doctors? in human level of complexity of life the division comes in, including professionals of protection. i suppose the point he was making about the natural law in that particular issue, which he almost got misinterpreted, was that you cannot give away the right to protect yourself completely, but you can rely on the assistance of others. you cannot expect the protection by others though, without doing yourself a thing to protect yourself, when you’re an adult. if you don’t, then you deserve to be enslaved and to perish in slavery. nobody is obliged to protect you but yourself.

the lecture is excellent, but again, a bit too over simplified.. he missed a bit the grand picture of complexity in modern world. there are some other small contradictions in the lecture, but overall it opens up a whole new dimension of understanding to those who’ve been only relying on indoctrination by school system controlled by government.. which in the end, due to lack of true basic teachings which everyone needs to know, leads to mentally underdeveloped people.. to mental handicaps incapable thinking further than their particular tasks they’re taught to perform. you should listen to everything in this lecture carefully if you wish to free your mind and become a creative person in true meaning of creativity.. to begin creating your life the way you wish it to be.