about the climate alarmists.

for me it’s like listening to the flat earthers, to listen to the global warming alarmists. yes the world has been warming a bit for a while (not anymore), so are you going to change the cycles of the sun and the activity of volcanos, etc.?! there are almost countless scientific reasons why i am confident we humans are not the cause, not only the fact of sun cycles and volcanos — it is impossible to count all the reasons for warming/cooling in any given time period (except in catastrophic events) because the oceans are a heat sink and are creating a time lag, but nevertheless the effect of humans on climate is tens of thousands of times smaller than the effects of natural events — i have written about it in detail many times for over ten years. after all, that may even be a good thing that the world is warming, because a single volcano with a big enough bang can bring an ice age to earth, so better we be warmed up enough to survive. about the pollution by humans it is another story — yes we can.. to destroy the balance in nature. but about climate.. it’s like the story of flat earth over and over again. please learn the real science, not political science with twisted facts and data just to fit the agenda of total control by government.


do not allow yourself get stressed..

do not allow yourself get stressed.. for staying healthy is important to control your mind, thus it’s important to learn a lot, to know the life, to know how to act in life.. to act right. especially it’s important to not let your mind being influenced by unnecessary stress. for that reason i post here some videos which should open your eyes, regardless these are not directly related to the topic.. to help to diminish the possibility of some political garbage taking over your life, your emotions, your mind, your health. i’m not getting into politics too much here — been sharing alternative political videos for over ten years on other sites, but some topics are being pressed onto peoples minds by corporate media so intensively, including also the education system and mainstream science, that it would be irresponsible from me avoiding some information being clarified.

the videos below are from YE vimeo account.. vimeo.com/youthextension


The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science. from Youth Extension on Vimeo.


Global Warming Debunked at Senate Hearing 3 26 2013 from Youth Extension on Vimeo.


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the first uploaded video on YE social media accounts – on presumed global warming

to make the beginning with YE video accounts i posted an important presentation about the place where we all live.. then it will make better sense to continue with Youth Extension and related videos on the topic.

Global Warming Debunked at Senate Hearing 2013_3_26

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