i think it’s time..

.. it’s time to repost some videos.. because the propaganda by corporate media is still pressing on with lies after lies, about the climate change. you can make up your own mind..

(these are just two videos from countless others, to make a long scientific explanation short, to get the picture of true science of climate change)

about the climate alarmists.

for me it’s like listening to the flat earthers, to listen to the global warming alarmists. yes the world has been warming a bit for a while (not anymore), so are you going to change the cycles of the sun and the activity of volcanos, etc.?! there are almost countless scientific reasons why i am confident we humans are not the cause, not only the fact of sun cycles and volcanos — it is impossible to count all the reasons for warming/cooling in any given time period (except in catastrophic events) because the oceans are a heat sink and are creating a time lag, but nevertheless the effect of humans on climate is tens of thousands of times smaller than the effects of natural events — i have written about it in detail many times for over ten years. after all, that may even be a good thing that the world is warming, because a single volcano with a big enough bang can bring an ice age to earth, so better we be warmed up enough to survive. about the pollution by humans it is another story — yes we can.. to destroy the balance in nature. but about climate.. it’s like the story of flat earth over and over again. please learn the real science, not political science with twisted facts and data just to fit the agenda of total control by government.

truth as a human right.

in human rights the freedom of religion should be replaced with the freedom to know the truth. every religion must be banned from teaching to underaged people, because they’re not capable of making up their own mind, to come to correct conclusions, are emotionally vulnerable and easy to lead to a wrong direction. teaching religious dogmas to minors must be equalized with fraud and with causing willful mental damage, and with damage to society. some people claim that religions have given to human society the undersanding about right and wrong, which is another fraudulent claim. the notions of good and bad, right and wrong, existed way before religions were born and established. these notions existed way before religions and are present even in animal societies, where those who behave bad are punished according to deviation from the rules the animals have for wellbeing of their small societies. religions are simply utilising those notions for their own benefit, with the price paid as retardation in overall advancement of human society. you have the right to learn about religions when you’re of a legal age, and then you can decide how to act, but damaging thinking of minors with religious dogmas must be banned, with protection as a human right for truth and with related international laws. religions could even be equalized with mental torture, and there’s enough proof for it to be the case, regardless that religions themselves claim to be a road to salvation.

the fact that some religious organizations are helping poor people is there just for a good look and a small price to pay by religious institutions for hiding the crime of enforced mental retardation of society and living out from it. if people would spend their time on advancing science as much as they spend on religious activities, there would be no need for ‘help’.. the society would be way better off without handouts, and with way better dignity of every individual.

testing the theory of gravity.

it should be relatively easy to test the theory of gravity as statistical phenomenon. it can be done here on earth, and even better in microgravity conditions of a space station, either international one, chinese one or any other in the future — maybe even on a specially designed satellite where surrounding gravitational effect of the satellite to the test objects is minimized. two objects with non-symmetrical shape must be left out to hang in close proximity to each other and their gravitational pull must be measured with different sides turned to each other, while the centers of masses of these objects must remain at the same distance during each measurement. when the larger surface areas are closer then the gravitational pull of the objects must be a tiny bit stronger, regardless that the centers of masses of the objects are at the same distance. the particles in the objects keep vibrating in every direction randomly, but in the direction of the distorted-enlarged-twisted-wrapped space they must in average be vibrating more often, which will create the ‘gravitational pull’.. or to say it more correctly — the ‘statistical vibrational push’. the weak, fast, many-directional vibration of particles in the objects, compared to inter-molecular forces, won’t make the whole object to wobble in every direction randomly, but creates the average weak uniform push towards the warped space. for reference what do i mean with the warped space and particles as tiny wrapped pieces of space creating the warping of space, view my video where i explain the theory, about how do i picture it all in my mind..
..no need to search for the ‘gravitons’ in attempt to explain the ‘gravitational force’ — there’s none — it is all the effect of bending of the space, coming from the very existence of matter, and the resulting statistical probability of bigger freedom of movement of particles towards the warped space of other nearby particles, both in small scale and big scale. the statistical effect is very small compared to the electromagnetic and other forces, but in large quantities of particles it has a significant effect, especially over large distances.