stem cell treatment reverses aging in mouse brains.

In what could prove to be a game changer for us humans, scientists have discovered how to make old brains young and young brains stronger and more effective using targeted stem cell therapy on mice. /…/
By stimulating the neural stem cells in their brains, the old mice in the study successfully recovered their cognitive mapping ability, and remembered the layout of a given environment for far longer, effectively reversing the effects of the aging process on this particular skill. /…/

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some basics of magic.

what i have learned so far about magic is that there is no need for all the ‘magic’ things, substances to consume or inhale, no need for any special settings or locations. that said, all this is not needed if one can get into a special state of mind without them. the thing is, that most of us do not have such capacity to control the mind, thus all the attributes are there to assist one into a required state of mind. there’s also a medicinal type of magic but that’s another story, i’m not going deeply into that. the medicinal type of magic is an early precursor of modern medicine. in the magic using special mental states every single thing in the setting is selected by magician and has a special meaning. i would compare it with an artwork like a movie.. everything in a movie is placed there to influence your mind, your emotions, and even your future actions by inserting subliminal messages of sponsors, so that after watching the movie one would buy their products and services. movies are like modern magic. ancient magical practices have a resemblance to inserting subliminal messages, but it can all be done with special spells as well, to influence your mind in certain direction. this is all understood by science, in psychology. what is of interest to me the most is how an influence can be achieved over other minds which are not present on a ritual and over nature in general, over physical phenomena. the research continues.

magic, real or not?

this year i’m planning to take a deeper look into magic practices, to educate myself in the art and see if there’s something real in it. i’m having an open mind as there are certain discoveries in science proving without a shadow of a doubt the incredible power of mind which is not limited only to human mind (listen to the waking cosmos podcast — there are talks with scientists who study the mind over matter phenomena). the effects of mind over matter and mind over mind are often very subtle, not having any significant effect on individual basis, but statistically, taking hundreds of thousands of tests over decades, the effects are there with a very high confidence level not leaving them to a pure chance. with all the research done and published, anyone denying the fact of our mind influencing our physical reality directly by still unknown connections is in the rank with proponents of flat earth, flat moon, sun, and flat mars with all the other flat celestial objects. maybe it’s because the still skeptical people living in denial are having a flat mind.. maybe, i don’t know — we need to scan the brains to find out. just because we don’t know yet how our minds achieve certain feats does not eliminate the fact: influence by our minds simply by thinking about something not physically connected to us (by known fields) is real.

the scientifically collected and statistically analyzed data speaks about the reality we live in — our thoughts do influence other minds and even sensitive electronical equipment. the proven effect of even prayers (i’m not religious by the way) on helping to heal people is so significant that even health insurance companies pay for prayers, because they save around 20% percent (in average) on medical expenses compared to people whom there are no healing prayers and/or meditation administered. for me, that has nothing to do with any religion or particular beliefs but with a human intention wishing well. it seems to me that subconsciousness, consciousness, will, intention, attention, and so on, these are real physical phenomena, not exactly the same as a placebo effect, because even people who don’t know that they are meditated upon with good intentions, are also getting real measurable benefit from it. again, on individual basis that effect is hard to measure and often unpredictable, but over thousands of individual cases it generates a significant benefit, so much so that even insurance companies have been persuaded to invest in the practice for their own financial savings. if one doesn’t believe in something that is real, it is still there, regardless of outdated scientific knowledge in old textbooks.

i will take a closer look into magical practices. i will try not to spend much time on the type of magic which is meant to deliberately fool people, but of course i need to learn about ‘show magic’ tricks as well, to be aware of trickery which is possible to explain with known physical phenomena. also, as i have educated myself in clinical psychology, it will help me in many cases which will come up during my research. my mission is to understand if there’s something in ancient and modern practices of real magic which would create certain “mind over mind” and “mind over matter” interactions. will see.

i already began testing magic symbols, “sigils”, to see the effect. some of the sigils i publish on my second wordpress blog..
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research on human special abilities.

one topic that has always been of interest to me is the special abilities of people, especially those abilities that science can’t explain. i’ve been curious to learn more about human extreme abilities as far as i can remember myself studying human nature. probably this curiosity comes from practicing traditional martial arts, since the age of nine. one can definitely read out this interest from my first book which i wrote and published over twenty years ago, the book “seeming reality” (you can download it for free). since then i have made many more experiments on my own. the results of some of the later experiments (after those mentioned in the book) i had published in social media, some five years ago or so, which i later deleted because i considered the time not to be ready for talking more about those experiments — it would have affected the ongoing tests at the time. now i can perhaps begin talking again about my own experiments and the results, i will think about it.

some twenty years ago i began seeking people with special abilities in my country and studied quite a few very interesting phenomenae that people demonstrated. also i had series of public lectures with demontrations of my students from my school of martial arts, which included some probable explanations to what my students had achieved as it seemed to be difficult to explain with pure physiology. since then i have left my country and traveled world quite a bit, thus my own direct research had stopped. i’ve been learning more mostly from internet. thanks to the information age it’s clear to me that those abilities of my students were not extremely special — there are many more people out there who have achieved that extraordinary physical capacity, and that is totally explainable by human physiology, just usually we are not used to train ourselves so far. now, few years ago, i began looking for people who would be interested to begin a new research of people with special abilities, but so far i have met little interest in it. people are scared that it will attract lots of “crazy” people whom will be hard to deal with. as for my own better understanding of people i have trained myself in psychology, i have looked into cultural and social aspects of psychology and also into clinical psychology. that i consider an important step, to know how to behave in dealing with people who are lightly mentally challenged and are perhaps hard to recognize as people with difficulties in dealing with reality, having sometimes their own reality instead. that said, i am not a professional psychiatrist but learning the basics definitely helps me in seeing the world from the perspective of other people.

so, i still keep in mind the idea to begin again the research of human special abilities, to find those with clear capacity for demonstrating phenomenae that are impossible to explain by current scientific knowledge. let me know if you wish to collaborate in this research and perhaps we can figure out the best way to move forward.

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Disrupting genetic processes reverses ageing.

Research has shed new light on genetic processes that may one day lead to the development of therapies that can slow, or even reverse, how our cells age.

A study led by the University of Exeter Medical School has found that certain genes and pathways that regulate splicing factors – a group of proteins in our body that tell our genes how to behave – play a key role in the ageing process. Significantly, the team found that disrupting these genetic processes could reverse signs of ageing in cells.

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Breakthrough for longer, healthier life.

Researchers have developed a new drug that has the potential to dramatically slow the ageing process and delay, or even prevent, major diseases in humans, including cancer, Alzheimer’s, Type 2 Diabetes and arthritis.

The Scientific Director of the Cancer and Ageing Research Program (CARP), Associate Professor Derek Richard from QUT’s Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, said the breakthrough was built upon years of research focused on the ability of single-cell organisms called archaea to survive in harsh conditions, including the boiling, sulphuric acid pools of undersea volcanoes.

“Our research into arachaei revealed a ‘super hero’ protein, known as ssB1. But the real eureka moment came when we discovered that humans have this same protein, called hSSB1, in every cell of our bodies,” Professor Richard said.

“When we found that ssB1 was helping the archaea to repair its damaged DNA, we realised we might have stumbled across the basis for a new cellular treatment for humans, to control our ageing pathway and keep people healthier, for longer.

/…/ “This new drug functions by restoring the activity of the DNA-repairing,” Professor Richard said. /…/ “This drug, once fully developed, could actually be taken to protect high-risk individuals from cancer and other diseases,” he said.

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