a problem with hawking radiation.

the event horizon around black holes is an imaginary line, far from the black hole itself, thus virtual particle pairs appearing at the event horizon cannot be converted into real particles by taking energy from the mass of the black hole. furthermore, at the event horizon the virtual particle pairs can be converted into real particles both ways — outside and inside. as the extra energy needed to convert virtual particle pairs into real particles cannot be taken from the mass of the black hole, then it is taken from the gravitational field by slowing the rotational velocity of the black hole, both for the particles outside and inside the event horizon. because of stronger gravitational pull inside the event horizon, the virtual particles should become real particles more often inside the event horizon, and to increase the mass of the black hole after falling into it. in any case, the mass of the black hole, which is far from the event horizon, cannot be affected instantly, but the creation of real particles is possible. also those real particles, which are created outside the event horizon, will ultimately fall into black hole due to its gravitational pull. the hawking radiation created at the event horizon, must be going both ways, away from black hole and in the direction of black hole. black hole cannot evaporate — the mass of black hole can only increase, even if part of the radiation is measured coming from the black hole event horizon. the extra energy, for any radiation created at the event horizon to escape, to be visible or measured outside, will come from the gravitational field by slowing the rotation of the black hole.

please don’t take the logic described above as a verified conclusion, because i came to it by visualizing the processes in my mind, without any calculations.


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magic, real or not?

this year i’m planning to take a deeper look into magic practices, to educate myself in the art and see if there’s something real in it. i’m having an open mind as there are certain discoveries in science proving without a shadow of a doubt the incredible power of mind which is not limited only to human mind (listen to the waking cosmos podcast — there are talks with scientists who study the mind over matter phenomena). the effects of mind over matter and mind over mind are often very subtle, not having any significant effect on individual basis, but statistically, taking hundreds of thousands of tests over decades, the effects are there with a very high confidence level not leaving them to a pure chance. with all the research done and published, anyone denying the fact of our mind influencing our physical reality directly by still unknown connections is in the rank with proponents of flat earth, flat moon, sun, and flat mars with all the other flat celestial objects. maybe it’s because the still skeptical people living in denial are having a flat mind.. maybe, i don’t know — we need to scan the brains to find out. just because we don’t know yet how our minds achieve certain feats does not eliminate the fact: influence by our minds simply by thinking about something not physically connected to us (by known fields) is real.

the scientifically collected and statistically analyzed data speaks about the reality we live in — our thoughts do influence other minds and even sensitive electronical equipment. the proven effect of even prayers (i’m not religious by the way) on helping to heal people is so significant that even health insurance companies pay for prayers, because they save around 20% percent (in average) on medical expenses compared to people whom there are no healing prayers and/or meditation administered. for me, that has nothing to do with any religion or particular beliefs but with a human intention wishing well. it seems to me that subconsciousness, consciousness, will, intention, attention, and so on, these are real physical phenomena, not exactly the same as a placebo effect, because even people who don’t know that they are meditated upon with good intentions, are also getting real measurable benefit from it. again, on individual basis that effect is hard to measure and often unpredictable, but over thousands of individual cases it generates a significant benefit, so much so that even insurance companies have been persuaded to invest in the practice for their own financial savings. if one doesn’t believe in something that is real, it is still there, regardless of outdated scientific knowledge in old textbooks.

i will take a closer look into magical practices. i will try not to spend much time on the type of magic which is meant to deliberately fool people, but of course i need to learn about ‘show magic’ tricks as well, to be aware of trickery which is possible to explain with known physical phenomena. also, as i have educated myself in clinical psychology, it will help me in many cases which will come up during my research. my mission is to understand if there’s something in ancient and modern practices of real magic which would create certain “mind over mind” and “mind over matter” interactions. will see.

i already began testing magic symbols, “sigils”, to see the effect. some of the sigils i publish on my second wordpress blog.. healthextension.wordpress.com
.. there’s also a quick access domain for the new blog.. acio.pro


further human evolution.

as i see it, the apparent next steps in human evolution as species are:
getting rid of self-deceit and being truly real.
comment: these are functions of mind for getting in real touch with the nature/universe as it is.. sticking to verified facts and logic, relying on scientific thinking, avoiding religious nonsense and so on. by looking at how big percentage of world’s human population are believers you can tell that this step in human evolution to fully arrive is still far away. the process may even go as to evolving into separate species. the study of human brain shows that the people who are blindly believing in supernatural, not capable to rely on verifiable facts, are not always to blame — people do have different brain parts available to use. brains of all people are more different from each other than the rough similarity may suggest. you cannot ask a handicap without arms to do certain tasks, similarly you cannot ask all people to get real as the parts of brain responsible for the sorting out facts and sticking to them may simply be missing.
getting control over own feelings and emotions and several bodily functions not usually under conscious control.
comment: many people in history, and also these days, have already reached that level in their evolution, but far too few. so few that many others, not capable to the feats on their own, have taken and take them as ‘gods’, shamans, yogis etc. ..these days they are mainly regarded as ‘superhumans’ with extraordinary talents. also some magicians and stage artists fall into that category of example of advanced evolution, if they use their true capacities and not technical assistance and/or mind control tricks on others, to fool people.
getting control over own aging process.
comment: there are some historic accounts of such abilities to some unusual extent, but those historic legends about extraordinarily long lived people are impossible to verify with absolute scientific confidence. but science does not contradict to the possibility, because there exist plants and animals who are literally immortal — only growing, staying in youthful state, and dying only due to competition in nature or accidents, not because of biological aging.

so, which human species you consider yourself and your further generations developing/evolving into? learn about your own mind control .. visit my book store to download digital versions of some books.. sellfy.com/youthextension

Is it art? If so, we will see it differently, say researchers.

Knowing that a picture represents real life changes how we perceive it, say scientists in the Netherlands. Findings presented at the annual conference of the European College of Neuropharmacology show that people react differently to an image if they are told it is art, compared with images from real life.

read the article.. www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/312951.php

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