physics of mind.

matter is a perturbation in waves, be it another wave hitting a wave, or an observation.. which would mean our observations, our consciousness, are also waves, and we can change the reality with our will, our mind. thus it also makes sense why in most cases collective will has power over personal will, as it’s causing a bigger wave, unless collective will is weaker than an individual wave moving in one direction. collective will can be weaker than individual will due to moving in many directions smoothing the wave out, while an individual or a small group can create a powerful unidirectional wave riding over the smooth indecisive will of collective mind.

sounds like a philosophy? nope. i came to this by keeping an eye on developments in physics, namely on studies of quantum reality. for example electrons have propability waves and only the act of measuring (an observation) will locate the electron, but it can also be found in another location. the theory has hold for a very long time without alternative better explanations which would make sense. for me it looks like these probability waves are just the locations with strong enough waves where perturbations can occur, creating the electrons. once the perturbation occurs there’s not enough energy of the wave left in the system for the perturbation to occur in another location, for another electron to be created, but it could have been created in other locations of the system if measured first, collapsing the wave.

mind altering drugs

there’s a list of science discoveries out there made by scientists under the influence of drugs. some say that the drugs helped them to make the discoveries. i think those who say drugs were of help missed the whole point — those scientists were smart enough that even drugs didn’t mess up all their brain cells and they made the discoveries not because of the drugs but despite of them. imagine what more they could have achieved in science if they didn’t take drugs. and in some cases it may just have been a lucky coincidence — even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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