Transhumanism & Man Merging With Machine.

A compiled video from different sources, all good for learning what’s going on in sciences for human enhancement, creating so called Human 2.0, mixing human and animal DNA for better performance, and resulting issues. In the video is not exactly the latest information as the title claims (“Progress In 2016”), but still good for refreshing the mind about where we are heading to as a civilisation. Topics are discussed in a professional and eye opening manner to those not aware of the technologies, our inevitable future.

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Company Wants to Resurrect Humans with Artificial Intelligence Within 30 Years

Humai CEO Josh Bocanegra has revealed further details of the process in his interview with PopSci, saying that the brain will be frozen after death using cryonics and then stored until there is a technology capable of implanting it into an artificial body.

“The artificial body functions will be controlled with your thoughts by measuring brain waves. As the brain ages, we’ll use nanotechnology to repair and improve cells. Cloning technology is going to help with this too,” he said.

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Why You May Live To 150 And Never Look Older Than 30

Jack O’Brien is joined by Laura Deming, a 21-year-old venture capitalist who is funding the therapies of the future that will slow the process of aging. They discuss some of the breakthroughs in the field and Laura debunks some myths about current life extension treatments.

Jack is then joined by Fiona Ginty, a principal scientist at GE working on the microimaging of cells. Fiona shares how this technology will aid in the fight against aging as that process might be built into our DNA.

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