becoming a street artist, maybe.

been thinking if i should try the life of a street artist. several times i have tried making money on the street, but never really living that life and traveling with this mindset.. these were just occasional attempts to see if it works in the area where i lived for a while. for over a month now i’ve been selling a “street paper” (a magazine) on street but that has too many limitations — i have a specified spot where i am allowed to sell and nowhere else, and each vendor of the magazine has a specified spot. that’s basically all i can do. if i would become a freelance street artist i would have the liberty in choosing my work place, it would free up my creativity and i would learn about the life of street artists which is also very interesting. the most important part of it is the freedom of movement.. i can pack my stuff at any moment to move to another town or country without being strapped down by agreements while working for someone else. got to give it a try i think, it would be a worthwile experience. first i’ve got to think through the art project which i would sell, because playing guitar, which i did in the past, is by now long forgotten.. my level of playing guitar would be too low if i would try to recall something and retraining myself would take too much time. now i have some better ideas for street performance but like with any business idea one got to think it through first.

Is it art? If so, we will see it differently, say researchers.

Knowing that a picture represents real life changes how we perceive it, say scientists in the Netherlands. Findings presented at the annual conference of the European College of Neuropharmacology show that people react differently to an image if they are told it is art, compared with images from real life.

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