an opinion about blogging..

i’m still quite busy with my new work, and with learning new things for my work, having just enough time to catch up with world news and to rest a bit as well. meanwhile i’ve been receiving quite an annoying amount of promotion mails from wordpress and i see that my wordpress blog is so full of ads that one can hardly see the content posted by me. come on, to have ads before and after each post is too much.

to remove the annoying ads i should pay for the service wordpress provides, which is normal, but here’s my take on it: as not a professional full time blogger i see no return on the investment. i’ve been having several websites for around fifteen years and spent literally tens of thousands of euros for domains, website service providers etc., plus i spent years on building and updating the sites with my content. then i tried several free social platforms as a new phenomenon and kept my expenses low with paying only for domain names. the result: last year i decided to give away all my books for free as nobody paid for a full version, only free versions were ever downloaded regardless the fact that the “advanced handwriting cryptography” search on google showed my books on top of the first search page.. my method of handwriting cryptography is still the strongest there is in the world but who cares — the topic is too specific it seems, to have any larger interest. my books on other topics are perhaps just too hard to promote with so much competition out there. about sponsors: the only sponsors i ever had were my friends who know me from real life. thus, it’s been fun and exciting to work on the online projects wishing to gain more time for writing new books, but the reality proved the idea wrong — i must work double — i need to have a job that gives me income and to work for online content, while the project of writing new books is by now abandoned. that must change. the blogging hasn’t provided me with a single cent of income (apart from a small ‘symbolic’ support from friends), thus spending more money and lots of time on it is out of question. that’s the result of my reality check.

what else, to keep complaining.. my few years old tablet and recently bought smartphone crashed irreparably during the last month, so i got a new one, one of the very latest and a powerful model, but the wordpress app is crashing on it immediately after opening. i must use the web browser to post.

thus, to take it all together and thinking about my time well spent, i’m just not seeing any benefits in blogging. i may continue posting from time to time but honestly i must concentrate on activities that are more efficient in every sense. i’m happy enough with my life that i don’t need to show it all to the world.

have a good one everyone who followed me and keeps following, you never know, one day i may have nothing to do and will continue posting on the blog.

about online shopping on ‘wish’ and ‘geek’ platforms.

these apps are very convenient to search for the products you need.. but.. keep in mind that ‘wish’ and ‘geek’ are a dumping ground for defective products, most likely discarded from factories and stolen by workers before destruction as faulty items. only occasionally you’ll get a product with a minor defect which doesn’t harm the functionality too much. you must document (photograph) all packs and items in them carefully while unpacking, to get a refund in case of significant defects, but be aware you’ll get blocked soon for “‘excessive refunds” because most of items are defective. (also take screenshots of the items on shop page in time of purchase). never buy memory cards — all of them have only few percent of the capacity from which is written and they don’t keep data. i would also advise you not to buy phone chargers — two of the chargers i received literally blew up spitting out fire and kicking out fuses in the house.. the gamble is too risky with those defective items.. they may also write on shop page that the charger is 2A max while in fact they send you a 0.35A charger — happened few times. too many lies on these platforms.. you must be a geek to see through the lies and to wish you’re lucky to receive an item with minor defects.

good luck with shopping.. once being refunded several times stop buying expensive items — be ready for your refunds being blocked, even for those items you didn’t receive.

personally i managed to shop on ‘wish’ and ‘geek’ for almost a year before being blocked. i mostly purchased electronics and support tech for the electronics — video cameras for different purposes (4k camcorders, water-proof action cameras, small cameras for bicycle, security/surveillance cameras, etc.), tripods, microphones, lights, rechargeable batteries and so on, also some other electronic devices which are online about 1/3rd..1/5th of the price you would pay in a local shop. i was always polite while asking for a refund and explained in clear technical language the defects (with no emotions expressed), with attached photos of the items. luckily for me every defective item which i asked a refund for got refunded, even expensive items.. until i got blocked recently. by this time i had already bought all i needed and only some cheap items are still missing — regardless of not receiving the items and their overdue delivery time i can’t get refunds anymore. so, ‘wish’ and ‘geek’ are not the place for me to continue shopping — i am not restricted to buy, but why to bother paying money if not sure about the quality of the items and about receiving them at all (well over ten items are still missing, for many months already, incuding three smartphones, two 360 cameras, and other stuff).

nevertheless, i must admit i am happy with the experience i had and i got my money spent very well — many of the completely refunded items are still possible to use, even though not fully functional as promised in the description of shops — for example some security cameras have very poor night vision but still work well with a good lighting, thus i can use them at night only with additional automated lighting. many electronic devices have no visible defects but have problems with software.. make sure you test all the functions thorougly as soon as you receive the items — there’s only 30 days to ask for a refund. this short warranty period is also one reason for low prices. also, the resolution of cameras may be less than promised on shop page, thus compare with other devices. one of the most commonly encountered lies on these shopping platforms is that the devices are water-proof (while even showing photos of using the electronic devices in rain and/or under water), which in many cases is obviously not the case when you inspect the received items how they’re built, thus limiting the use of them.

from me ‘wish’ and ‘geek’ have never asked the defective items (or wrongly described items for their capacities/qualities/options) to be returned, allowing to keep them after being refunded 100% including shipping fees, thus i have all the respect to the ‘wish’ and ‘geek’ shopping platforms regardless of being blocked on refunds — i suppose they didn’t make any profit out of me — i had so many expensive refunds while being allowed to keep the products. some refunded items are not useful at all for technical reasons but many are still possible to make a good use of regardless some limitations due to defects.

that’s my personal experience, but be aware that their policy in some regards had changed before and may change again.. they may begin demanding to send the refunded items back, maybe when they stop having their main business as selling defective products, and making sure the descriptions of items are what they really sell to you, not overblown in many ways.

about death penalty.

in general it should be abolished, with the exception of elected public servants who break their election promises and use their office for personal gain, damaging wellbeing and/or health of the people who elected them. criminal public servants can only get away from death penalty if they prove that they didn’t have, and couldn’t have, the necessary information which prompted to break their election promises. one should not seek a public office if his/her heart isn’t with the people even against his/her personal good when needed.. there are many such people out there, you don’t need others in power. all who lie about their true intentions just to get elected, deserve death penalty, depending on gravity of actions in harming life of people, obviously. also, all the votes of elected officials for/against war must be public, with those who voted for war being sent to front lines, and after survivng the war they voted for, resuming their duties in public office. you will see how the world will get better in those conditions, very soon.

about useless protests.

one can wonder what many of the semi-chaotic protests are achieving? a public awareness? a change? no, it only creates more job for the police. i’m sure the police aren’t hating the demonstrators, they’re only against those who damage property and health of other people. you have the right to protest, but no right to waste the time of working people when your arguments for a change are weak, or not showing the way the change can really be achieved. in my opinion, in the age of information the only way to achieve change is by winning over to your side others by unbiased arguments and clear logic.. by such a logic which makes even your worst enemies to shut up and have a second thought. meanwhile, the police is your supporter as long as you support the police. you better learn to respect their job and win their hearts, for they will be on your side when the real change will be needed. there’s no point to create useless confrontations — these could only lead, in extreme case, to a police state.. and the reason for it will be those who believe in a violent revolution. i have written about it years ago, but once again: even if a violent revolution succeeds in overthrowing a government, then it will weaken the country, because all kind of truly criminal elements have their chance when the police has no time to deal with them, being busy with violent demonstrators.. you wouldn’t like to live in such place. a third world country can indeed gain from a violent revolution, if there’s a dictator up there.. a third world country has nothing to lose anyway, but a global power will lose its strong economy — during a revolution there’s not only damage to property, but also widespread looting, with organized gangs getting upper hand, an thus also power. in my opinion, the only way to succeed in a real change for better in a global power, is by acting only when there’s such a strong support to the arguments of change, that the police will be the supporter, not holding you back. anything less than that is a waste of time and energy. you should begin with the respect to the police, and if they oppose your actions then most likely it means you’re not right. begin with winning hearts by using strong logic, only then you can succeed. in the age of information there are all the possibilities for it. if you can’t win hearts with your logic, then it is you who should step back and have a second thought. sometimes it’s better to say openly to your opponent: “wait, maybe i was wrong.. let me think about it”.. and if you find a stronger argument, backed by stronger logic, then come back and make it clear: “i thought about it and i find that i was still right.. here are my arguments”.. if you have them, of course. if you don’t, then go home to study, instead of wasting your own time and the time of others. the activity of protesting just because you don’t like something, without bulletproof arguments, is only giving more job to the police, not creating a change for better.

about selling the AHC book online.

my intention is to make the method of handwriting encryption avai­lable for free to ev­eryone, thus in the free version of the book Advanced Handwiting Cryptography there’s all you need to know to get the point how the encryption works. in the paid version there’s everything explained just in more detail, and with the history of the me­thod explaining how i arrived to the lat­est encryption metho­d, how i wrote the book etc. — it is for those who can affo­rd to pay and to sup­port my work.

here are the links to download..
full book / free examples

by now it’s clear th­at the price of the book wa­sn’t the factor of low sales. first i had the price of the full book set at around € 30.-, for ab­out a year. then i dropped the price to just € 3.-, for about a year too, but the sales numbers remained the same. who’s been interested in the to­pic has only downloa­ded the free shorter version of the book. the subject is so specific, it seems, that larger masses are not interested, regardless that the book was intended for every humanbeing wi­th a properly functi­oning brain. anyway, now i set the price at € 99.- for the full book, while the free version remains free. and if you would like to learn more without paying anything then you can follow the excerpts from the book posted on the YE blog, with direct access by the domain linked to the category ‘encrypted’..


about the improbable universe

from recent times there’s beginning to take ever stronger hold the scientific notion that the laws of nature are so finely tuned and it’s so improbable to happen by accident, that it’s almost like the laws of nature are created on purpose — any minuscule deviation from the existing values would lead to collapse of the universe. well, in my view it’s yet another arrogant mindset of the scientists.. basically they are saying like they know everything (there’s nothing more to discover) and that’s the only way for the universe to exist. in reality there’s at least two more possibilities: the amount of possible sets of values is so great that the science simply hasn’t arrived to many other possibilites of stable (“finetuned”) universe, or even more plausibly, if the universe becomes unstable then by the effects yet unknown to science the universe falls itself back to the closest most stable condition possible, with the same or different values of interaction.