all matter is energy, all energy is waves.

matter is waves — most of you know that. i mentioned it just in case if you can’t make a connection of the previous post with video which i shared today, with what is going on in world right now..
.. i seeked out the old video on purpose — i make it clear here that it wasn’t just a random science video.

if you can’t make a connection, read some more articles linked below and think of the latest controversies with newest mobile technology, relate the issues to global pandemic, and so on. as a disclaimer, i don’t know if the connection of those exists as a purposeful plan, but after listening those who claim that it is impossible, i decided to post the video. life is waves, thus waves affect life. it is possible to affect health with both high energy waves and low energy waves, and especially with structured waves which resonate with waves of atoms, molecules, living cells, organs like brains, and entire organisms. thus, someone saying it is impossible must just learn a bit of physics.

some more articles..


another little fake, just a laser beam this time, but way more is behind all that.

few years ago i watched almost all the episodes of mythbusters, the old team, but now i consider the old team to be sellouts, because they are not abiding by the laws of logic.. which is the same as straight out lying if the logic is so obviously wrong. the videos of the new team of mythbusters i have seen only few, so i can’t have an opinion. there’s also a possibility that the original mythbusters were forced or manipulated to tell some lies, after which they decided to end the show.. who knows? but if that’s the case and they have conscience then they should speak up to come clean.

in some episodes of the old mythbusters they were trying to prove that people did land on the moon — the last supposed proof was the retroreflector that was left there. well, there is a retroreflector, or emitter of some sort and even more tech also on mars, which doesn’t prove that anyone was there if i didn’t miss any news.. except in hollywood movies of course. also, when i watched the video of the laser beam, it was a clear fake — it showed the laser pulse coming back from moon, not going forward. the opereator of the beam clearly said that only a few photons return after shooting at the retroreflector. i suppose the person who was asked to fake the laser beam was so outraged that left in purpose the clues for wievers to see that the story is fake — the laser pulse should have been instant in the earth’s atmosphere, not visible as a movement, and after all, the pulse didn’t even reach the laser mounted on the side of the telescope nor any measuring device, which was the idea to show perhaps.

i’m not going into much details why the moon landing was fake, just a few notes: the cosmic radiation above earth’s magnetic fields would have killed astronauts in matter of days or even hours by some estimates, and no photography films would have survived the radiation. also it has been calculated by engineers that the rocket should have been at least ten times bigger to carry whole the stuff there and back, with necessary protection from cosmic radiation. this is why there have never been real human flights out of protective magnetic fields of earth. even several NASA astronauts have admitted on camera that hopefully technology will be there one day enabling to travel out of the magnetic fields, not to be stuck in low earth’s orbit. but new space programs to go to the moon and mars are out there, with better hollywood tech to fake them. if they had such protective gear against radiation then the fukushima cleaning from radioactive materials would have been not an issue, but they can’t do it.

the question is, who needs all this fake science? i don’t claim that all the science is fake, not at all, but i think that most fakes turn out in the biggest investments in science and technology. long time ago i shared videos where the astronauts of ISS (supposedly there), while on live tv, have made moves only possible in gravity. on the videos it was clearly visible that CGI had failed and pulleys with cables became visible in few instances. in one event one of the cables failed, making the floating astronaut to fall, on which he quickly corrected his position in front of the live camera, with a stupid smile on face trying to play it out like nothing happened. you will definitely find those videos by searching on internet. the reason why i’m mostly only writing now, without inserting videos in question, or many links to sources, is because i have limited access to internet in the place where i live right now, and i study a lot, thus i try to spend my time as efficiently as possible. you will find the videos if you’re really interested.

all this is not to claim that ISS doesn’t exist or nobody is there, it only means that some of it is fake, probably for some technical reasons, to show that everything is ok when there are issues. or maybe it’s a test program to see how viewers react and can they spot the fakes, before a new moon travel fakery and the mars travel fakery, so actors or twins are used on earth. this kind of testing of minds of masses could be the reason why the laser beam described in the beginning of the article was faked, when that was the part which could have been real, with no fakery needed.

i’m not claiming that all the conspiracy theories are correct out there, but this is a fact that almost whole history of the world, political changes and coups, are the result of conspiracies, so if you claim there are no conspiracies at all then you must get your head checked. the fact that the world sees so much corruption is the proof, because corruption is just another word for conspiracy — the meaning is not exactly the same but the idea is similar, to gain more money and power by secretive and illegal means. one just needs to learn a lot to see where a conspiracy makes sense for someone to benefit from it, and when a conspiracy theory itself is fake, or the result of mental problems.

the question i asked before was who needs this fake science? the answer is that people in power need it, to keep an average person stupid, poor and incapable to resist the power. what a better way to take your money in taxes than for a big science, and wars of course. they try to give you a reason why developed countries are still in debt. to whom?! many years ago i shared few documentaries where economists had clearly shown that most countries create huge surplus — the videos were made before this information became forbidden to share by the new laws of secrecy, when the source data from governments for making calculations was still available. and it makes total sense that an advanced society creates surplus — for thousands of years people were creating their own means for all needs with way less advanced technology, and didn’t owe anything to anyone. they were often forced to become indebted though, but not because they didn’t produce enough.. some rulers just wanted more than they really needed. and now, with all the modern technology, most of the humanity is suddenly going more and more into debt. again, to whom?! there is no debt, people are still producing huge surplus of everything, so much so that much of it is thrown away, with only a part being actually used. but to keep you enslaved by those in power they need to make you pay ever more taxes, while making you believe that country is in debt. big expensive science projects are a perfect tool for taking ever more money from you. you are told that you are too stupid to understand advanced science, and the people who are behind the projects which a funded based on knowingly wrong theories must make a favor back to the governments who finance them — they must lounder money. the bigger the project the better.

again, i am not claiming that all the big science projects are useless nor created on purpose in order to lounder money. they may have began with perfectly good intentions. but at some point, when the theories have turned out to be wrong, a consensus may have developed — politicians don’t admit that tax money has been wasted, scientists keep their pride and continuous funding, while you keep paying for all of it.. and sending your children to fight wars on made up reasons, for people in power to benefit. have you ever wondered why there is freedom of religious beliefs while by the laws of any developed democratic country all leaders and promoters of religions should have been put in prison for telling lies for gain — the laws against fraud should be applied, especially for manipulating minors and other vulnerable people with limited intelligence. well, now you may have an answer: religious freedoms are beneficial for the people in power, to keep masses stupid.. and the tests with fakes mentioned above is a way to see how much more the education level must be lowered, for a large majority of people to believe anything that government and big science sais, so they could ridicule those who find out the truth.

as it has been noted long time ago: no people are more enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free. what’s the solution? keep studying hard. if you don’t, you deserve your status in slavery. the karma gets you. not a personal karma — i don’t believe in personal karma — but collective karma of the society will get you.. the more poorly educated people there are in a country the safer slavery it becomes. the more people are lazy and ignorant, playing games and wasting time other ways instead of learning, the less people there remain to really understand what is going on, to take action. with a small group of people it is hard to take on the whole corrupt system. at some point many of the fighters for truth will decide that they had enough in fighting for the people who don’t care, who keep playing games and watching nonsense on tv, so they join the system and enhance the world for themselves, while those who don’t care to study deserve what they get.

in fact, for any single country this money loundering by science approach wouldn’t really work, because for a country to stay strong the science must advance. but for huge international projects that’s perfect. in those huge projects will be involved not the smartest minds, in sense of creativity and critical thinking, but well trained followers of orders, who repeat the science of textbooks even if it’s behind from new knowledge and wrong. the best minds of most countries will be kept in the science research for military industry. thus, if you look for a fake science which is loundering tax money, then seek it in huge international projects. there may be legitimate science research going on as well, but it will be a perfect avenue to spend way more than actually needed, in certain departments of the whole international science enterprise.

in conclusion, as many writers have admitted before, the whole humanity is splitting into several races, not by color or nationality, but by intelligence — there will be a race of those who know the truth and rule the world, another race by mental capacity below them who know something but don’t have the whole picture, and a race of those who know nothing more than their direct work requires, becoming intellectually incapable to comprehend how the society actually works, after generations of ignorance. it’s up to you in which race you and your children will end up. it is up to you if there will be a better society. no slaves have been left free without fight from their own part. don’t think that someone else will fight for your freedom while you just stand apart — everyone must take part in fight against the corruption in the system, only then there is possible to create a better society. but first you must learn, to understand what is wrong and how to fix it. even just sharing the information and educating others will make a difference, if you can’t do more than that. as you are still reading this, then you are likely interested and capable of learning, but don’t forget there are others who also can make a difference, but simply have not heard many of the truths, being educated to follow mainstream news and mainstream science. share the information for your own benefit.

all that said, don’t take any of my posts as a perfect truth — i’m a human being and limited in my capacity. make your own research and point out to me where i am wrong, and why. worst that you can do is to follow my writings blindly or to ignore my writings blindly. find out the truth on your own, and take action.

thinking creates mass, energy and gravity.

below is a conclusion which comes as a logical result from the most common interpretation of quantum mechanics, from the collapse of wave function..

as measurement at quantum level is creating mass from nothing, from a probability wave, then just by thinking is possible to create the reality, to materialize things. the thought process must be at a very high concentration though, for anything visible to manifest.

physicist Roger Penrose has pointed out that by the currently accepted theory of quantum mechanics, the copenhagen interpretation, there are serious issues. it allows information to be lost in black holes and there is a constant violation of conservation of information at every interaction at quantum level, by the collapse of wave function. Roger Penrose tells that all those theorists are blindly ignoring the fact, believing in the theory regardless of the contradiction. this is why i proposed the conclusion, written in the headline. if the copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics holds true, then that must be the case: just by thinking we are creating reality, not just in our minds but the physical reality.


the redshift problem.

the theory that redshift of some of the distant celestial objects is created by expanding universe, is contradicting the fact that light is traveling at constant speed and is limited by the absolute speed of causality. if the light is stretching to accomodate to the expanding universe, then it is traveling faster than it’s presumed maximum speed.

there are several different theories out there to explain the redshift, it is not a settled issue as the mainstream physics wants you to believe. some physicists argue that redshift is an intrinsic property of light coming from some stars and galaxies, while others point out that if light would travel forever without losing energy, then it would contradict the law of conservation of energy. the light has to lose energy, even if it takes a very long time.

the currently most popular theory that elecromagnetic nature of light is propelling itself, doesn’t make sense to many who have digged deep into understanding the phenomenon of light. the truth is that physicists still don’t know what light, magnetism, gravity, and many other phenomena really are, regardless that some mainstream physicists claim to have understood everything.



there are several more recent articles which i need to revisit before posting, to relate the information to the new facts about universe which i have just learned a week ago. enough posts for deep thinking in one day.

due to the new knowledge, here’s just a suggestion of the name for the travelers faster than the speed of light — they should be called superluminauts.

in fact i’m not a fan of ‘super’ anything because the word is overused, but it is grammatically correct to make sense.

wish you will be able to extend your youth as far in time as there will be technology around to become a superluminaut, one of many.


just another thought experiment.

the rotational movement disproves the validity of the theory of relativity by which there is slowing of time and contracting of length at the speed close to the speed of light.

imagine a disk which on its periphery rotates close to the speed of light. by the theory of relativity of einstein the length must be shorter at faster speeds. well, that means that outer circles on the disc must become shorter than the circles closer to center, which is impossible.