energy creates time.

the more energy is pumped into a system the more time is created, therefore the relative slowing of time during acceleration and deceleration close to speed of light, which creates local gravity, which in turn increases time, which creates the sense like time is slowing down but in fact just more time is created. perhaps not a news but i wrote it up to think further about the relation of temperature and time, another day.

reference to my previous post on relation of temperature and time.


the relation of temperature and time.

if entropy is the measure of time (i’m not sure but seems plausible) and the change in temperature changes the rate of entropy, then temperature change also changes the speed at which time flows at any given location. thus time is not flowing at constant speed. close to speed of light time slows down significantly as it is well known.. but even at local level molecules of heated materials speed up quite a lot, which is a paradox because time should slow down, not speed up which is what happens with the physical processes in heated materials. at absolute zero time should stop.. which is not the case, thus my reasoning may have a flow in it — maybe temperature change does not change the flow of time. but perhaps it is not a paradox: if time slows down in heated materials it is slowing for fast moving molecules, while for outside observer the time goes faster compared to the local time in heated up materials. i’ve come to these thoughts again and again over many years and i’ve written about this in my different blogs several times years ago.. and it is still bothering me from time to time.

there’s also a possibility that the slowing of time has been described fundamentally wrong as someone made an error in the thought experiment and the error carried on in physics textbooks with no-one daring to address the error. you see, if you move at high velocity everything flies past you at high speed.. same to the outside observer watching the speeding object, thus the relativity principle is preserved. or if the clocks are ticking at different rate you must admit the existence of ether, about which i argued with physics teachers already when i was perhaps in 5th grade or so. it has never made me sense why in absence of ether one clock should slow down at high velocity between observers while both reference points are equal.. in this case the relativity principle is lost. thus i always argued that existence of ether is proven to me by the very principle of slowing time at high velocity — the reference to the motion of time is not another observer with equal result regardless of from which side to look, but the ether. the error though is in how it’s described — the traveler at high speed should age faster in reference to those not speeding. in this case the fact that in heated up materials, where molecules move at much higher velocity, have also higher rate of entropy, makes sense — the time in the heated materials goes faster compared to the time of observer. the time is relative even in our everyday actions — this is why we refrigerate food for it to last longer, to preserve it, to slow down its rate of aging.

ps. by now i’m a bit smarter and have an understanding that slowing of time is not due to speed but due to gravity, while the speed only plays role during acceleration and deceleration, which creates local gravity, which in turn slows down the time. if one moves with high velocity at constant rate the time is equal for both observers, thus the relativity principle is preserved. but the heating process, accelerating of molecules, still bothers me — it should change the rate of time locally, relative to observers. bouncing molecules decelerate fast while accelerating other molecules, which process creates local gravity, which in turn slows down time.. or speeds up from reference point of an outside observer.

[it’s two o’clock at night here in italy.. i woke up about an hour ago and can’t sleep on this question, again.. so i had to write it all up fast to get some rest. therefore, any errors allowed]

new lie detector.

When someone lies, the temperature of the tip of their nose drops by up to 1.2ºC while that of the forehead rises by up to 1.5ºC. The reason for this peculiar phenomenon is that lying causes anxiety, which manifests itself in the temperature of the nose. The greater the difference between the nose and the forehead, the more likely that the person is lying.

wars derived from physics.

it is very natural that if we are stuck on earth there will be ever bigger wars. this is required by the physics of increasing entropy. to stop this we must get out to space to expand our life beyond earth. anyone not willing to work in spending energy in that direction of development, be it even as a supporting agent to help those advancing science, is promoting ever more violent wars.

the purpose of life is to increase entropy.

by the laws of thermodynamics and the principle of maximizing entropy we should never die and keep reproducing.. which is the condition we are evolving into. the nature seems not have found the solution yet, for humans, but sure it will. many living organisms have already achieved the mechanism of immortality in principle, dying only when being destroyed. so why humans also? because we are capable of spreading out to the universe with the same physical goal: to increase entropy. the existing immortal organisms have reached their limit of spending energy being bound to earth. as with humans, immortality will not happen to those stuck in superstitions and religious mindset — those are the dead ends of evolution. the life will only carry on with those expending maximum energy — which is done by brain — thus the scientific mindset, with the most possible energy used by thinking a lot about difficult problems, is very natural way of development in life. it is the most efficient mechanism to increase entropy in ever increasing pace. that’s what is required by the laws of physics, not by our will.

physics of mind.

matter is a perturbation in waves, be it another wave hitting a wave, or an observation.. which would mean our observations, our consciousness, are also waves, and we can change the reality with our will, our mind. thus it also makes sense why in most cases collective will has power over personal will, as it’s causing a bigger wave, unless collective will is weaker than an individual wave moving in one direction. collective will can be weaker than individual will due to moving in many directions smoothing the wave out, while an individual or a small group can create a powerful unidirectional wave riding over the smooth indecisive will of collective mind.

sounds like a philosophy? nope. i came to this by keeping an eye on developments in physics, namely on studies of quantum reality. for example electrons have propability waves and only the act of measuring (an observation) will locate the electron, but it can also be found in another location. the theory has hold for a very long time without alternative better explanations which would make sense. for me it looks like these probability waves are just the locations with strong enough waves where perturbations can occur, creating the electrons. once the perturbation occurs there’s not enough energy of the wave left in the system for the perturbation to occur in another location, for another electron to be created, but it could have been created in other locations of the system if measured first, collapsing the wave.

Cell Phones Cause Cancer.

There is now ‘clear evidence’ that cell phone radiation can cause cancers of the heart, brain and adrenal glands, a landmark National Institutes of Health (NIH) study warns.

A final report, released today, confirms the preliminary findings that were released in 2016 after scientists were alarmed by early indications that cell radiation may be carcinogenic.