Importance of Micronutrients. Rhonda Patrick

Body IO FM 15 – Rhonda Patrick – Importance of Micronutrients

(You should listen to that talk till the end, even if you don’t understand all of the terminology. There are several things you will learn for preventing damage to yourself by commonly accepted and even promoted “healthy” way of eating.)

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Why You May Live To 150 And Never Look Older Than 30

Jack O’Brien is joined by Laura Deming, a 21-year-old venture capitalist who is funding the therapies of the future that will slow the process of aging. They discuss some of the breakthroughs in the field and Laura debunks some myths about current life extension treatments.

Jack is then joined by Fiona Ginty, a principal scientist at GE working on the microimaging of cells. Fiona shares how this technology will aid in the fight against aging as that process might be built into our DNA.

read the article and listen to the podcast..

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