How long can we live. (In Russian)

How long can we live. / Сколько мы можем прожить. (2016)

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artificial intelligence. brain; history and perspectives. (in russian)

Искусственный интеллект. Работа мозга.


Искусственный интеллект. История и перспективы.


other languages and auto-translation options.

on many videos there’s a possibility to select subtitles in different languages.. those don’t work on all platforms and all operating systems, but still, the technology is advancing rapidly — if you really care you can already find automatic text translation of web pages. automatic video translation may soon become common as well.

if there’s something interesting i come upon in other laguages i will post it on the YE blog. the languages which may appear here on top of english and russian are french, italian and spanish, because i speak those freely and can evaluate the information in original.


secrets of immortality almost uncovered. (in russian)

Тайны бессмертия почти раскрыты. Документальный фильмфильм

the same thing as i have already said before — i don’t have to exclude a documentary which has a some unreliable information in it if the film has (apart of generally already known information) bits of important knowledge you can find nowhere else.. at least not in my previous blog posts. anyone with enough brain can see when someone is talking with providing evidence based on reliable method or is presenting the ‘facts’ taken from thin air.


life after death. (in russian)

форма существования после смерти.

about the life after death: many arguments made by people in this documentary have no scientific value, are not made on empirical method but rather come from an opinion based on wishful thinking. i cannot exclude an informative documentary simply because i disagree with the method of research of someone in a video. i did include this documentry because reincarnation has been proven in several cases (remembering events in past lives and finding proofs of those events later). the proof of mind as direct result of chemical processes of brain does not contradict to the possibility of information transfer over time and space.