a documentary in switzerland.

some time ago, in the post about my work as a street vendor of a magazine in bern (by the way, i am waiting for two months already a reply to the request to extend my work visa — the company has applied for me but so far there’s a total silence — no positive nor negative response from the swiss immigration authorities, thus i’m packing my things in my mind already — i can no longer work for the company), i mentioned a documentary in switzerland where i took part telling my story. here’s the link to the earlier post..

now, while searching in the archives my old video recordings, i found the film which i told about. it is mostly in german though (swiss german). there are some translation errors — i said “ireland” which was translated in subtitles as “iceland” where i have never been, and my first political asylum request was in subtitles “1990” when in said “1999” (when i mentioned the year second time, first time it was translated correctly). there’s also an error in my own talk when i told “spring” instead of “autumn”. anyway, you will get a general picture of my life at the time. the film was made in 2014, in the summer. the low video quality is because i found in the archives the file of reduced size, not the original file.

the parts where i talk are in english, in four places.. at 2’18”, 4’40”, 7’08” and at 12 min — so just wait if you don’t understand the rest, or skip to the right time.

here’s the short documentary film..



article about my life.

over a month ago there was a full page article in a magazine in switzerland, a short story of my life. it’s the same “street paper” which i’m selling. currently i have moved to a new vending location thus the location noted in the article is not where i am now, there’s now another vendor. at the moment i’m testing several different locations in the old town of Bern, to choose the best one — most importantly a location where i could have some fresh air not being forced to breathe in toxic fumes from smokers all around. anyway, as the old magazine numbers have been given away and buyers on street sometimes ask about my life, i post the copy of the article (in german) below for anyone to download..

191101 Surprise, Alex Kobold

// years ago i was featured (among few other people) in a short documentary film in switzerland (also in german), but to post it on the blog i will need to find it somewhere in archives.. i should still have the copy of the film somewhere. one day i will probably post it too.