my books now for free.

it’s quite clear by now that selling books online isn’t working for me.. rather than marketing my books, i prefer to spend my time on research and study of new things, to develop my understanding of the world further. the books are definitely a good source of information to those who haven’t read them yet, but for myself, after decades of research on the subjects prior to writing the books, i have no interest in getting stuck in promoting them. for myself i consider the books “old” the moment they’re published, as i learn new things all the time.

i do know what should i do to market my books properly — i have studied myself psychology, mass psychology, marketing and other fields relevant to subliminal influence, but it’s just a boring activity for me.. there’s so much more to learn in different sciences that i have no time to spare for selling my books.

let the information to be free to reach, and free to share. you still have the option to pay for the books if you want to and as much as you want to, and you can also make a donation directly to my paypal account..

here you can get the books..


a reminder..

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Forex trading consultations available. All the information in the category ‘TRADING‘, with direct access by the domains and

I will only respond to serious consulting requests by people who know at least the basics of forex trading, and trading as such in general, people who are familiar with trading terminology and know what they’re talking about. The consultation is about applying my mathematical methods for making profit on foreign exchange. Please be prepared right in the beginning to talk about the pricing of the consultation, to get into an agreement — I will not be giving free consultations — all the free material on the subject is up on my blog.

With Best Regards,
Alex Kobold

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Youth Extension Group Courses

advanced handwriting cryptography and self-defence courses..
.. beginning from nov. 1st 2017 you can only apply for the YE courses by email: ..preferably in english, but you can also apply in italian, obviously. new course options coming soon, perhaps with the possibility to study interactively online. some preparations must be made though. please note that this does not cancel the options to study in direct classes, but you must apply by e-mail to find out if the location and/or times of the direct classes have changed, if there are places available, if your level of understanding of the subjects is sufficient not to slow down the progress of other students in the direct classes, if and when there are coming new classes for the very beginners etc.

with best ragards,
Alex Kobold
tel. (+39) 331 221 6600