it all makes sense

if that’s true that god exists then no wonder the world is so messed up. imagine the god trying to carry out his plan when there are millions of people insisting on him to change his plan with prayers, in their favor. what a disrespect towards the god’s plan anyway.. it’s like almost all the passengers of an airplane teaching a pilot how to fly the plane, in the middle of the flight. the more people there are praying the more messed up the world becomes. it will be better for the world if the god will be left alone and people be relying on the tools that the god has already provided them with, according to his original plan. particularly their brains.


Why people don’t live really long?

My theory is that they simply go out of breath and get exhausted when trying to blow off all the candles on their birthday cakes. The theory is possible to put on test by reducing birthday parties for elderly and see if they live longer.

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