bk AHC: Work on the book. (25-7)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
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When the updated book was ready for publishing in about a month’s time, in 2016, I began having ideas how to make the thing even better. One day, another day, and I came to realization that this was not the end yet — there were many ways to improve the book. The important thing was that the book was good enough to approach publishers, so if faced with difficulties in continuing to write I could have stopped at it what had already been done. In any case I had to write on my blog..

2016-06-21, publishing must wait.

it seems that i’ve got too deeply into the writing mood. few days ago thought that the book on cryptography is ready but since then i began writing several more new chapters. some new chapters should have been included already in the layout of the book before editing/updating but somehow didn’t cross my mind. more work to do to get the thing closer to a perfect handbook on the cryptography method. i’ll keep working on the book while on the road as i must move on.. whether i like it or not.. pressures of life. one chapter in the book also tells about how and in which circumstances the book was written.. you must wait till it gets finalized and published, then you get the picture of my crazy life in some sense.

That’s how some of the work was done, in the conditions of almost total freedom..


Instead of a bulky laptop i switched to tablets which lasted on battery for many hours and I also succeeded to buy an expensive large battery to recharge the tablets on the go. I could leave the battery to charge in some place for a day when needed. External bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth mouse were also expensive but absolutely necessary to work on the book.
Thus the book that you’re reading now is not the result of just a few months of work, but about half a year worth of improving it little by little, whenever time for it. And of course the result of over 30 years of fun in developing the encryption method.

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bk AHC: Work on the book. (25-6)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..

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During editing and updating of this book, on my cryptography method, two and half years later after the first version was completed in 2013, I was working perhaps only 4-5 hours a day and few days a week, for one month, but I had the freedom to do it at any moment when a thought was ready to be expressed. It happened sometimes that I took out my tablet in the middle of a busy street and made notes for including later in the book. In the moments where I had some meetings and couldn’t keep writing I still had the freedom to make notes at any time, while during most works which I had in my life it wouldn’t be possible.. maybe once/twice, but not many times again and again. Before finding the right place and time I couldn’t just sit around writing a book while having no stable or sufficient income, but I used that time to develop my methods of cryptography. I also had fun with an ‘artwork’ — the hieroglyphs written on the photos taken by Hubble telescope downloaded from public and free to use sources. The ‘artwork’ (chapter 27) is from the year 2011, when I was living in a refugee camp. It was done on an old laptop given to me as a gift in times when I was locked up in a hospital as a supposedly contagious person and danger for the society. After getting free from hospital I spent some time in the camp recovering from all the medication. Working on cryptography and ‘art’ was a way to forget the condition I was living in.

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bk AHC: Work on the book. (25-5)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..

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I have gone through several refugee camps in different parts of the world, living unstable life ready to be arrested and deported at any time. And it had happened many times. Since having been imprisoned in several countries as the result of my political life, for many weeks and months at time, it was another reason why I wasn’t taking up the task to write a book little by little — I was never sure I could finish the book before yet another issue, which would have restricted my work for a long time. So, writing a book in a compressed manner, in a short and calm period in a stable place, was the only reliable option for me, to get the job done.
Here’s where I did big part of updating and editing of the book, in France, while the friend who permitted me to stay there was away overseas..


Maybe an irrelevant information, but to those of you who like to learn how a book is written, these pictures may give a better sense of it. As a poor man ever I also worked on the book in places where I had to go to get some free food provided by social services or by volunteers of different organizations. When I had a thought that needed to be written I didn’t waste my time till I got back to my temporary home. Often these places were very noisy, but I got around the problem by putting on earphones with some music on the loudest possible level and switched my mind off the outer world, working on the book.
Here’s yet another place, at another friend in France, where I lived several times for many months, and also did some editing of the book. Although that friend didn’t want me to stay there just writing the book. I was doing some of my official paper work and thus I used the time of waiting responses for research and writing..


My style of writing a book is to have a total freedom. Not that I need to work on it 12-15 hours a day, which I did for the general layout of the book in the beginning, but I need to have the freedom to jump onto writing at any point in time when an idea needs to be written down, not waiting for it half a day till the possibility arrives at last. Because in a busy life by that time when I can get to writing again some of the thoughts may have been lost and it’s a waste of time to try to figure out what exactly I was thinking back then while the new thoughts need to be written down in the short moments available.

Same with my first book which I wrote almost 20 years ago for students in my school of martial arts. Back then I had a family, two small children, a private school of martial arts, several businesses, and was also in almost constant move. I managed to take me off all the daily hassle for two weeks leaving other people in charge of urgent things in business and advanced students in charge of training, locked me up in the office and concentrated on writing the book on philosophy of thinking. I published the book on my own expense just a few months later, after a quick editing in about 10 days. My first book wasn’t written in English by the way, I could barely understand few words in English back then. It was a kind of manual for students of martial arts, not to repeat the philosophy to every new student — it was easier to give the book first and then to explain further if something was unclear. The book was translated the same year by someone I hired for it, but I never had the chance to approach publishers for the translated English version — my political problems had just began getting serious and I ended up in exile where I am to this day. The English version of my book on philosophy of thinking has been free to download on my different websites for over ten years.

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bk AHC: Work on the book. (25-4)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
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At some point in my life the things had began developing so weird, as to noticing people following on the street, in several countries, which by my work experience in security and personal protection wasn’t too difficult to understand. With specific actions I made these people to lose an open interest in me, but I did have to keep my casting agent informed, in case something bad had happened to me. At times we had a deal that if no news from me during three days then contacts in the news media will be informed. And I talked with the police as well, who claimed they can do nothing until something does happen. In one country I was even arrested on fake medical charges, as being dangerous to public (a contagious disease they claimed), and kept in a hospital under heavy medication. I got suspicious and refused to take medication until I could see the results of the tests. And then I got miraculously cured without any further medication regardless that I was told I’ve got only about two years to live if I stopped taking the medication. By the way, the side effects of the medication could have been getting permanently blind and deaf, for exchange of staying alive, and that was one reason I stopped the treatment preferring rather to die than to live that way. I explained to the treating doctor my preference to die very calmly and confidently, which probably prompted leaving me alone. In yet another country I was surrounded by anti-terrorist unit with machine guns simply for an attempt to take out my own money (salary of my last work) from my bank account. The list can go on, but that’s the material for another book, so I don’t mention particular countries and places here. All that happened before I began writing the book on the cryptography method and barely anyone knew I had developed such writing. It was still just one of my hobbies, till I decided it’s the time to put it all down on paper and to share with others.

Last few years my life has been more relaxed, apart of the economically tough times with no job or some occasional jobs with a very little pay. But it still happens that some things remind me about the all seeing eye, or ‘big brother’ watching. Once I had some monthly available international calling time left on my cellphone, which would have expired in few days by the conditions of the contract. I could have called for an hour to almost any country in world, so I decided to call my friends whom I haven’t talked for a while, to find out how’s the life going. When I had called perhaps to 10-15 friends in different countries I got an incoming call which looked like Canadian or US number. The man asked what is happening, and on my question whom I was talking to got the response that he’s from Interpol and needs to know why am I calling to so many countries. Again, funny as it was, I said that I got many friends, on which he warned me to watch out and hanged up. As I later joked on a social site, at least I have the number now to call when my cellphone will be lost or gets stolen.

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bk AHC: Work on the book. (25-3)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..

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While I’ve been most of the last 20 years traveling, in every new place where I decided to stay for a while I had to find a temporary job, where possible getting the paperwork done for a legal stay. And I had to find a place to live with all the head ache coming with it. During my first years in exile it wasn’t that hard to find a job, only needed to learn to speak the local language a bit, and then it was easy.. but as having no legal stay these were all temporary and little paid jobs. Many years later, when having legalized my stay almost everywhere I went, no matter how well and how many languages I spoke by this time, to find a job was often almost impossible. The world had changed and not for the better.. for the working class I mean.  In the beginning I even managed to kind of settle down, to rent a place, design my own home buying all the things a cozy home needs.. but after several places changed, giving almost everything away or leaving behind, taking with me just one backpack with necessary things, I stopped setting up my homes even when staying for a long time in some places. I couldn’t afford to waste money on anything more than minimally needed as I was never sure I could call another new place a home the next day.

Often I began in a new place living in tent, or simply in sleeping bag on the street, and that lifestyle often took lots of extra time to find places to take shower and wash clothes, to find food while no money in pocket, to find from donations clothes and shoes when they were wearing off, to travel between places of camping and places to eat daily etc. — writing a book wasn’t an option in these conditions because even the battery of cellphone had to be charged in a random place, not to talk about working long hours on a computer or tablet, which I did succeed to buy with the money from occasional jobs after some devices broke down or got stolen. The irony is here that when in recent times I worked sometimes with a contract and rented an apartment I had less free money available for electronics than when I lived in a tent and only had occasional jobs from time to time — the pay of workers had become so small compared to expenses

There have been many electronic devices I lost in my life to destruction, hacking and stealing, well over ten of them in the last 15 years, since time when I became more active in politics than I was before. I was actively spreading truthful information about how the world really works. I did lots of research on current world affairs as it was more important than writing a book. In times when I lived in a house and had a connection to internet I was sharing alternative documentaries in many ways — on my websites, blogs, by e-mails, on DVD-s, shared fliers with my website address in public places to spread the information unavailable on corporate media, and so on. I have dedicated to it a lot of time, especially since 2003. A lot. And I don’t regret it. So no surprise several my blogs got blocked, documentary films and political videos often removed and related accounts on social sites deleted — that’s the so called freedom of information in our ‘democratic’ world.. up to hacking of my computers and worse.

In times when I found somewhat stable job and rented an apartment, in few occasions I noticed that the places were searched without my presence. One day when I was supposed to be at a meeting but decided to stay home, one man entered my apartment with his own key. I heard someone entering and confronted him at the door.. he mumbled something that he had lived in the place before and forgot something. I let him go not to begin a full investigation as I had enough issues to deal with — I simply had no time for it as economical survival was priority and finding out who spied on me wouldn’t change in my life anything. I was doing nothing illegal, I had nothing to hide and it was actually them who wasted their time on me. Since then all the secret searches had stopped in that place, or been made more carefully, who knows. Well, I also installed an alarm with detector of movement, so maybe that helped. Some years later, in another country, in one place which I rented on the last floor, the ceiling was drilled through like in a spy movie. Coming home I found some small white pieces on the floor which weren’t there before going out. I tried to figure out what happened and laid down, and then I noticed a hole in the ceiling. Funny as it was, I made a remark about it on one of my social accounts, and I got left alone again.

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bk AHC: Work on the book. (25-2)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..

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During my travels I worked on developing the encryption method quite often, especially when there was nothing else better to do. I prefer to spend my life as fully as possible — learning, training, developing — thus while out in the wild and daily meditation done then it wasn’t an option for me just to sit around doing nothing. It would have been equal to wasting life. Then I worked on something useful, which may help my life is some ways, and cryptography was one of these useful things.

I must admit that my friends haven’t been very supportive with me about working on the book, those who knew it. Even though the book is a technical piece and on a unique subject, my friends still thought it’s a waste of time and were very much insisting on it, up to some of them having arguments with me quite angrily proposing that I should better fix my life — find a job and settle down. So, after meeting such ‘resistance’ several times, at some point I simply stopped talking about the idea of working on the book, which by this time was done in general but not up to the level to approach publishers in my opinion. Only occasionally I mentioned that it’s still in my mind and needs to be done. Instead of writing I was running around trying to find a job, which in total makes perhaps over a year of wasted time.. could have written couple of books in this time, but who knew in advance. Some small jobs helped to pay my phone bills and some other urgent things.

Below is a photo of my work place in Norway, in a friend’s garage, away from big cities. I enjoyed the place, and there the book on cryptography was first written. It took only few weeks to write the book when finally I got the opportunity in the summer of 2013. I was sitting in the office in a car repair company writing the book non-stop, living on coffee, sandwiches and occasionally cooked hot food..


I had to concentrate on this work entirely and it was done in no time when I knew I have the chance to work on it with no pressure. Every writer has his/her personal likes in writing a book. For me I need to take the work up and do it once, not leaving some parts for later time in life, who knows when, while finding another moment of free time. I finished the book in few weeks in 2013 and after a fast grammar check in the end I called it a day. But even during that time I had some issues. Here’s an excerpt from my post on a blog..

Saturday, September 21, 2013
/…/ sorry for not posting /…/ documentaries recently.. i’m working on my book on handwriting cryptography and mostly offline. each time i go online i must clean up the computers i used – believe it or not my computers are heavily under attack.. currently someone is trying to insert trojans and, surprise-surprise, by google applications — first got attacked heavily while using google chrome, removed it, today got the same trojans through google earth even without using it.. going to get rid of it too. i’ll take some time off from posting /…/

I wouldn’t have taken up the work if I didn’t have several computers and tablets in my disposition at this time. I kept writing without going online with the main device more than needed for uploading my work for backup, and even then I preferred to first transfer the files with the USB key to another device. Not being paranoid.. I simply don’t like to do the same creative work twice, thus the precautions were justified. Then the book was unchanged for over two years, but I did create some encoding examples in 2015 which I decided to include in the book in later times, so I was waiting for the opportunity to come. I asked several friends for the possibility to lock myself up in a quiet place, a villa or a garage, to work on the book, but nobody believed it’s a good idea, that almost nobody reads books these days and I’ll be wasting my time trying to find a publisher. But I decided that I will improve the original book earlier or later, and in the end I found a friend who provided me with a place to stay for a month in 2016, where this book was taking its current shape. Although it wasn’t a deal with anyone just to sit and write.. I did do some small jobs as an exchange for having a place to work on my own thing.

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bk AHC: Work on the book. (25-1)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
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The book was first written in 2013 and published for free online, a promotional version. The significance of the encryption method became obvious almost instantly as just in few months the method took most of the first page on google search on keywords “handwriting cryptography”, also in picture search. A good beginning, but I had no time to work on the extended version of the book till two and half years later.
The editing of the book in 2016 was done on the tablet which I succeeded to buy, but not before I succeeded to buy also a backup tablet, because one had crashed just a week after purchase and was in guarantee reparation for two months. The second tablet also crashed a month after purchase and was in guarantee fixing for a month. Thus I didn’t even begin editing the book before I had tested and set up the tablets, waiting to find any issues again.
The main editing/updating of the book was done in a quiet and relaxed ambience, but that was only a temporary joy, in a place of a friend which was vacant for a month. In finalizing the book the old lifestyle of almost constant movement, which took time away from working on the book, was the reality I had to accept.

My life can be concluded with the saying that the world is my home. There are so many places I call home that now I already feel at home almost anywhere I go. I have lived for a longer period of time (for half a year and much more) in over ten countries. You don’t need much money for such a journey, there are many people who can confirm that with their lives and there’s nothing special in it these days. It can be special only for those who live that life and enjoy every minute of the life on the road.

Here’s a map of my travels until the year 2012, general overview with some places where I’ve been (if marked all it would be 3 times more locations)..


In Russia, Europe and Canada there should be on the map not the dots but zig-zag and criss-cross lines. I have traveled by hitchhiking in Europe and Russia many times. Canada only once from Vancouver to Montreal, in four/five days — didn’t pay attention to the time so it’s hard to recall exactly. The longest hitchhiking trip has been from Western Europe to Far East, till Vladivostok, Russia. It took three weeks one way and over two weeks back, occasionally on cargo trains. The trips have been so fast because regardless staying in some spots for a long time waiting to get on, I often got on trucks with two drivers, so sometimes I got several days of almost non-stop ride.
I had also planned to travel through whole the Africa but at the last moment my common sense got hold of me — I don’t want to become a free food package from Europe to wild animals of Africa with my poor means to travel. To Australia and New Zealand I simply couldn’t afford to buy a ticket. Japan and also Tahiti were much cheaper to get to, buying a ticket well in advance. Australia is still in my plans, and Africa too, and several other areas in world, in Asia and Middle East perhaps. But not now, one day when I’ll have the means to buy proper equipment for such a journey, and secure the means for a fast return just in case.

Some people have said to me that I should write a book about my travels. I don’t feel unique about it — I have met people whose travels are way more crazy than mine. Let them write their stories. I stick to my cryptography methods — this is no doubt a unique thing, completely original and so far with no competition.


The photo above is taken in Montreal in 2009. I don’t take much photos of myself, thus there aren’t many to choose from. There are quite a few selected photos of the places where I’ve been, up on my blog.. youthextension.wordpress.com — it should remain active in any circumstances because it’s free (in financially tough times I had to abandon some of my paid websites and domains which referred to the sites), and perhaps some new photos will show up there as well one day, when relevant to context.

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