squeezing the nothingness.

the ever increasing gravity and slowing of time is due to the ever stonger squeezing of nothingness by the forces between real particles. something must give. as it is impossible for anything to collapse into true nothingness, then it is the time that gives, with the reduced speed of entropy, balanced out with increasing level of gravity. by that theory, it is possible to create an artificial gravity by squeezing a volume in space without extra matter added — thus this theory is testable in a laboratory with extremely sensitive equipment. it would also prove the hypothesis of the counteraction of true nothingness.

to go a bit further, theoretically it is then possible to create anti-gravity by stretching the empty space, but then there must be found a way to block the creation of virtual particles in the total vacuum. unfortunately, the speeding of time will counterbalance the anti-gravity effect, meaning that the theoretical traveler on such device will age very quickly. only robots could handle traveling on anti-gravity devices.

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randomness in quantum fluctuations explained.

here i continue from the theory that true nothingness is not an abstract notion but a real phenomenon. read the related articles..

as true nothingness has no measure, has no space and no time and no any other value, then it is nowhere and everywhere at the same time. it is below the level of zero-point energy and virtual particles, connecting everything instantly through the nothingness. universe only seems separated, while it is united below the measurable level, by the nothingness. universe is highly entangled, since the big bang, thus the quantum fluctuations only seem random, while in fact these are the effects by balancing out the collective information of other fluctuating entangled parts. it is very improbable that all the entangled parts are all fluctuating in one direction and with the same speed at the same instant of time, thus only a small resulting counterbalace fluctuation is visible in any given point, but it is not random. we simply don’t know where the other entangled parts in the universe are, thus we can’t see the perfectly balanced and predictable fluctuations. any given quantum fluctuation only seems to be random, while in fact there is a cause and effect through countless entangled elements in the quantum field.

quantum entanglement explained.

it is just my theory, but it makes sense to me. for beginning one must think about gravity and time as emergent “force like” effects from quantum fluctuations, the result of impossibilty of anything to completely disappear into absolute nothingness.

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as nothingness has no properties, like time or space, then particles created together become entangled through the impossibilty of collapsing into nothingness. after one particle gets its value then entangled particle is forced to take an opposite value to keep the balance. it happens instantly, because the “medium”, the true nothingness, has no space nor time. to me it appears that the true nothingness is not just an abstract notion but a real phenomenon, solving some issues in physics.

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the double-slit experiment with separately shot particles explained.

to me it is obvious that in the double-slit experiment, the particles aren’t moving inside a void, but are pushing through a medium, creating waves, which interfere while moving through the slits. particles are simply following the waves they are riding. the medium, which is not the related field of the particle, must be some universal field for all types of particles. again, the existence of aether solves the problem. is the aether related to true nothingness, which i have thought about a lot, and written on the blog some conclusions? i don’t have an answer yet. but the double-slit experiment doesn’t create any controversy, when the existence of aether is taken into account.

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the problem with gravity. and a possible answer what it is.

perhaps it is an open secret, but there are clear cues that physicists themselves don’t believe in the theory of relativity in its entirety. if you believe einstein, that gravity doesn’t really exist as a force, but is just an effect we witness due to the curvature of space-time created by the mass of objects in space, then there would be no need to search for gravitons and the related field. nevertheless, the search is going on. there are also other theories of gravity proposed by physicists, which i have written about (see the links to my articles below). all that proves at least one thing for sure: the theories put forward by albert einstein help to explain some phenomena better, but obviously not the best way.

in my view, big part of the hassle around the relativity theory is allegorically comparable to the complex explanation of the universe by the ptolemy’s view point, while the copernican model would do the explaining way easier. the “copernican” model of gravity is not found yet. there is a longstanding problem in physics, the countless attempts to unify general relativity with quantum physics, which would be possible with a theory of quantum gravity.

the solution i am proposing is to regard gravity as an interrelated phenomenon with time and entropy, thus with statistics and probability. it is explainable that way as a relation of effects, but the causes of gravity and time are not explained with probability. the causes i will explain below.

as always, when i am not absolutely sure about my conclusions (in the absence of mathematical proof), i post a “disclaimer” that one should look at my logic with a critical mind, trying to find errors in my reasoning. or to help me with proving my theory with calculations.

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so, here’s the theory.. or rather a definition which comes from my theory:

gravity and time, which are interrelated, are force like effects which we observe due to the impossibility of anything existing to collapse into absolute nothingness, getting their emergent properties from quantum fluctuations.


what is the universe expanding into?

if the answer was “nothing”, then nothingness can’t be a repulsive “force” (actually an effect that seems like a repulsive force due to the impossibility of something to collapse into absolutely nothing). nothingness cannot be a measurable entity, thus universe expanding into nothingness is not the right answer. it must be an infinite space with possibly different properties than our universe.

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intro to my travel stories, all three parts, now available on podcast.

i have made good on my promise to post new stories which were already recorded. it took entire day to edit and format and equalize the sound levels, because i did it all on my android devices. the lack of disk space for the editing process forced me to uninstall tens of other large apps. anyway, now it’s done..

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my travels in soviet russia, intro 1 of 3, borders
my travels in soviet russia, intro 2 of 3, borders
my travels in soviet russia, intro 3 of 3, borders

for a while there may be no followup stories on podcast and no many writings coming on the blog, because i began working again selling street paper (a magazine which i mentioned before on the blog). the attempt to get a longer working permit, for a year, was not successful (the immigration claimed they had never received the official letter from the company), but the company managed to get me a new temporary work permit, for another three months. in switzerland, three months per year is the maximum time as temporary worker, for european citizens, thus for 2020 that would be it, i must pack my stuff then and leave. anyway, it’s good enough for me to work a bit for some pocket money, and then to move on.

in any case i keep working on some science issues, trying to find solutions, and if anything interesting comes up then i will write about it.