quantum fluctuations. gravity. structure in universe.

how stucture in the universe rises from the random nature of quantum fluctuations.

video below is very informative presentation, compact one — in just eight minutes is given current understanding of how stucture is rising from quantum fluctuations. but! listen to every word and all the sentences in the presentation carefully — don’t miss it that some parameters were put in by hand (in other words: made up), simply because we don’t know the correct values. i mean not in the beginning of the talk — about the ripples in the early universe — which he explains later where they came from, but in the end of the talk — the overall height of the ripples and “few other parameters”, like the amount of dark matter. it produced a theoretical graph, matching the graph to the actual measurements, resulting in “rather extraordinary fit”..

..wait a second.. hmm.. really?! i think it should be no surprise then.

anyway, regardless of some unknown precision, it’s a good presentation clarifying our current understanding, and the gaps in our understanding, how stucture in the universe rises from the random nature of quantum fluctuations..

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YouthExtension vimeo channel updated.

There are some added videos on vimeo.com/youthextension ..on the topic of health — in English, French and Russian. I have only selected videos which are hard to find and/or in danger of being lost from public knowledge, thus in other languages which I also speak well (Spanish, Italian) there’s nothing to add currently — in other languages the videos of great value are mostly translations from English, French or Russian. All videos posted on YE vimeo channel are possible to download — usually there are three options to choose the video quality. That’s a better way – downloading first – than sometimes troublesome watching online. Use the opportunity today, because who knows about tomorrow.


A note: the YE youtube channel has no videos yet because I keep it for the time then I’ll be recording my own lectures, when there’s the right time for it.

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