The Crisis of Science.


geoengineering reality.

geoengineering and chemtrails is a topic i’ve been sharing information about for many years, but some people are still in doubt. just one compact video from many more very detailed scientific video publications/documentaries ..

in the video above there are, perhaps by an error, included not all the shots of airplanes which spray chemicals — some are military decoys against missiles and some are simply water wapor trails.. but maybe those are inserted for comparison, to show the difference. after the intro there is a lot to take a note of.

(by the search on the YE blog i didn’t find any previously posted chemtrail videos or articles.. perhaps the time goes so fast that the last few years of the existence of the YE blog i haven’t mentioned chemtrails.. on my old blogs i published on the topic many times. thus, now it’s the right time to remind about the issue.)

YouthExtension vimeo channel updated.

There are some added videos on ..on the topic of health — in English, French and Russian. I have only selected videos which are hard to find and/or in danger of being lost from public knowledge, thus in other languages which I also speak well (Spanish, Italian) there’s nothing to add currently — in other languages the videos of great value are mostly translations from English, French or Russian. All videos posted on YE vimeo channel are possible to download — usually there are three options to choose the video quality. That’s a better way – downloading first – than sometimes troublesome watching online. Use the opportunity today, because who knows about tomorrow.

A note: the YE youtube channel has no videos yet because I keep it for the time then I’ll be recording my own lectures, when there’s the right time for it.

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